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@turboman: He is but there is also I wouldn't doubt that they would do a scene or two that took place before Vaders death as a way to bring on the fan service and potentially setup plot points in the present timeline of VII

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Did you shake Hatsune Miku's hand?

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This sucks. Best wishes to everyone. I hope you all land on your feet. If there is a silver lining here its that the industry usually takes care of its own during times like this.

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It's also worth noting that any DLC or add-ons are also found in the same spot.

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They did it because it makes more realistic sense to have the gun on either the left or right.

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I'm done with physical media. It just doesn't interest me anymore what interests me now is having a device and having that full of digital media. Being able to access all of my PS4/Vita or PC games at a click of a button is great.

I don't play very many games twice and I never trade in games either so buying digitally just works better for me. The less physical stuff I own the better. Well except for my Hatsune Miku figures...

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@splodge said:

@mooseymcman said:


I mean, I saw that when he tweeted it, but it's still hilarious. I mean, that someone thought that up and sent it to Brad. The actual contents of it are disturbing as hell. Aside from Rorie only wearing a shirt, if that's what he wants to do, I'm not going to stop him. Assuming he isn't dead.

I'd probably go for some Rorie Ribs. IF you have the ingredients to whip up a bit of sauce, you could just BBQ.

For the record, I do not support eating Matt Rorie, alive or dead.

Indeed. Also what... the original post was deleted? Lol.

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Zero personal interest in this (and also I don't have an Xbox anyways) but this seems not scummy and actually worth the money. So, kudos to EA I suppose. I wonder what the finer details of all of this is. Like do the games rotate and you can only access the current ones? Does it work like PS+ and you can keep and play what you want as long as you are active?

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@random45: No, it really doesn't. If you're attributing that to it then you're going to be sorely let down by a lot of games. 10/10 means it is a super high quality game. NOTHING is perfect. Everything could always be better or improve.