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you should check Heavenly Sword, since its pretty much God of Waresque but with a better story.

Heavy Rain is pretty fucking fantastic, but hey, its on you.

Where is The Last of Us on that list? This should be Item Numero uno.

StarHawk, maybe? Warhawk was a good multiplayer game.

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I agree, he adds a great perspective to the talks since he's a real game dev who gets his own two dirty hands into the code and all. Its always nice to get a guy who knows how things are really getting done. We only get to see the final product but there is so much stuff going on behind the curtains.

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GB Photoshoppers, ASSEMBLE!!

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Send an invite! Demonbear55

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I'm a backer and I've loved every minute of the documentary. Can't wait!


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for me, the peak of my WoW interest was at the end of BC, right before the launch of WotLK. I dont know why really. It was just fun and I had a whole bunch of real life friends to play with. It makes the game so much better than playing with people you don't know.

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The hardware is awesome and I fell in love with Warframe! What an awesome game!

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@opus said:

@omegapirate: I, uh, probably should have tried that first, in retrospect...

I'm hopping on in a little bit; if there are any night owls that want to hang out. I'm trying to unlock every single boss so that I can help people get the Warframe of their dreams*.

*Vauban and Banshee probably shouldn't be in your dreams, their components are based on luck of the draw on Alert rewards, and it'll take quite a while to piece them together.

There's a holiday sale on platinum, but it's worth reminding everyone that platinum is a pure luxury; the only things in that marketplace that you can't get from playing the game normally are color palettes and decorative accessories. If you want to spoil yourself and get that gun early, more power to ya, just spend responsibly!

And slots.

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@tanjamwil: they already said this movie is not about Arthas. Its about the events of Warcraft 1. Anduin Lothar for the Humans, Durotan for the orcs they said.

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Sent you a message, add me up on PSN : Demonbear