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Ford CEO suffers a random injury, blames "the Forza curse."

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I want a Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction HD edition. Bonus points if it comes out on PC.

I'd buy this in a hot second regardless of whether or not we get a proper sequel. The first Mercenaries is still my favourite open world thing and nothing else, not even Just Cause, has ever really managed to scratch that itch.

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Short of rehiring Chris Hero I don't really know if anyone in developmental really fits with the Shield. Honestly, I think I'd just let the story play out as it is rather than adding more people to muddy the waters.

...okay, maybe Solomon Crowe could work if they're really killing the hacker gimmick.

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I might just watch Takeover again and pretend it's Payback.

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Go for it. I'm never ever ever going to finish this game myself.

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In a bizarre wrestling heel turn moment, Reggie comes out on stage at E3 2014 in a Nintendo shirt then rips it off to reveal a Sega shirt underneath. Wii U becomes Dreamcast 2.

Other than Konami remembering that Suikoden exists and immediately shooting themselves in the foot by making it a Wii U exclusive, that's pretty much what it'll take for me to buy one at this point.

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@wrathofconn: Absolutely the correct response. Grade A nightmare fuel, right there.

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And their opponents...
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Normal for me, which is usually what I always do on my first cycle through anything. 'course, I'm in early November now and I've managed to one-day at least the last three dungeons. So I'm definitely going to bump it up to Hard or Very Hard on my next run, maybe even try going solo in places, or at least the Izanagi challenge. Unless you're a total SMT/Persona newcomer, straight-up Normal is just... babytown frolics. I think I wiped once against the first boss and once against the king, and that was it.

New Game+ lets you adjust the difficulty with fancy sliders, right? Maybe I'll Silent Hill this thing and pump up the combat difficulty while keeping some of the other elements low. Most of the battles are far too simple right now, but I'm not interested in making the drops any grindier, even if I cycle into my next run with all the yen.

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I have a really hard time breaking away from my comfortable routine of Chie, Yosuke, and Yukiko, which is kind of the perfect balance of healing and elemental coverage, with Charlie's Personae filling the gaps. It's been this way for me since the original game, I don't think I've ever rolled with the other characters for more than one dungeon each.

With the changes P4G has made, I have half a mind to swap Yosuke for Naoto just to see what she can do. I'd be losing Yosuke's Kaja buffs, but gaining Naoto's light/dark stuff, plus whatever Atlus gave her in their rebalancing. Losing Chie is blasphemy; I shall not blaspheme. Plus her physical attacks are pretty clutch. Her and Yukiko always go together since I need Yuki's healing to keep Chie in the game.

But damn, once I settle on a party, even swapping in the B-listers for experimental purposes just feels wrong. It was the same way with me in P3 - Yukari, Mitsuru, and Akihiko never left my party once they all became available.