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If I physically had $10k I'd drop it on that tier reward in a heartbeat. Playing boardgames with double fine sounds like the type of dream that makes me change the sheets >_>;;;

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If you have a Microcenter near you, they have the 3570k for $170 but it's in store only.

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Hooray, can finally pick this up (still need to pick up fez too >_>;;;;)

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a cheseburgerhotdogBBQchickenlegitallianbeefcoleslawpotatosaldthisiswhyI'mfat sandwich >_>

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This a mixture of amazing/sad news. good luck in the future duder!

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I still remember picking up the first rockband, it was like my second month into college and I was hanging out with new friends and one of the groups parents, who had come down for Thanksgiving.

At some point I disappeared, and then reappeared like 10 min later with a giant box and everyone having a confused "what the hell did you just buy?" kind of look on their face (this was also when it was still somewhat difficult to find rock band in store, so to me it was a double win :D! )

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That is a huge bummer any day of the week. Get well soon Patrick!

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I was reading something that was talking about RAM manufacturer's revenue being up but their profit being down, so while ram is super cheap right now for you and me, that seems to be more due to price wars than anything else. This may indicate that the cost per unit makes it unrealistic if they feel it's not actually needed. Which in the end the last consoles had 512mb or ram, so the new ones having gigabytes is going to feel like light years ahead, even if high end gaming computers now are putting in 16 GB + ram. At the the end of the day it was probably some dude sitting in a room, crunching a bunch of numbers that decided the benefit didn't justify the cost.

Hell, my computer was pretty old, and I finally just upgraded and I didn't even go super crazy (previously had a 1.8 GHz dual core opteron and 2GB ram, just upgraded to a phenom x4 and 8 GB ram) and while my upgrade was budget as hell, it's still made a world of difference compared to before. There are also plenty of people that have a console but don't have a gaming PC, so they only have the experience of the previous console to compare to.

So in the end I think RAM is like Pie: of course there's room for more, but at some point you look at it and look at the cost and determine it's not worth it.

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I only got half way through the quicklook before I had to stop watching. I used to never have 3d sickness but then one day it randomly showed up and it has gotten worse over the years. It's even started to affect me in some 3rd person games if they have cameras that are meant to feel like they are in the environments and such.

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I couldn't get into morrowind when it came out. I felt like it gave you too much freedom. I was completely lost on what was going on by the time I ended up in the first town.