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Lisa Jason's wife just tweeted this out.

Super Happy for you guys. Congratulations. Now you and vinny can swap parenting advice. ;)

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I think its fine. Literally the most powerful beings in the world of the witcher are the sorceresses who are obviously all women. I think the female cast is treated well even Kiera who's decision to wear a incredibly revealing outfit is pretty well suited to her personality as she is incredibly vain person who values classical beauty very highly. Its also a tool she uses very frequently to use her wiles to get what she wants. She does just this to Geralt whom she seduces and then puts asleep with a spell so she can get the research papers from the isle and worm her way back into a potential life of luxury again. Like if you want to argue that Witcher 1 was sexist well you'd have more of a point as you literally god collectible cards with naked women as souvenirs of your sexual conquests. I think Witcher 2 and to a greater extent Witcher 3 paints its female characters especially the main cast in a much better light.

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@fredchuckdave: You're going to complain about verbage then use "erudite" your self? Lmao. Okay man.

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@fredchuckdave: Milquetoast is a fancy word for basically saying that someone is very easily dominated or weak.

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Damn twitch not allowing me to play Sexy Beach Zero and Succubus on stream.

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@sentient6: And again... its up the the player themselves to engage with this. You don't want to then don't. The fucking stupid elitism around these games is just insufferable.

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The 360 only had like 512MB of ram and still pulled off some damn impressive things. The fact that these consoles on a hardware level are behind PC's doesn't matter because the way the hardware is being used is way different. They can squeeze way more out of way less. I don't think we've hit the ceiling just yet with these things. I think the true showing of what the Ps4 can REALLY do is going to be when you see Uncharted 4 drop.

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Why would it be damaging? Its up to a player themselves to summon someone. If you're not into summoning people and battling bosses yourself then who cares?

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Not a shocker tbh. Its kind of always been their policy I guess this just makes it official.

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@brad I demand Taylor Swift covers.