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I'm using an AMD procc (though older one that that and it was getting pretty hot with the stock cooling, ended up picking up the Cooler Master Hyper N520 which has been working out pretty well for me.

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RIP Ryan, and condolences to all involved =(

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your router probably has some type of setting that will allow you limit the max amount of bandwidth he can use, a lot of times it ends up being in a parental control section of the router's interface.

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Congrats to Ryan and the Wife! :D!

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I will pick this up when I get a 3DS, which will be when LTTP 2 comes out.

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I currently drive a 2012 Honda Fit Sport in "Blue Raspberry Metallic". It gets good MPG and is super reliable which are pretty much my main two things with a car. My dream car would be a self driving one. I would settle for one with a separate robot driver as well.

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My buddy decided to keep playing based on the fact that he lucked out and got a Rarity booster potion and Deadpool like the first night he played or close to it, either way something ridiculously short. Personally I've gotten Daredevil and Thing as drops, a couple of retcon potions, and an Iron Man Starboost costume (which I already had because I decided to go in on the game the Iron Man founder pack thing)

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Iron Man is my main, thanks for the heads up!

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I decided to approach this game as a retail game not as a free to play MMO. I ended up doing the founders pack for Iron Man but that is all the money I'm putting into it unless they give me a good reason to. Between what it came with and the credit it came with (which because of early launch issues I ended up with more in credit than I actually paid into it) I was able to get the other characters I wanted (Spiderman and Black Widow), and a bunch of crafting and extra storage pages (probably actually went a little overboard on that even since I bought the character ones, 2 extra general storage, and the 2 extra crafting storage) and I still have G left in my account in case I decide I really need a retcon potion or something.

The individual pricing on the heroes and costumes are crazy though.

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I got a $100ish window ac unit from decision ever. (my room manages to be the hottest in the summer and coldest in the's...swell :/ ) also my house has central air...but it works everywhere except my room :/ (my house started it's life as one of those Sears build your own houses)