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Dissappointing... almost discourages me from wanting to become a game developer.

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Gamespot has taken this mainstream approach ever since Jeff and the gang left. They try WAY too hard to be the "cool" game news site - their content, for the most part, makes me cringe while watching only the first minute. Gamespot simply misunderstands that their approach of trying to blend in with what they think is the internet crowd rather than stand out makes for a bad sum of content. I kinda wish Giantbomb didn't sign on with Gamespot... connecting your website with another is, to me, a sign of support for what I see to be a vastly corporately controlled business, but as long as Giantbomb is running as usual, I can't really complain.

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@Solh0und: Here's the problem that I am sure EVERYONE recognizes: the DLC is already on the fricken disc. To pay for something I technically already have is already ridiculous, every character should be no more than $.50 - $1.00.

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@Shun_Akiyama: Probably not the one most will be arguing about, but Donkey Kong Country 3 was a great game, 2 was the best, and the 1st and 3rd were just as good as each other.

Shouldnt be on either lists in my opinion.

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Bumping it, hopefully someone has the answer, I'd like to see this video.

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Looking for possible hotel buddies and just wondering which giantbomb people are going. Here is the website:

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If i sell enuf weed, i can go.

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@Vegetable_Side_Dish: Thanks so much for posting that article, didn't know gamesradr had such thoughtful and intriguing writers.

I was pretty set on getting this game either way, but the fact that the writer of that article couldn't tell if it was an AI or a human play both scares me and puts a smile on my face.

In any case, great article and I can't wait to play.

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@Kidavenger: If I had Mass Effect 1 and 2 out of the box not connected to Origin on PC, will my save carry over?

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First of all, every Christmas party needs to start off with something fresh that will get the guests going (this song is especially essential if your Grandparents are there):

Next, I suggest something the whole family is familiar with, something more mainstream since your tastes aren't necessarily theirs:

Then you gotta play SOME of those Christmas songs that you are a little annoyed of hearing every year but are still essential to play:

Play some of the above music for a while, play the songs once, twice, or 10 times if you're short on music (Grandma will love that). End with something heartwarming that says "thanks for coming but its time to go":