So I just got a new Nintendo DS XL in preparation for a trip.  I was wondering if anyone had recommendations on games.  The only one I currently have is Chrono Trigger................


A movie???

Does anyone think dead space could be made into a successful movie?  I think that it could be good, if it is kept gritty and with minimal dialogue and no megan fox.


Electronic Music

Does anyone else listen to this?   I'm not getting too genre specific.  I'm talking anything ranging from drum & bass, to minimal, to a real dirty eletro tune.  
This brings me to another random question. 
Who is better in terms of Italians.....The Bloody Beetroots, Congorock, Blatta & Inesha, or Crookers.  I'm sure there are more but........yeah.


Triathlon Training

Its that time of the year again...going to do a triathlon with some friends (.9 mile swim, 25 mile bike, and 6 mile run).  Should be fun so i might as well document the madness now because everyone knows that there is no better time to start training than a month from the race.....
Friday - Swim 1.2 km, squash
Saturday - Squash  
Monday - Swim 
Tuesday - squash  
Wednesday - bike   
Thursday - run and squash
Friday - drinking
Saturday - drinking
Sunday - recovery
Monday - squash

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