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Well to be fair, their picture is of a taco supreme and it looks like you got the normal taco.

I found that the shells weren't very powdery when they first arrived, but after a couple of months they changed to be more like an actual Doritos. I also found the fiery ones to not be very spicy.

Doritos tacos are one of those dumb guilty pleasures I like every now and then (much like taco bell itself).

Though the other day I did find myself buying a bag of Doritos and a couple 2 liters of Mountain Dew and then had an "Oh shit, I'm part of the problem" moment lol.

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As someone who waited several years too long to get their wisdom teeth out, hope you get them out soon. I had some nights where punching myself in the face repeatedly was the only thing to get my teeth to calm down (though that pain was for an infected abscess more than for the wisdom teeth). After getting them out (got all 4 pulled at once, and they were pretty gnarly when I did) I felt no pain at all and my mouth pain has all but disappeared ( I still have 4 broken molars I need to get pulled so I get occasional pain from that but nothing compared to when I had the wisdom teeth). The one thing I wish I did different after getting them pulled was I did not stick to regular salt water rinses, would suggest you do so.

Good Luck Duder!

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Super Awesome! Thanks for making these :D

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I play way too much Marvel Heroes. I also play solforge and I recently got into the alpha for Hex (another digital tcg but with a bunch of MMO elements).

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Sound stuff seemed to work pretty well on the 360 and PS3 from what I could tell, why does it seem like everything is so fucked out the gate this time around?

Here I thought my biggest sound issue this gen was going to be the Wii U not allowing you to output sound out of a non-HDMI source if you are using HDMI for video (though I guess they've fixed that at this point).

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Darkstalkers and Onimusha. I also wouldn't mind a new Dark Cloud.

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My Dad thought my PS1 memory card was his and formatted it, lost all my RPG saves. Easily hundreds of hours of gameplay, some games finished, so it was just a sentimental loss, others actual active playthroughs :/

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I won't be canceling out of lack of interest (though it is less than it was with Watch Dogs getting pushed back). I'm most likely not going to have the money ready in time though either lol.

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Up to this point I haven't liked beer. I think it comes down to early bad experience with it tainting my perception of it. I had the same thing happen to a worse degree with coffee (basically had a gag reflex at the taste of coffee from about 10 on, I just got to a point where I could drink it again in the last like 6 months or so). Since I was able to overcome my dislike of coffee, I've decided to give been another go. To that end having friends who know a lot about it is nice because I can try a bunch of stuff and they can recommend stuff too.

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that sound thing was actually one of the bigger sticking points for me for using a WiiU with my setup (I use a monitor that has no built in speakers). awesome that they finally fixed that (but also why the fuck wasn't it an option to begin with? :/ )