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Well I made this website because I have a weakness. That weakness is gaming. I love video games. I love them for the simple fact that if I have a bad day, I need to get my mind off of things, or I just simply want to relax, I can pop in a game and all my worries disappear. I love being able to take that escape from reality, and put myself in somebody else's shoes. I'd have to say that my favorite genres would be first person shooters and action/adventure games. That doesn't mean I don't play the occasional sports game (NBA 2k11!) or RPG. 
 If you decide to explore my page further, please be aware that I'm not a super gamer or anything even close to the term. Video gaming is strictly recreational for me and I don't consider myself to be extremely skilled at it. For me, it is just a means to have fun and relax. So if you do continue to browse my site, just know that all things stated are simply my opinions and that I don't have some hardcore alliance with Microsoft, Nintendo or Sony. I enjoy games on all systems and I in no way consider myself a "hardcore" gamer. Besides playing games, I do live a pretty normal and enjoyable life. I have a great family, a wonderful girlfriend, close and supportive friends, and an awesome  job. All things being said...have fun, and please enjoy.