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Honestly, if these hackers wanted people to not see this movie they should have just not done....anything. It would have failed on its own terms and in 6 months it would be doomed to obscurity in Walmart $5 movie bins.

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I gotta say while the music is good in this dragon age nothing quite as memorable as something like this from DA:O

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Good. I never liked the guy or his gimmick. Typing in all caps is hilarious you guys.

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It's not a good time to buy. Better to let them finish crashing and burning on their own, then pick them up afterwards for less.

This. I doubt SF5 will be particularily profitable, especially since it's using the same engine...........and assists. Most consumors will think it's more SF4 DLC

I doubt that. Sony has the marketing muscle to hype up Street Fighter V and sell it to people.

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GOTY 2015

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@horseman6: As a current avid MMO player of FFXIV I gotta say I don't think "MMO combat" is bad. You're right in your comparison I'm doing mostly the same thing in both Dragon Age and FFXIV and I quite enjoy it which is why I wish Bioware would just make a Dragon Age MMO. The series from the very start has heavily borrowed from MMO design. That obviously won't be for some people but it doesn't make it inherently flawed or bad.

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The combat in dragon age gives back what you put in of course if all you do is hold down R2 and spam abilities you're going to be bored with it.

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Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus has a better soundtrack than it has any right to.

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For whatever reason I had no idea that Peace Walker was, like, a proper good-lengthed Metal Gear game. Perhaps it was the previous PSP MGS games that threw me or something, compounded by my general unfamiliarity with the series I suppose, but I assumed it was some weird spin-off not-MGS game. I suppose I should probably just buy one of the various HD collections and finally play these for myself.

The events of Peacewalker are extremely important to the setup for Metal Gear Solid V there will be a lot of characters and call backs to peace walker events. Which is why I've constantly said anyone who wants to get the most out of Metal Gear Solid V should seriously play Peace Walker.

Also this: