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I preordered it this morning.  Its refreshing to look forward to something thats a little out of the ordinary.

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  Bought it sealed off of amazon.  I don't actually plan on opening it.  There is no excuse for my actions.
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Definitely play through the first infamous.  Its a great game.  Just dont push your self too hard with it and burn yourself out.

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congrats  craigbo180!  I will message it to you in a few moments!

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I have a beta code for gears of war 3 and will not have time to use it.  So instead of hoarding it i thought id give it away.  I will pm the code to the first person to reply asking for it.  Good luck!

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Doesn't seem to be worth it.  I might check it out when I have some extra spending money

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@MajorToms: @MajorToms said:
" Proof read, Kesler. That is all.  P.S.  Took them long enough (same with voice chat, sheesh). "
Huh? The 360 had voice chat since day 1 right?
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This is sad to hear.  It doesn't bother me much though since I haven't had any time to play on xbox live.  Lets just hope they are raising the price because they something cool up their sleeves for the fall update.  If they don't, then I am little confused as to why a cost increase was needed.

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I completed the first Portal, but this one scares me haha.

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He was okay, but I doubt I will really miss him.  But I will miss his stupid choice of questions during TNT!  They always made me laugh