Gotta love people mispronouncing your name

deh-MAN-drehd 32h gotta love Rorie  . He totally butchered my tag when selecting me for free Fridays on Screened. I always find it interesting what other people see when reading. My wife has a very odd first name every time she fills out a form or has to give someone her name, there is a big sigh and a pause before she begins. I always find it interesting.
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The 40 Year Old Boy

Mike Schmidt is the 40 year old boy. which is a fantastic podcast, Mke describes it as a verbal mosh pit. it is just him a mic and his off mic producer Lilly., and it is ahhmazing.
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Why do I even bother? You go to work and bust your ass daily, only to get the short end of the stick when you are unable to work. God forbid they take into account all the time you have spent there. Oh you worked 60+ hours last week and now you need a day off? you are the worst employee always calling off sick blah blah. Blow me I have missed 1 day this year prior to today.
Tried Wet the other day didn't enjoy it at all. Guess it just isn't my style of game.

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