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There are some Year of Drake activities that will continue into 2014, including some of the special products that we've launched (the Men of Game Development calendar), so there will be some products to carry the John Drake banner into the next calendar year

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Because you guys are the raddest, mention you're a duder in the purchase comments when buying and I'll throw something special* in the envelope when we ship.

(*that special thing is probably going to be a No Goblin can cooler, but I reserve the right to jam other things in there if you have a hilarious name or something)

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Honestly, if I knew for a FACT that my $.99 would actually buy John Drake a Diet Coke I would spend $10 this second.

I can assure you for a FACT that all money that comes in from IAP is only spent on Diet Cokes for John Drake.

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Midwinter 2 is in my top 5 games of all time. Growing up, I loved seeing how all the systems interacted, how the metagame worked - it basically kicked my brain off into wanting to learn how game design works and how to make games. My first terrible game attempts were basically trying to make more advanced versions of Midwinter 2 on newer hardware. They were terrible failures that never worked, but they were enough to lead me down the path to professional game development.

Mike's passing is a huge loss for our industry, but he leaves behind him a legacy that inspired a huge chunk of the game design and programming talent making games today. My thoughts are with his family.

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Since I'm most likely going to lose anyway in a landslide, why not toss a sympathy vote for me over Gary so that my feelings aren't completely crushed! Some choice reasons why:

  • Gary wrote some stuff about zombies. I actually survived malaria (which is basically as close as we get to zombies)
  • Gary wrote for an Amiga magazine, I still own a copy of The Great Giana Sisters for Amiga
  • Gary co-founded PC Gamer magazine, I once visited their website by accident
  • I have enjoyed exactly zero episodes of My Little Pony
  • I am sick, and a vote may make me healthy enough to go to work tomorrow and continue making a game for you. Can Gary promise that? ONLY PARTIALLY.

Thank you for your sympathy vote consideration.

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The real tragedy here is that Giant Bomb doesn't have an "ignore user" button, like every single other website I've ignored Methodis on over the last few years.

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Why not! I'm deliciousbees in TM2 as well.

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@CornBREDX said:
" I find it disconcerting he was so quick to dissuade any allusion that what we saw in that video released could be anything like comic jumper (even though it clearly was). Whether or not that was an inspiration is irrelevant, they're clearly using some mechanics from CJ unless they aren't really having those moment types in the game.   To pretend they're not there in what they've shown is silly. "
We aren't using any Comic Jumper core mechanics, this is a newly designed game from scratch. Even the platforming stuff is pretty radically different from CJ. If you're coming to PAX East, you should come say hi and I'd be happy to run you through it to see for yourself - doubly so, since it'll be way prettier than the trailer too.