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Love this show. I wish I could watch it live but I'm usually not free. Great stuff Patrick!

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Really enjoying these weekly posts.

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That looks like an awesome game. Can't wait to try it out!

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Jeanne d'Arc. Amazing game. Playing it on the go while working on RE5 and Fallout 3 at home.

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@Sargus: Same here. I hope it wasnt declined by apple for not being compatible with the new 3.0 software (every new app must be compatible with 3.0 since May 7th/2009). I figured it wouldnt since it's website-based.

I was exaggerating when i said i check every 30 min, stillmotion, I really only check once or twice a day. I just cant wait to watch the Endurance Run on the fly.
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I've been waiting for it too... I keep checking every half hour to see if it went up on the app store