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Great combination of action and strategy, whilst actually having characters you give a shit about... Nothing like losing your first highly ranked officer, especially as they cannot be respawned or any crap like that. I've only ever played the old Command and Conquer and Halo Wars in terms of RTS style games and this is phenomenol, only narrowly beaten by Borderlands 2 for me in 2012

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Borderlands 2 (360) at the moment... can't get enough of it... Have to say there has only been a select few over the 30 years plus of gaming but they have been:

Emlyn Hughes International Soccer (C64)

PGA Tour Golf 2 (Megadrive/Genesis)

Left 4 Dead 2 (Steam)

and ultimate addiction is probably shared between Sensible World Of Soccer and Doom 2

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Have to say in the 30 years I've been to gaming shows, expo's, and other entertainment shows in the UK, I've never been swayed by the sight of a couple of scantily clad women to go and look at something at a booth.

When I go to these events, I tend to look at all the tech or software on display as the price of entrance means I want to get my moneys worth of "new things" whether its something i'm interested in or not.

The "booth girls" are there to hopefully catch the eye of a "usually" male audience and thus they hopefully notice what they are standing in front of, Its as old as the hills... Its the same for car shows, media shows, audio visual tech shows and so on.

It may not be an agreeable way of doing things for some (including the journo writing the piece), but I don't think singling out gaming is very fair when car shows especially, have been doing it before gaming was even remotely popular and are arguably aimed at an older market.... To be honest I'm more fed up with the usual midget these places employ to dress as Darth Vader, doesn't quite work when at 6ft 3in I tower over him...

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I don't think this is simply an issue based around a certain genre and small community of gamers, this has become a general problem over the years. From Arcade to PC and now Console, the whole community within gaming has gone markedly down hill, ever since the ability to communicate online during play was enabled. Even on less competitive arenas, such as unranked online play, the whole attitude stinks to high heaven.

I've lost count of the times I've beaten a guy or been beaten and got a microphone tirade or a message with text / voice, coating me off with various expletives featured in Shakespeare's famous work "How To Be A Cunt And Influence People"

Then you get the whole hitting on the female player in the room, because apparently in some bullshit unwritten rule, that's okay too, they expect and want it.

Couple this with the self-entitlement of being able to say what you wish, there seems to be an ever growing mass of Racists and Misogynists playing videogames of late, and its these same pricks that will stop gaming rising above its "immature" status in the eyes of the non-gaming world. I've been gaming for 30 years and I have to say, I hate what my community has become.

As for people with an outlook like Aris, I just go to the greatest invention in gaming of late... the mute button

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Finished this game yesterday and I have to admit I was pretty damn impressed. The gameplay despite being nothing new is without doubt very tight and more importantly your teammates don't tend to get in the way, which is a godsend. Gunplay is excellent and in general you are not put into an impossible position that could lead to frustration, Difficulty is average, completed on medium and actually died more times on a quick time event than thru gunplay.

The orders system by in large works well with team members reacting to them according to how they respect you... Thus making the thinking "as a team" gameplay acually useful and engaging.

Graphically it is beautiful and level bosses are immense and very well animated, also nice to be able to fight most in a relatively large space for a change.

A believable world and an absolutely superb story is encouraging me to play thru again, the first story i've actually cared for the characters in, for a long time.

Only downside is the multiplayer feels tacked on and is crying out for co-op in story mode but we can't have everything...

This is the first Sega game for quite a while that does feel like a Sega game if you get my meaning.. Also nice to see (not going to spoil it) a boss that takes its reference from an old game...

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F**k me! I'm 36 and I still feel like a 20 odd year old... The only thing i've noticed is my reactions to beat-em ups are slowing down and I wear glasses or contacts and every other person is having kids but hey so what!

Sex is better in your thirties, Ya can hold ya liquor better and I can talk about porn without giggling like an idiot. Seriously kids, settle down and enjoy, it doesn't get worse, only better..!!!!

So stop whining...Ya don't know ya born yet!

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Generic is probably the word i'd use...

Runs well, but doesn't exactly stand out in any other way... Another FPS.... Yaawwnnn...

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Still the Streets Of Rage 2 intro music for me...

Reminds me of Enigma..

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Playing my first gun game on the Binatone games system, Using a big fat orange gun, you aimed at the screen and shoot a cross that was bouncing across the screen. From that i was hooked on gaming....

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Fight Night 3 (easy peasy) and just got Sega Megadrive Collection featuring my favourite ever achievement on Vectorman 2. Get to stage 11 for 45 points.. level skip to 11 and up it pops, stupid easy!

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