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I will fist fight everyone at capcom if they don't bring this to the West somehow. That looks amazing.

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This is awesome news. This needs to come to the west. I'd totally be down to play a whole hell of a lot of this. If they maintain the combat from the original and let us just do that with other people online? Sold!

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The short and sweet here guys is this...the reason they keep doing this stuff? They keep making money doing it. They will continue to do this ad nauseum until they quit making money and the ratings and the stock tank. Which is why I've been saying quit giving them money

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Good to hear everything is still garbage. Keeps re-affirming my decision to quit watching was for the best. You should all just quit giving WWE your time and money. Take that $9.99 and buy yourself a delicious deli sandwhich for lunch.

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@viciousbearmauling: Yeah, that is something Im really appreciating this time around too. The way every room is framed really makes it feel cinematic in a way. And most of the pre-rendered backgrounds look pretty great as well although there are a few that look like straight up garbage.

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So looking to import Senran Kagura Estival Versus for PS4 when it releases in japan this March. I'm eyeballing NCSX as my go to because from what I gather they actually ship stateside? My other question is to anyone who has used them do they process payment stateside? My bank almost always denies any international orders i try to make with my card. So having a website that actually processes payment stateside as well would make this whole thing way easier.

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@cornbredx: RE2 is good but there is something about the classic setting of the Spencer Mansion that makes RE1 so great.

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So, ignore it? Its not like anyone is forcing it on you.