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#1 Posted by Delta5A93 (32 posts) -
@EndlessObsidian said:
Play a video game any fucking way you want. You bought it, it's your's to do with as you please. :)
Completely agree. 
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@Soapy86 said:
Did anyone else ever have one of these? 
Hell yes! I had the one you pictured. Along with Reptile, Scorpion and Raiden. My cousin had Smoke and Johnny Cage. This was back when toys looked good and were good quality. Oh, the good ol' days. 

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@Ares42 said:
" The obvious ones are as others have said Noob, Kano and Ermac. However I really really hate playing against Reptile. His AI just seems really great at staying at range and annoying you with balls spits and charges. It's sorta like Scorpion, where you're playing a game of just trying to actually catch the opponent, but with way more ranged attacks. The triplets are also pretty annoying with just being all over the place. "
I feel the exact same way about Reptile. 
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All of the reviews I've been reading have been great...except for IGN's. That's the case with a lot of games I look up. I tend to avoid IGN for the most part because their review style doesn't match my taste for gaming usually. I'd just ignore it and look elsewhere. 5 out of 5 stars here!

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@JJWeatherman said:
" I'm more surprised that you actually seem surprised. "
Yea me too. Why wouldn't they call it the Kollector's Edition? It's been their thing since the beginning!
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@TechHits said:
" @l4wd0g: I'm guessing you not playing against a real person? X-ray moves are like fatalitys, there awesome the first time, but always boring when playing the computer. Plus with the full release of the the game you'll be seeing the same ones alot less.  "
Agreed. Also, not every character will be able to pull of an X-ray the same way. Example: Johnny Cage's X-ray is used during a counter attack while Subzero's is used at close range. Plus when you are playing against a friend it's always nice to be able to pull one of them off.  I've been playing with my cousin a lot and trust me, it doesn't always work. 
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@mkf30: Yea, this week is going to go by so slow. At least we have Mortal Kombat Legacy tomorrow lol. 
#8 Posted by Delta5A93 (32 posts) -

I originally bought the standard edition off of Amazon. After playing the demo for hours I decided to change my order to the Kollector's Edition. I also bought the hardcover guide. I cannot wait. 
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Yea, xhavoc86 is right. Plus, Ed Boon (the creator) has pretty much made it clear that they plan on releasing a good amount of DLC. 

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