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The Food talk on the podcast drives me neurotic. Like, I feel we as a community need a food intervention for Dan. I just like what the fuck? Who hasn't tried TEA of all things? Every week he unveils a new food sin that I just can't seem to comprehend in my brain.

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Listen, I love Funaki as much as anybody... but maybe don't attach a joke character to the guy you are trying to push as a big deal?

Its been so long since Funaki has been anywhere near WWE that half the audience won't know who he is and the other half most likely forgets most of what he was like. As long as they don't position him as a joke now there won't be any harm done to KENTA.

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Meh, I have like pretty much all those games already on PC.

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So, its Monday and that means a few things one it means there is a new episode of Monday Night Raw that I will turn on and most likely fall asleep halfway through. It means that a new bombcast is only a day away and it also means that The escapist drops a new Jimqusition. This weeks titled "Xbox One: A Lying Failure Machine" is sure to raise some fluff as Jim Sterling is known to do but personally, I think he has some good points. And many of the same things he brings up are the reasons I waved goodbye and never looked back to the Xbox Ecosystem despite having hundreds of dollars and years of time investment in it. The way Microsoft has handled everything with the constant back peddling and panicked reactions to casually admitting they were lying about quite a few things including how important the Kinect actually is to the system.

You know as much as I reviled their original stance of always on DRM I would have respected Microsoft more had they the balls to actually weather the storm instead of constantly making panicked reactions. So what does everyone else think? Video here:

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@oldirtybearon: Well, everything could stand to be done better. Hindsight is 20/20 and all that nonsense. TBH I can't have too much of an opinion on this since I was mostly playing Final Fantasy XIV while casually watching the PPV. But what I did see didn't make me have the reaction that some seem to be having.

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I thought Bray losing was entirely fine. Bray's Character is like a cockroach he lost to Cena then he came back and Beat Cena in the Cage. One loss isn't going to damage his character. You guys also give most fans way too much credit in remembering all of these losses.

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I don't. Why force yourself to play games you don't feel like out of some weird sworn duty? I just play whatever I'm in the mood for. Gaming is way more entertaining that way.

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Physical Games. Lol.

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So we're going to the usual place for chat right?