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@viciousbearmauling: Yeah, that is something Im really appreciating this time around too. The way every room is framed really makes it feel cinematic in a way. And most of the pre-rendered backgrounds look pretty great as well although there are a few that look like straight up garbage.

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So looking to import Senran Kagura Estival Versus for PS4 when it releases in japan this March. I'm eyeballing NCSX as my go to because from what I gather they actually ship stateside? My other question is to anyone who has used them do they process payment stateside? My bank almost always denies any international orders i try to make with my card. So having a website that actually processes payment stateside as well would make this whole thing way easier.

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@cornbredx: RE2 is good but there is something about the classic setting of the Spencer Mansion that makes RE1 so great.

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So, ignore it? Its not like anyone is forcing it on you.

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@thebrainninja: But if that box makes you happy then who cares right? Like yeah, it might be dumb and useless but also who cares? If you think its cool then its cool.

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Hmm well thanks. Looks like buying a PSN $50 code and giving that to her might be the best option. Thanks for answering! :)

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Is there anywhere where you can buy codes for games to redeem on PSN? Next month Dead or Alive 5 Last Round comes out and I really want to play with my one friend but she doesn't have the money to buy games right now so I thought it would be neat to just surprise her and buy the game for her. Problem being I don't know if I can actually buy codes or gift games. And asking her out of the blue for her address is going firmly into creeper territory seeing as we're mostly just online friends so sending her a physical copy is out of the question. Is there anywhere online where I can legitimately buy PSN codes for games?

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@yummylee: Yeah that's the main thing that is exciting me the most. Besides the first 20 minutes or so I completely forget everything. I have vague memories of things. I know there is a giant shark and the plant boss and I'll remember some rooms because they are so infamous for jump scares but largely I'm going I to this with a fresh slate. So that might be what is making me so excited. I'm discovering most of this game all over again.

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So I used the 10% off PSN code yesterday to purchase RE1 Remake HD. And after playing yesterday I've come to be reminded why that game was so mind blowing.

In fact Im not even going to sit here and say "mind blowing for its time" because honestly I think this game holds up and holds up well. The game does make some caveats for people who want that i.e total movement on the left stick but largely it seems untouched.

I stuck with the original tank controls. Seeing the first zombie eating poor kenneths head off instantly threw me back to when I was 14 years old seeing this game (ps1 version) at my friends house.

There is something genuinely terrifying about the static camera angles and tank controls. You will hear a growl but not know what nook or cranny the creepy crawlie looking to eat your face is hiding in. I also really like that the game is letting me flounder in my own stupidity. I'm stuck pretty early on and forget how to progress but for whatever reason I find that incredibly exciting. Honestly I kind of wish Resident Evil 4 never happened now. No matter how many times I hear people exclaim "Were doing it! Were going back to basics!" It still ends up like a RE 4 clone just see the recently released Evil Within. Even on the harder difficulties you're still basically swimming in ammo and supplies.

I hope that someone can recapture the magic that the first resident evil brought. I doubt that happens as now games are built to appeal to mass audiences but man I really hope someone will just not give a fuck and make an honest to goodness classic survival horror experience again.