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I so wish you were here still Ryan. You'd equally love and hate all of the stupid hi-jinks that Dan Ryckert brings to Giantbomb now. I can just imagine your befuddled face as Oreos are unceremoniously dipped into nacho cheese. And I would have loved to see and hear all of your thoughts on all the new games that have come out in the last two years. There have been a few that you would have really really liked. Its super amazing to see Giantbomb continue to grow. Got some really good people here now. The dream you and Jeff had all those years ago continues to march on. Thanks Ryan. You're gone but never forgotten.

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@zombiepie: See what @thatpinguino didn't tell you is that Final Fantasy is just a tool by the Old Gods to invade mortals psyches and make them bow to their will. Basically, Cthulhu made final fantasy is what I'm trying to say. Have fun with your waking nightmares.

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I really want to play DMC 4 SE. Hell, I pre-ordered it and was REALLY excited by it and then it just... happened to land the same day as Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward and well.... all my free gaming time has been put into that the last two weeks. And most likely for the rest of the year minus the time I play Metal Gear Solid V.

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I mean if you're that sensitive to spoilers I'd just suggest total media blackout until you feel that you've progressed in the game far enough that you're okay with seeing spoilery talk about it. If you muck about internet chatter of recently released games your bound to stumble upon a spoiler at some point.

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@zombiepie: Boy, I can't wait until you beat this game. Because there are some real fucking AMAZING fan breakdowns of the plot. Based completely on speculation mind you but its a rabbit hole you're going to need to go down once you beat this.

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@gaff: That's pretty awesome. Its amazing to see just how positive an impact that single quick look has had for this guy. And its entirely true. Once one person does a "Lets Play" of a game that always inspires a ton of other people to do one as well. Indie devs always get a huge boost if a popular YouTuber plays a game.

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I legitimately laughed out loud for a good minute straight at the Rinoa Dog wrists thing. I totally forgot about that and I can only imagine your bewilderment. Also I always named the dog awful things because i thought it was funny.

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@paulmako: I'd be interested in hearing what part you were talking about in KiD because yeah that game is something else.

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You really need to griiiind that research in Peacewalker. Getting better guns/troops is really really key.

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Honestly I don't know why anyone would want to play this on a PSTV. its going to be calibrated for a PS Vita screen and I doubt it'll have any options to adjust the input lag.