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All of them, Starting with Axton

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They are working on a live action film as of right now. Hopefully they pull it off. This is one of my fave series as well. I dont want it to be tainted by a bad movie
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Stig Said some weapons work better for diffrent enemies. Also we'll be faced with 50+ enemies so yea diffrent weapons for diffrent situations. I like the cestus. Its looking really kool. Also the Firebow looks nice too. Cant wait to get my hands on this bad boy

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Also if its sooo distgusting dont bitch and moan about it. Sriously dont even post. Just dont watch/play this game. Mythology is all about violence and Rath. This is kratos' rath, he's been fucked with for a long time. Its time to say fuck u gods and rip them to fuckin peices. Violence for violence, No they're trying to show u more of Kratos' personality. Again I say if u dont like it tough. Kratos is full of rage and anger. 

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@TwoOneFive said:
"one thing i noticed, and hope they fix, is the blood getting all over Kratos.  "

its suposed to get all over kratos its something they put in not a glitch u dont like it dont look at kratos or just stop whining
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Lol u get what u pay for. I like the game through and through if u cant handle the violence or the gore get out of the kitchen and play pokemon. O r some other little kid game with no violence or gore at all

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wow this looks like shit? Not. It looks like God of War 3. It looks like I will be riding cyclops' and killing dudes. It looks like if u actually see the whole leaked video, that this is just before u rip Helios' head off.  It looks like the enemies are smarter. It looks like kratos' Blades are stronger. And what else it looks like is a good game. What it doesn't look like is just another hack and slash game.

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Red said:
"Meh. It's God of War. The game will be a God of War Game. It will look nice, it will play well and be filled with the blood, gore and overall tone of the God of War franchise.
I highly doubt the game will seem rushed or be bad in any sense of the word, it just doesn't look too interesting because...who still cares about God of War?"

Who cares? Seriously? People who have never even heard of the series are lining up for this game. People all around the world like it. Since the first game. U might not care but saying others don't just screams I'm just a stuck up fuck who can't accept the fact that this game will blow almost any game out of the water. Have a nice time trying not to play a game that u have forgotten.
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Good for u comparing a game that came out years after gow and saying it should of died like it. Considering ur 1% of the population less then that probably.

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yea. I got it cheap also.