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Thanks for doing this. I created a user choice list two weeks ago, but my name isn't on your list.

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Thanks! I see it in the "coming soon" section now.....that must have just updated it recently. Thanks again!

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When is the 11+ hours of GB GOTY content going to be added to the site? I'm excited for it.

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@slay3r1583: omg I didn't know this even exists..........can you provide the link to the video with Dave playing ice wind dale EE

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Are the PS4 and PS3 versions of minecraft going to be pulled off of PSN?

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Yes this sale is ONLY available to non-subscribers. I hope rorie changes his mind on this........I want to renew right now with this sale, but I can not.

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Man this really sucks that people currently supporting the Giant Bomb website are NOT eligible for this discounted membership deal. Don't you want to support the people who are currently supporting you?

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OMG I have been waiting forever for this! Resident Evil 1 is one of my favorite games. I need to buy 2 copies (1 for home and 1 for safe deposit box) of this game! I'm not a huge fan of the gamecube, so this is amazing news. I hope RE0 HD is next. Thanks for the news update Patrick.

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The link to submit a claim is currently down, but we should be able to submit our claim using this link once Sony officially starts allowing us to submit claims on the first come, first serve basis. Sony could always decide to change the link, but hopefully they don't.

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This move to New York seems great for a small business man.