Video Games Awards

The only thing I was watching the VGA's for was GOW III, but it didn't show much of a trailer. I like the little tid bits of game play but c'mon. 20 secs thats insulting


Mindless Dissaray(Poem)

Mindless dissaray

War has found a new home
In the hearts and minds of we
Who must roam

Always peaceful
Never bad
Until the war
Stole my dad

Now blood stains my soul
Filling my throat
Making me choke

I will fight forever
As long as I live
Killing all in my way
My only gift to give


Heartless Beast( A Poem)

Heartless Beast

Kill the beast
Eat his heart
Tear his flesh
Swallow his soul

His heart beats no more
Yet his body lives
Neither breathing
Neither moving
Just being

The beast tries to kill him
Tries to eat the eater

Now The end begins
The begining ends
Only darkness for the heartless beast
Only sorrow for the eater