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Well if Tommy Dreamer has legit sources it seems Vicera/Big Daddy V/ Mabel has died at 43 years of age.

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Oh god. Another one of these?

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Same here just got a boat load of them.

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Guys, this game keeps getting dumber and dumber. Lightning wearing a lightning mask. I don't even.

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@demoskinos: Yeah, what I meant was if I already have a character lvl 44 on the account I log in with (by playing the ps3 version for a while), will I see him on the selection screen?

Thinking about it now, probably not. They probably did not copy the existing character on the server they'll use to do the ps4 beta.

No but if you want to port your PS3 character up to PS4 you can do that once the full game goes live.

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@darklight: These first round of beta characters will be temporary. Any characters you make during the second round of beta testing can be carried over.

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I like that they are trying new things but PLEASE don't stick with this model its really bad you guys. There needs to be a reply tab. I appreciate you guys continuing to try to evolve the site though! Don't stop innovating!

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  • Guacamelee Gold Edition
  • Dust an Elesian Tail
  • Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams
  • The Swapper
  • Antichamber
  • Monaco
  • + More games to come

Amazing line up this time. Get it while its hot. The average is pretty low right now.

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@humanity said:

@demoskinos said:

I'm sort of weirded out people are excited for this. I guess I never knew people had such affinity for the first games.

I'm excited cause it's been two whole months with no decent game releases and this looks pretty snazzy. Also Jeff "The Gameman" Gerstmann said it played pretty good.

That depends on what you consider "decent" I've been enjoying the hell out of LRFF13.