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i wish the update would have put pennington on the dolphins where he belongs. Oh well, at least they put farve where he belongs

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I agree about the price thing. If 2k sports could do xbox and ps2 games for $20, then I think a huge company like ea could easily do their sports titles for $40. I miss the old competition between ea and 2k. Now ea just steals all the licenses away and charges a ridiculous amount for them. Also, just to vent a little, ea needs to let the nascar license go. They have no interest in nascar and they have no intentions in making the kind of nascar game that the real fans want. Just let Papyrus make them.

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My gamertag is HUNGSOFARLO  all caps.

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Geometry Wars 2 for sure. I already own it, but the others don't interest me too much.

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What released on that Monday was the "beta". It was actually just the site launch. I got the e-mail that Sunday night. I don't believe you technically missed out on anything.  Correct me if I'm wrong everyone.

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Its definitely worth getting. Its a perfect way to have HL2 and both of the episodes on one disc. Portal is surprisingly awesome. I just bought it for $34 used at Gamestop. For that price, MUST BUY for anyone who somewhat likes first person shooters.

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SOAD!  friggin finally! Ive been waiting for SOAD songs since the first guitar hero. Tuesday is gonna be a happy day for me! :)

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1250/1250 Signed!

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Hundreds........and I still love this game more and more every second

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bolsita de te