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I don't want to get into what happened, etc but I'm referring to the lashout of people on twitter regarding GBs recent hirings saying it wasn't diverse. Response? Seems like the guys are now putting females on recent videos (Patrick's recent BITM with Danielle) and now the bombcast which has Samantha (EDIT) on there. Don't even try to tell me it has nothing to do with what happened as it obviously does.

My opinion? Not necessary to do this b/c GB did nothing wrong. People need to understand talent wins, not gender, etc when it comes to being hired at GB. I'm all for having whoever on (female, male, dog, etc) as long as it's relative but this significant increase and who appears to be a direct response.

On a side note, really love the Vinny Alex videos and having their own thing. Love how the site keeps on expanding. Just don't change b/c others will always complain.

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Hi guys - just got an ST50 and was wondering what others settings are for game mode. Thanks

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is this still broken?

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dubios methods? I'm desperate for anything so let me know. I hear people play this via dolphin on the PC so there must be a way to play it with just a controller.

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I never got into the motion controls - not precise enough even with motion plus. Therefore i never got into the galaxy series. Pointing was annoying. Anyway i can play this with a non motion controller?

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Thoughts? Patrick leaving and a major Rorie push in the past few weeks a coincidence? I could be wrong but it just seems like perfect timing no? I know Patrick will be part of the site still but I'm talking about onsite appearances.

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Very weird - any suggestions besides don't use safari?

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When I go to click on full screen for videos (using streaming or HTML option) it appears to want to go full but just stays the same size. I have no issue with the chrome browser in my macbook air - only safari. Anyone else have this issue?

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I can't find that option - I would like HD yet it only gives me auto. Anyway to do this without using the youtube option?

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Guys mentioned in the bombcast that it was going to be done this week. I didn't miss it right? Didn't see it on the coming soon board either.