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@danryckert Just have a CalorieMate. You'll be get back to full health in no time. Get well soon.

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@flstylle: I'm going to sound pretty rude here. But I guarantee you it is not my intention to be. But... That's kind of the point. We could all pick Mercedes & Red Bull. And, everyone scores maximum points each race. But where's the fun/skill in that. It'd be like playing video games on "Easy". :P

@wlleiotl: Yes. Thanks and good luck.

@winsord: Thanks (and good luck too).

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FYI: Due to Kobayashi being replaced for the Belgian Grand Prix; a few players' teams have changed....

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@isomeri: Here's a picture I took today of the Lotus with it's 18" rims....

9th July 2014, F1 Testing at Silverstone UK, Charles Pic - Lotus F1 Team - 18" Test

Took a dodgy video too....

Loading Video...

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Here's my view of yesterday's race (from Woodcote). Always great to see a Brit win at home. The race was a non-contest after Rosberg's retirement. But the Vettel vs. Alonso scrap certainly spiced the race up and gave us something to great to watch. The crowd were willing Jenson to catch Ricciardo. But alas; it wasn't too be. Great drive from Bottas: starting from the back; getting right up to 2nd too. Overall a good weekend.

The noise of the news cars are (in my opinion) weak. The sound definitely needs boosting up.


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I've been getting this issue too (with Chrome on Windows7).