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Review--Alan Wake 0

     After waiting so long for the release of Alan Wake, I was expecting the game to end in disappointment, but thankfully it ended up being the total opposite.  The story in Alan Wake is a great example of how psychological thrillers should be told.  It does a great job of keeping the player in the dark just enough to keep you interested.  The ending to each chapter was simply amazing.  I had a hard time taking breaks between chapters because the cliffhangers presented at the end of each chapte...

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Review--Bioshock 2 0

I honestly do not know how I feel about Bioshock 2.  Nothing stood out to me as either terrible or great.  The gameplay is definitely an improvement over the last game.  The ability to use weapons and plasmids at the same time streamlines the battles greatly.  The story was in no way memorable.  It was uninteresting for the first 80% of the game.  The ending made up for it slightly but not enough.  The worst part about Bioshock 2 is harvesting with the little sisters.  It makes sense since that ...

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Guitar Hero: World Tour--Review 0

In many ways Guitar Hero: World Tour is a great game.  I have to give this game game the same score as I gave Rock Band 2 because where each game lacks, the other game shines.  To put it simple, if you are looking for a great experience with bass or lead guitar, go with Guitar Hero: World Tour.  If you are looking for a great experience with drums, go with Rock Band 2.  If you already have a Rock Band drum kit, then just go out and buy Guitar Hero: World Tour standalone.  Like an idiot, I went o...

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Fable II--Review 0

I never played much of the original Fable.  But I did get a basic idea of what the game is about.  When I started playing Fable II, it felt like I was playing the same game.  From a technical standpoint, the game has made advancements, but overall it doesn't feel like an Xbox 360 title to me.  It feels like I'm playing an original Xbox game.  That's where I have my biggest hang up with Fable II.  As long as it took them to make the sequel, you would think they would have done more to expand the ...

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Gears Of War 2--Review 0

After finishing Gears Of War 2, I knew this was going to be an easy review for me to do.  I was afraid that Gears 2 was just going to be "more of the same" (which isn't a bad thing), but EPIC really went all out with Gears 2.  To put this review simple, they took everything that was great about the first Gears Of War and expanded it into an incredible experience.  Even the story this time around is better by leaps and bounds.  There's really not much to say here.  If you own a 360, GO AND BUY TH...

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Fallout 3--Review 0

Fallout 3 from Bethesda is the long awaited addition to the Fallout series.  I personally don't know anything about the past Fallout games so I will just give my personal experience of the game.  To put it simple, Fallout 3 is mostly a post-apocalyptic Oblivion.  In many ways that's a good thing because Oblivion was a great game.  But there are fall backs with Fallout 3.  My personal hang up with the game is the fact that the game ends completely when you finish the main story.  One of the best ...

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Rock Band 2--Review 0

This will be a rather short review for me since with any rhythm game, there are only a few aspects that need to be reviewed.Set List The set list in Rock Band 2 is a great improvement over the original.  I never really cared for the original set list in the first Rock Band.  There just didn't seem to be enough variety.  This is definitely not a problem in Rock Band 2.  There are 84 tracks total ranging through every decade of rock's life span.  With such a high level of variety, you should not ...

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Too Human--Review 0

This was by far one of my hardest reviews to do.  Too Human has so many good points and so many bad points, I was left in the middle of the road.GraphicsFrom a graphics standpoint, Too Human has a few strong areas, but most of the visuals are below today's standards.  Now I'm definitely not the kind of person who really cares about graphics in a game, but I also do expect some sort of quality visuals in a game that took 4+ years to develop.  It was built with a in house engine instead of the wid...

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Madden 09--Review 0

     I normally stay away from doing sports games reviews, but since Madden 09 was the first sports title I purchased on launch day in a long time, I guess I should review it.     For the first time in a while, I was actually excited for the release of a Madden game.  Since this franchise has gone "next gen" it has suffered from a lack of content.  Its taken them three tries but it looks like there finally starting to figure it out again.         The biggest selling point to me this time around ...

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Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2--Review 0

I usually don't do Xbox Live Arcade reviews, but I cannot go without praising this great game.Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved was the first arcade game i purchased over 2 years ago. It's still one of my favorite games today. Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 is the perfect sequel. It takes everything that was great about the first game and adds more game modes and a harder difficulty.  There's not much to say other than this is a MUST HAVE if you own a Xbox 360. This game is worth much more than the 8...

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Dark Sector--Review 0

I was shocked when I played Dark Sector for the first time. I've never seen a game make such a sad attempt at blatantly copying another game. I could put this review into one sentence but I wont.Single PlayerI guess I should mention the only good thing about the game first. The graphics are great. That's it.  They tried to reproduce Gears Of War. Everything down to the controls. Whats so sad is that they ripped off Gears of War and still managed to make it bad. Now I that they have every right t...

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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare--Review 0

Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare is the 4th true installment of the great COD franchise.  This time around, Infinity Ward takes a more modern route instead of the usual WWII story.Single PlayerCall of Duty 2 is well known as one of the best fps single player experiences of all time. I totally agree with that. For the most part, COD4 delivers on all of that. But it still lacks a few things that made COD2 such a special game. First of all, when playing COD2, throughout the entire game there was a con...

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Underrated 0

I originally put off buying Ninja Gaiden II due to various reviews. But after finally deciding to buy it, I was very surprised to find out how great this game actually is. One thing that turned me off to Ninja Gaiden Black was the difficulty.  That game frustrated me way too much.  I expected Ninja Gaiden II to be the same.  For the most part it is, but by having more "possible" boss fights and more frequent save points, it really makes the game less frustrating.  Gameplay is nearly perfect. The...

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