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Oh hey, I forgot I made this. But yeah, I stand by my message the mods are dope except for that @zombiepie guy watch out for that one. I hear he is trouble.

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@random45 said:

Jesus Christ, it's coming back to me now. All the perfect scores and shit this game got really annoyed the shit out of me back then. It's a VERY good game, but it's not perfect.

I don't think anyone is saying it is. 10/10 doesn't mean its perfect that doesn't exist its merely a indication that its receiving the highest recommendation from whatever outlet scored it.

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The story about Russo being rehired to Spike's chagrin is hilarious and definitely fitting.

Also, I guess that means it's time right?

I think anything else at this point would be absolutely insane for him to do. I want Swagger vs Angle.

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@grantheaslip: I don't know I mean I took it like for instance Metal Gear Solid handles its narrative. You have a game that tackles things like Personal Autonomy in the Digital Age, Nuclear War, Cloning and Gene Therapy ect... and then you have stuff like Fatman or Johnny taking a wet shit in a barrel. And I guess it would be a fair criticism to leverage at Metal Gear to say because of those things you couldn't take its commentary on those subjects seriously.

Suda does have underlying themes in his games. The No More Heroes games are basically a giant satire piece on Video games and the culture surrounding them so I don't think it would be too far outside of Suda's wheelhouse to have some subtle commentary that you sort of have to dig for a little bit.

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@turboman said:

@demoskinos: Yeah, a few months ago he had his friend Kenny call in and call one of the users that complained about the show some homophobic slurs. I enjoy Cornette, but he shouldn't be doing that kind of shit today (I don't care if you were raised before political correctness).


Knowing that Spike TV is letting go of TNA, I'm surprised they didn't make a more aggressive push at WWE for getting Raw now. Even TNA does somewhat solid numbers for Spike TV, and having Raw would probably help the entire channel.

Oh for sure. It would cost them some serious dough but they would have way more eyeballs on them. Just look at what smackdown does for Syfy and thats the second tier WWE show even.

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Was just about to post this. If they don't secure a TV deal you can stick a fork in them. Paul Heyman on Steve Austin's podcast talked about the demise of ECW and the thing that killed them according to paul was that they lost their distribution partners.

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WELL SHIT. Spent $145 pre-ordering a Miku figure. I saw it and I just HAD to have it. I've been looking at Miku Figurines off and on for months trying to fine one I really liked Nearly pulled the trigger on this one a few times:

However, I saw the new "Racing Miku" and pretty much freaked out on the spot (which was the break room at work) and decided to buy it. First real toe dip into the figure collecting thing and I'm already in $145. The pain is real.

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So I'm officially done listening to Jim Cornette and his podcast. This week he had on Missy Hyatt on and at about the 45 minute mark the conversation broke into Missy and Jim talking about how John Cena looks like a homophobic slur that I'm not going to repeat. At first I thought Jim was pretty great because he does have some on point rants about things sometimes but the more I listen to him the more he just seems like a old hateful bastard. And after that kind of language just casually being dropped on the podcast was the limit. Can't get down with people casually using words like that.

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Youtube comments guys.