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Dead Rising 3, Forza 5, Ryse, Tomb Raider, Titanfall soon.

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I'm currently at the point in the Singapore mission where you fight tanks in the park. The only difference is that the abandoned enemy vehicle left for me at the beginning of this portion is a smaller armored truck instead of a tank like I have seen in all of the walkthroughs. This portion seems hard enough with a tank by watching this encounter on youtube, but with this smaller vehicle its completely impossible. Am I missing something? Im playing on normal btw.

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130 games worth $1,860.86.

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One minute your here, the next your gone. Its easy to forget that until something like this happens. RIP Ryan

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Considering that I don't watch much TV and I don't like kinect.......It's gonna take Microsoft showing to me that they still care about video games. I already have a cable box, I have an iPhone for twitter, Facebook, etc., I have a PC in my living room for Skype, Netflix etc. But what I do want is a new video game console from a company that is still committed to video games. So far sony seems to be that company. But its early so who knows, Microsoft's focus at their e3 conference is likely going to be the deciding factor on which console I buy at launch.

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Wow, they didn't give the 360 a chance did they.

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It will likely work out the same way as it does (almost) every time. The E3 unveiling will show multiple colors (just like with the Wii and PS3). Then at launch you will only be able to get black. Then after sales start to taper off in a few years, you will start to get (limited edition) colors to boost sales.

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I just purchased Demons Souls and before I start, I would be greatly appreciate it if anyone would be willing to give me a few tips that would be useful for a beginner. Ive played some Dark Souls so I have a basic understanding of the gameplay. But as far as choosing the right class for a beginner and any leveling strategies, I am completely lost. So if anyone has a few good tips or can give me a link to a useful guide please do so.


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Im having a little trouble finding out if my current graphics card will run this on the highest settings? It runs the first Borderlands perfect. All my other PC specs are more than enough to run it. Btw, I used the can you run it site, but its never been that accurate for me and I only plan on running it in 1600x900.

Thanks in advance and heres a shot of my cards specs.

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I'm embarrassed for them.....