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Halo 3
Mass Effect
Rockband 1 & 2
Dead RIsing
The Darkness
Viva Pinata: TIP
Moto GP 06
Forza 2
Guitar Hero 2 & 3
Marvel Ultimate Alliance

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Yeah ive noticed this problem with a lot of games. they need to fix it

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Fallout 3

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I agree.  I loved this game!  I played through the entire story twice in one day.  I heard a rumor that they canceled Dark Athena, but I really hope they didn't.  I would be really disappointed.

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I looked at this today and they changed that statement to "Check out the New Xbox Experience coming this Fall!"   A little too late for Microsoft to try to keep it hidden.  I'm guessing they want to keep an exact release date hidden so if they run into trouble and can't release it in time, then we all wont be TOO disappointed.

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I thought I was going to like the white background, but it hurts my eyes more than the black.

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Yeah the emblem looks like the old one.  Oh well!  I'm still excited.  Can't wait til November!

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I pretty excited for the new "experience" now.  Really wish they would give a release date though.  I'm hoping they can get it out before the end of October.  My guess is that it will release right before Gears 2.

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I just bought Too Human today.  In a way its like Mass Effect, maybe like a more stripped down version.  The leveling and armor and weapon pickups feel a lot like Mass Effect.  But Too Human Focuses a lot more on melee combat.  The story definitely is not told as well as Mass Effect either.  (BTW imo I believe Mass Effect's story telling is better than all other 360 games to date.)  Anyway, it is similar in some ways.  Download the demo and give it a shot.

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For me it was DOOM 3. For some reason I loved getting scared playing that game. CANT WAIT TIL DOOM 4!