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A release date for the NXE, and mabye a little info on the halo 3 keep it clean trailer.

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Ok I give up haha.   I really am sorry for upsetting everyone.  I just finished the game and wanted to talk about it.  But I did it in the wrong way.  I'll think before I post next time.

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Yeah it was accurate with me for DOOM 3 and HL2.   I use all the time.

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MasturbatingBear said:
"Your not sorry, if you were sorry you would stop, but you keep on posting and keep on complaining, deal with it, the game is okay. I liked it."
Huh?  Dude i'm trying to apologize, what more do you want me to do?  I know that my message came off the wrong way and I apologized for that.  I respect the fact that you liked the game, your entitled to your opinion, but I'm entitled to my opinion too.
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Kush said:
"I am guessing you are a little kid...not us."
Well I'm not, and just out of curiosity, how old are you?
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I understand what your saying, but I just want to make it clear that I wasn't complaining, I was just giving my opinion of the game.  Sorry If came off the wrong way.

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I wasnt complaining about not getting an achievement.  Im sorry if everyone got that idea.   I just wanted to talk about it.  I thought thats was what a discussion board was for.  Anyway, nobody made me play the game, I chose to, and I ended up not likeling it.  I just don't understand why everyone had to bee an asshole about it.

All you have to say is "Well I don't play for achievements so its no big deal for me"    Theres no point disrespecting someone for no reason.

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So i have to be asking a question to make a topic?   Im sure I can find plenty of pointless posts thats not asking a question.  It really amazes me how quickly everyone is to insult me for a simple topic.  If you guys dont like what I posted then dont reply and let in fall off the page instead of acting big insulting someone over the internet.

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Wow, looks like everyone's in a friendly mood tonight.  I'm so sorry for upsetting everyone *sarcasm*  and yeah I was talking about the achievement for 300 hearts.  Hey look on the bright side, at least I didn't make a topic asking what you guys are playing right now.

btw...I have the right to play a game any way I want and I don't need some little kids telling me how I should play.

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I just finished The Darkness with 275 devoured hearts.  I didn't eat enough early on.  But oh well, I wont be playing through again to get them.  Absolutely not a fan of this game.  I basically forced myself through it just to say I finished it.