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Yeah, the "new" Tested is pretty much a train wreck. Stupid decision, and quite frankly had they just replaced the old "Tested" logo with the new logo (and had Will and Norm in the header) without rushing out a redesign the shitstorm would have been avoided.

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1) I honestly can't see Gamespot and Giant Bomb co-existing over the long term. They are too similar to each other. They will inevitably be merged at some point in the future: maybe five months, maybe five years, but it's going to happen, mark my words. Comic Vine will probably survive, AFAIK CBS doesn't have a site focused on comics.

2) After the treatment of in the hands of CBS, I'm not entirely convinced that they'll put the good of the website ahead of making money.

3) Since Giant Bomb and Comic Vine no longer owns the Distillery software, you're probably going to have to redesign the site.

Honestly? I think the Tested/Screened/Anime Vice side got the better end of this deal.

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Sometimes ya wonder, "what the hell did I do to deserve all of this? I'm just trying to make videos people like :/"

Are you the real Total Biscuit? If so, we are sorry. Or at least I am sorry.

Genuine. Ho hum. Then again, anything that gets even remotely popular gets a hatedom, and internet video hatedoms seems to be especially dumb.

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Ignoring the blatant pandering that makes Skullgirls look like One Foot On The Grave; that's the Microprose logo. I could have sworn they went bust years ago.

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Figgy Piggy

O boy!

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Pretty sure Activision has said otherwise previously with regards to MW3, so I'll wait and see if there's a retraction (I wouldn't be surprised).

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It's interesting to see how many people obviously never played Red Faction 1 & 2. Guerilla was the black sheep of the series, in terms of gameplay.
Still, sad that THQ is throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

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The next generation of handhelds starts August 11th. I would not be surprised if Sony follows suit with the Via.

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Anyone have any first hand experience how this stacks up against SMB (Length / Difficulty.)  Always wanted to play through this and now I have no excuses, but some of the later Meat Boy levels were treacherous.
Far shorter and far easier. I've beaten it in about two hours. Of course, there's several trinkets I haven't got, and Veni Vidi Vici is bloody murder (thankfully optional). That said, it's a decent challenge, and it's an absolutely superb game, probably the finest short game since Portal in my opinion. I've no problem with spending £5 on it.
As for the other four, I have Cogs and it's an interesting sliding-tile puzzler. The problem is that I hate sliding tile puzzles, although if you like them it's a very high quality puzzler. I've played the demos of Crayon Physics and And Yet It Moves, and I like what I saw. Will buy it later.
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As title, essentually. Demo is this way.Presumably a Steam version of the demo will be up in due course.