War for Cybertron's Revive mechanic could be better.

I think the revive mechanic in this game is somewhat flawed. There's a reason you'll often find yourself not being revived, and it's not because the randoms are just terrible. There's actually a lot of gameplay elements working against the revive in this game.

First of all, the bleed out time is pretty short. It's only about thirty seconds or so. That might sound like plenty of time, but it's really not. Unlike a game like Modern Warfare 2 or something similar, enemies in this game can take a lot of rounds. Many are absolute bullet sponges, especially on the later waves in Escalation. So it's not like you can just quickly clear out a bunch of enemies surrounding your fallen comrade before going in and reviving him. You might have to spend a lot of time slowly dispatching them. By the time you've killed all the killer robots, it might be too late. Of course, the enemies can also kill the downed player while they're downed. So there's that.

Second of all, the revive process itself takes a long ass time. It's not like in Gears of War where you just press X and instantly pick them up off the floor. You have to stand there helpless for about a good seven or eight seconds while reviving. So if you don't clear out all the enemies around the area, you're basically standing there while they shoot you. This increases the odds that you'll go down as well, leaving two players bleeding out. That's not a good situation at all, which is why a lot of players won't risk rushing in and reviving you, it's just too dangerous.

So you either stay back and try killing all the enemies around the downed player, risking the guy bleeding out and dying, or you rush in and revive while getting shot, risking yourself going down. Both situations suck. They should've made the whole mechanic a bit more useful and player friendly, IMO. Shorten the time required to revive, and increase the bleed out timer. Then we'd see more players getting revived in co-op and Escalation.

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Posted by 1337W422102

I completely agree.  Not to mention that the Revive meter sometimes decides to start over on its own even though you're holding the button down, wasting even more of the precious seconds.