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when the WoW mountain dews were out I would use weird times to rack up stuff. I would only enter when I had the full number of tickets (basically there were link you could click and I think also something from the soda itself, can't remember, that was back when I just drank MD anyways, that would get you raffle tickets. you could enter with up to 1500 tickets for one contest, or fewer if you wanted) but only at weird times of night. you could also see how many other tickets were in the pool. So I would only enter when my chance to win was essentially like 1 in 15 or so and ended up with a razer keyboard and headset, as well as a MD/WoW branded bag from jinx. not bad for a minimal amount of work :) good luck duder.

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Thanks for the code update :D

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Good luck Alexis, you will be missed!

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Sorry for your loss Jeff/Jeff's family.

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I enjoyed Arcade Mania! by Brian Ashcraft. Not lengthy, but neat none the less. I thought Masters of Doom was great. I also grabbed a book on my kindle called "The race for a new game machine". It's from someone who worked at IBM during the development of the 360 and ps3 and goes into the creating of the cpus for them (it also goes into the office politics happening behind the scenes)

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I would like this poster in my life to go next to my tested one :D

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Very cool man! :D!

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@corruptedevil said:

It's the best controller I've ever used. No hyperbole or sarcasm. I use DS4Windows to make it work with Xinput.

This. I've been waiting for the blue ones to be available because sometimes I'm weirdly specific that way but now that I have one, I love it. I had some initial wonkyness because I had my DS3 hooked up before, but really that just came down to me not having everything from that uninstalled from the get go.

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You sir, have won the internet for today. Congrats!

Also I would watch the fuck out of a MGS endurance run type series. It would be super awesome if they started at the MSX versions and went forward (I had a couple buddies that were doing that, think they're up to MGS3 at this point).

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yes. yes, I would.

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Makes more sense that EA can do this over something like PS+ since they own all the games. I wouldn't expect Netflix produced series' to ever leave Netflix either, even though movies and shows get rotated out as contacts expire.

I'm guessing that Sony doesn't do something similar with their own service because the model has be set up different for all the other companies, though it'd be nice with the instant game collection stuff if they just expanded that to include all Sony games released on Plus up to that point. Maybe they will do something like that with Playstation Now.