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Let me preface this post by stating that I get it - Fez has a wonderful message to express to its players. It is an intricately designed puzzle-platformer with depth and exploration to boot.

I love that Phil Fish expresses his view of our universe and the wonder of the unknown through his game, Fez. I really appreciate the game's philosophical nature. But when I strip away my own attachment to the retro chiptunes and graphics as well as the deep message the game holds, it feels empty as a game. I understand that there is more to a game than how it plays, but in this case it is severely lacking.

Fez is a very interesting and unique experience, but soon after realizing that every problem in the game can by solved by rotating the world around. Yes, the language, the puzzle hunting, and exploration do take the game further, but there is no real game to begin with. This is an extremely simple platformer with overly simple puzzles, whose main focus seems to be frivolous treasure hunting and letting you know that Phil Fish absolutely believes in dimensions beyond our 3rd.

Completely beating this game was very unnecessary. It isn't rewarding and I feel stupid for giving Fez all the attention and time I gave it merely because of over-hyped reviews and Fish's personal story.

What do you guys think?

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I was just browsing the 2014 Wii U lineup and it looks like nintendo has a far more positive year ahead than the year it just closed. Smash Bros, Bayonetta 2, Mario Kart 8, and the new Donkey Kong Country all look more than promising. What do you guys think?

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Neither a good year nor a bad year, sales aside. The Wii U hasn't been in the limelight since the announcement and subsequent release of both the competing next gen consoles, but more importantly the new pieces of software (which excludes wind waker HD, MH3U, etc) released in 2013 were weak with some exceptions (those being pikmin 3, rayman legends, Mario 3D World, and mario bros u (3 of which are platformers)). The other titles you mentioned are good fillers (i.e. wii party/sports, nintendoland, scribblenauts u etc).

Nintendo seriously needs to stop abusing the mario series and branch out into some new (or at least not over-used) ips, which will give the wii u more variety in regards to genres. Look, the only reason anyone bought a wii u is for the first/second party titles, which have not been enough in addition to the fact that the wii u is lacking in 3rd party development. If nintendo is gonna be the only dev that can fully use the wii u's potential and produce triple A titles, it needs to do so without only relying on mario/smash bros/zelda. Their formula is getting old and 3rd party software doesn't satisfy any triple A or genre gaps. Unfortunately, good 3rd party devs like ubisoft attempt to compete with nintendo's titles, releasing rayman legends to match super mario bros u.

Hopefully we see a stronger lineup in 2014 for Nintendo and more 3rd party support.

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@skyline7284: Yeah, for me it was Earthbound, and I'm pretty sure no game comes close to how that game stands with me emotionally.

Its not just nostalgia, cause I've replayed it recently and I feel the same way. Such a great experience and so different from any game you play, I recommend everyone to try it.

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@llamaegg: demontium is my handle.

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@KillyDarko: NA US server

player tag: demontium

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Drag Queen MODOK

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Hey you know how you have to have 0 stages, well an automatic wifi update stage just came and theres no way to fix it. Anyone know what to do?

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Dissappointing... almost discourages me from wanting to become a game developer.