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From what I can tell, the whole "anime avatar" thing is just an observation that turned into a running joke. Obviously not everyone that is into anime is an asshole, but you can't deny that a lot of assholes are into anime.

I watched Kill La Kill recently. The costume design did make me feel a little uncomfortable at times, but the animation/art and humor is top notch.

Even if it is a joke which, in many cases its not its a very poor joke when you're a person like Leigh Alexander on Ben Kuchera who regularly campaign for equality for Women and Minorites in gaming. If that's going to be your platform while at the same time you shun entire groups of people because of an interest they share well then I can't very well take anything you say seriously can I?

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Yeah, I realize that I've come into it at a better time than ever, not just in terms of the sheer availability and convenience of shows, but also in cultural acceptance. I'd hope that anime to at least some degree is following in the footsteps of video games, which have gone from a fringe and childish-considered hobby to mainstream acceptance. It's a bit different insofar as anime is inherently Japanese, but both probably (hopefully?) benefit from similar trends of social acceptance.

More so than this, I'd like to see other cultures attempt to do more mature and interesting things with animation. I'm not saying that there aren't American cartoons that haven't tackled something deep before, but I can't think of an American analogue to Cowboy Bebop or Baccano. Something for adults, something that doesn't have to be suitable for kids or a late-night comedy cartoon to get made. Maybe the internet will make that possible once somebody figures out how to do it without having to pay producers, directors, actors, and TV networks loads of money just to get something out there.

EDIT: I mean not just American. I thought "American" because, well, that's where I'm from. I meant other cultures in general.

Yeah, its weird how there ARE adult cartoons in the west but they are in fact as you already mentioned all comedy.

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@grantheaslip: Oh, and while you're bringing up awful tweets you missed this gem from Phil Fish. He of course deleted his tweet and locked his account afterwards because Phil is nothing but a big troll. Manged to see this screencap via @luminocracy on twitter.

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This isn't going to stop until the officer responsible is dead. Its just a matter of when they tear him apart rather than if they tear him apart.

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I've got 3 toons at 55, 38, and 21.

Total playtime so far is something like 8 days 5 hours whatever minutes.

Yes, I'm talking about SWTOR. Yes, I know this is a WoW thread. Goddamn it, nobody else here plays and I gotta talk about it somewhere :(

People using "toons" to describe their characters is like nails on a chalkboard for me. I absolutely loathe that term.

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@shinmaru007 said:

I feel like there's still time for Roman to grow both in the ring and on the mic. Remember, he's not just working on TV and on pay per views -- presumably, he's also working the house show circuit, where he can hopefully try out new shit and see what sticks. I'm not super into his singles run yet, but I also think it's way too early to throw in the towel on him. I mean, Seth Rollins was just as bad -- if not worse -- as Roman on the mic, and I think he's improved to the point where he can speak well enough to get the point across.

Seth is way better at cutting "I'm a scumbag who gets whatever I want" promos than he is cutting "we're a bunch of holy hell asskickers, brother!" In the hands of someone else, the "New Symbol of Excellence" promos might have really took off. I buy Seth as an intelligent opportunist with way more talent than is reasonable, but I don't buy him as a force of nature who is going to bring fire and leave ashes.

Reigns should be a force of nature who brings fire and leaves ashes, but instead he's been revolving around "I'm Roman Reigns and I'm like, cool you guys. I'm like, so cool and strong. Heh heh heh." He sounds like someone trying to impress girls having a smoke outside of a nightclub. "Yeaaaah, baby gurl."

Well here is the thing its WAY easier to be a good heel than it is a good babyface. Even punk who is pretty much a god on the mic ended up sounding like a pandering idiot quite a lot of the time as a babyface. And yeah, his style is very heavily strike based but you know what so is the Undertakers and a lot of other top guys like Austin. He is a brawler and a powerhouse not a technician.

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I liked the first episode a lot. Drew or Dan if you happen to glance by this one piece of information that Mr. Scanlon needs is that you can stand directly UNDER cameras without being caught even if you are standing in the vision cone. Also, I don't think Drew quite understands how weapons work. You press and hold the Square button to aim and then release to shoot the weapon will auto target the nearest enemy so you shouldn't need to really "aim" at people in most cases as the auto-lock will do that for you. Also, as well...was discovered in the video Stun Grenades are only really a good option if you are already in alert mode as it will put enemies into alert mode if you toss one. I'd just also generally recommend using the throw or punch & kick combo instead of wasting resources like ammo that you'll need for bosses.

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Cena getting the belt back in 30 fucking days would kill me. It would kill me. They dedicated/ruined a main event with pure storytelling; Brock Lesnar is the End Boss of WWE. Brock Lesnar completely kills even the best wrestlers. He killed Triple H, CM Punk, Big Show, the Undertaker, and then he killed John Cena. He is Shao Khan. This is a gripping story and I want to see heroes vie to stop the Conqueror.

I consider each year a build to Mania. If wrestling is a movie, Mania is the climax. And the next year is a sequel based on wrapping up old storylines and beginning new ones. The end of Act One features Daniel Bryan being stripped of his title and having neck surgery. The halfway point features an unstoppable monster taking control of the greatest MacGuffin in wrestling; the title. These are great steps to set up an exhilarating Act Three, climax and payoff. To rub it off so that Jern can get his win back would kill me, it would kill me.

Actually I just realized... I want a Bryan-Lesnar Mania main event... I can understand a Rock-Lesnar Mania main event... I'll tolerate a Reigns-Lesnar Mania main event... but I just realized the Mania main event will probably be Cena-Lesnar III.

Well....Night of Champions will be Cena vs Lesnar III

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Won't the fruits to dye chocobos eventually hit the market anyway or am I missing something. I can wait.

I can understand the frustration that it's more complex than maybe it should be but I sort of enjoy that you need to do a little hardwork to get the rewards. It's something about FFXIV I have started to appreciate, but at the same time I can see SE taking it a little to far.

They will but be prepared to spend a fucking assload of cash buying them. And you'll most likely have to buy multiples. Because if you read the discription its not just a one and done situation the more you feed your chocobo specific fruits the more the hue changes that color.

Honestly, I've got two million right now and I'm going to save and spend the bulk of that on a personal house when 2.38 hits so I can garden myself.

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So, this is what Drew has been up to. You know its easy to forget how much of a monster this guy is. He is a pretty big guy!