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@Residentrevil2 @patrickklepek @xMEGADETHxSLY:

In the new dashboard they had a Mark of the Ninja advertisement on the home tab when you first boot up the system. I remember, Patrick said something about Microsoft not advertising Mark of the Ninja in a I Love Mondays video and kept my eyes open to see if it was true. That advertisement was on the home tab for almost a week. (I don't think the advert showed up until a few days after Mark of the Ninja was released, so that criticism holds some weight.)

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Yeah, those videos are terrible. I can't find any good related videos to games or movies with all that crap that is in there now.

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How about Joker?



I'll show myself out.

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The Undead Labs page is a copy of the this one.

Additionally, the game they are making, Class 3, has no information on it yet. This should be deleted and a new page should be made when the game is actually announced with its retail name. This would save everyone the trouble of having to rename the Class 3 page. Also, it would make sure that a duplicate is not created when the game is officially announced.

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These three Sudoku games need to be combined. (One,Two, Three)

These two Super Monkey Ball games need to be combined (This and That)

Finally, these two Tentacles games need to be combined (Here and There)

P.S. Found two more that need combining (Thing 1 and Thing 2)

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I would say that Microsoft advertised the platform as WP7 because that was the first release, not because they wanted that to be the name of the platform. Obviously future releases are going to be marketed as their version number (i.e. 7.5, WP8). Also, they dropped the Series from the name back in April 2010. So the platform didn't even launch with that in there. 

It may seem like I am arguing with you, but I am actually taking the scenic route to agree with you.

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Windows Phone 7 platform page should be renamed to Windows Phone. The seven denotes a version number. Neither the iPhone or Android pages make reference to their current or past version numbers (i.e. There are not separate pages for  iOS4 or Gingerbread).
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