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I thought it was pretty much confirmed that Quiet's camoflauge ability is directly tied into being more effective the more exposed skin she has. I'll probably not watch any of this stuff cause I've already seen a ton about the game. I don't need convincing that I'll like this game.

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Final Fantasy XIII is my favorite of the series. I think all the hate surrounding this trilogy is insanely stupid and laugh at people who say they "ruined" the series. I shall do my part and buy these games on PC. Pretty interested at the potential for mods!

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@hailinel: fair point. But since I have your attention, the only reason I own XIII/XIII2 is because I like the look of Lightning Returns and want to play that. I have the Vinny complex of playing the previous games before hand. So is it worth jumping into XIII/2 before LR or does the game explain enough to catch up new players so you know why you are doing what you need to do in LR?

Lightning Returns assumes you're familiar with the events and characters of the first two games. Play them first before you jump in, but be aware Lightning Returns plays very differently from either of them.

You COULD play Lightning Returns and you'd get something out of it but yeah like Hailinell says the third game is basically a huge pay off for anyone who has been with the trilogy since the beginning. The cameos and references to past events won't have nearly as much impact even if the story of Lightning saving the world is enough of its own arc in Lightning Returns that you could at least follow that. I would highly recommend playing the previous games.

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Can I like offer square body parts in exchange for this right now? Cause holy shit. I need this NOW.

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This thing between punk and WWE is getting bitter quickly.

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Final Fantasy XIV I've spent more time with this game than pretty much any game I've ever played and continue to be very very interested in it.

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There are more bulletpoints in this post than cutscenes in Metal Gear Solid 4.

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Final Fantasy XIV is getting patch 2.38 tomorrow which means sorry Destiny I've got sands of time to get in syrcus tower!

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No, I really like the chaos. Fuck balance. Its fun to wreck 10 dudes with my bladedancer skill in the matter of moments.