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Hey duders, I'm toying with the idea of trying ARR. My PC is circa-2005 and I don't have a PS4 yet -- is the PS3 version playable enough? I'm not particularly picky about framerate or resolution so long as it doesn't impact the gameplay too much.

Also, if I do get in, I should still create a character on the Ultros server, right? Someone earlier mentioned free space in the guild -- will I be able to get in now?

I know of a few people off hand in our Free Company who still play on PS3. So yeah, outside of load times being awful on PS3 it holds up and is playable.

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I didn't think that talk was that bad?

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Not sure it's nearly as bad as you're giving it credit for.

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@development: Oh yeah... Wasn't he just commenting on how old the industry's gotten and that older developers are starting to pass away more frequently, though?

Maybe you guys think I'm making a bigger deal than I am. It was a bummer. Admit it. That's all. I'm not over here downing Xanax. Just ruins the mood of the podcast.

More to the point, though: this isn't the first time Brad's taken things down such a morbid track, whether on the podcast or UPF. I just think he sometimes makes things more somber than he should, especially for a site that's supposed to be about games and fun stuff or whatever.

Its supposed to be about video games and it is. It was news that mattered and Brad discussed it and sometimes they deep dive into the news article brought up or topics surrounding it. If brad was regularly doing this then sure you'd have a point but he doesn't and most of the time it is poop jokes and Dan making everyone cringe with his insane stories.

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I didn't think that talk was that bad? I'm not sure what's to be bummed out about. They only mentioned it because someone who was significant died and some people may not have heard.

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Well first off if she wants to get into the Giantbomb Free Company have her register on Ultros server. Lots of people to help her there. Secondly the main focus initially should be just focusing on the story. The story is actually pretty good about introducing you to most if not all of the mechanics in the game. So she should be able to get ahold of the grasp of the basics simply by doing the story mode.

There is another thread here on the FFXIV boards here explaining how to get in the free company.

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This game looks just stupid enough to be fun, provided it is compatible with the upcoming playstation TV I may have to check it out. XSeed games aren't for everyone, but they do have a certain charm.

just checked and the PS TV also releases on October 14th, I have to imagine this game will work with it if they wanted to make sure it was in stores on that same day.

Oh man, I forgot about the PS TV. Hmmm that almost sounds tempting to get that to play on the big screen.

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So cancelled my Hulkamania Edition pre-order. Think I'm just going to skip 2K15. Already buying Senran Kagura, Hatsune Miku and Dragon Age. Would rather not spend a ton of money on games anymore and man does paying $100 for that game sound like a bad deal. I'll pick it up after all the DLC comes out in 6 months.

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So earlier this year XSeed announced that they were bringing both Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus an action beat em' up game and Senran Kagura: Bon Appetit a Cooking rhythm game (no really watch the E3 trailer) to the west. Well it now has a date and a release trailer! October 14th for North America and October 15th for Europe. It will be sold digitally on PSN as well as a limited run of a physical version of the game with an art book and soundtrack. $39.99 digital $49.99 for physical with the goodies. Bon Appetit will be released later this fall exclusively as a digital game. Nothing is known yet about a release date.

Personally, I think the game looks like a good silly time. I could use a beat em' up game on my vita and this looks to fit the bill. I have my physical version pre-ordered and waiting!

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@dagas: It depends. There might not be super crazy mods for it but I bet someone will make some fun stuff.

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@humanity: Agreed. People really are ready at the drop of a hat to yell sexism. Its annoying and frankly I'm glad Kojima isn't compromising.

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It might be because I played like goddamn 250 hours of Dark Souls II earlier this year but man am I burnt out on Souls games. They have reached a level with me where they just seem very passé.