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Not as good as Tekken's exclusive rap song.

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I don't know what to think without the old guy in the corner telling me with some snide comment about what the strip was about.

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Hoax or not, there's some awesomely in depth stuff going on here and that's cool as hell. Question about thepropheteer site though, is it supposed to be playing Cars by Gary Numan? Because its awesome that it does.

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We adapt our accent specifically to get on other people's nerves.

also; channel on this end, not chennel.

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Explains all the helicopter boss fights

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@demigodraven said:

Neo-Fresno, Neo-Bakersfield,Neo-Stockton

Haha this doesn't make sense!

Just because you have no faith in those cities doesn't mean that they won't be shining beacons in the future. Deus Ex could show us that future.

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Neo-Fresno, Neo-Bakersfield,Neo-Stockton

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Was curious where this thread disappeared to. Wanted to see if it got any further than it's base discussion on whether people liked them. I'll be seeing them tomorrow though, they're doing parallax II front to back, I think. I kind of got bored with them around the time of Colors/The Great Misdirect but I've enjoyed both the Parallax discs quite a bit. Plus I'll get to catch The Faceless (aka The Michael Keene experience) again, which will be nice. Have seen Btbam two times before though, once in 06, then when they toured with The Ocean/Cephalic Carnage/Job For a Cowboy. Tomorrow will hopefully be three.

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The ending battle to the first Machete was glorious.