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Frankly the bigger shock here is Mario being called "Homonintendus" WHA?!!!

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So this may be a weird question so forgive me and I am very much uneducated with marketing and advertising and the like. But i want to know, what is the best way to watch GB videos and streams to best support the site. Like should i watch a stream on twitch directly or watch the stream off the site. Should i watch a video off the site or watch it off the GB youtube Channel. I really am confused with this.

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has the password changed or is it still what is at the top of the thread. I am getting invalid password so just checking.

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haha I know right. though not the case any longer if ever :P

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Hey on yesterdays UPF (october 18th 2013) does anyone know what that song they played at the begining "iam only dancing?" or what ever is? I know its likely from what ever package they use for music, but anyone know where I could at least get the name of it?

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are you serious?! this has to be a bad joke right?

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do we still get gamespot total access *or what ever thats called* accounts with our giant bomb accounts if we are premium subscribers? I only ask cuz I was just curious and I don't know gamespot enough to check myself.

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@mrsignerman44: 4kids tv version right? I hear that's the best! (don't kill me it was a joke)

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So with dealing with life in general, I have gotten a bit off track with anime watching and Manga reading. I have of course those few that I find a must watch, and a few I remember others telling me they were good but I have nothing really new on my watch list so with so many series coming out by the minute, can someone suggest some good anime and manga that has recently caught their attention? I like Mecha based like Gundam, series like Full Metal Alchemist and Brotherhood along with some other things too so feel free to give me a mix, even shojo if you must :P