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Funny because my experience was the polar opposite. I hated Elder Scrolls Online and loved Final Fantasy XIV. Then again right up front I hate everything associated with Elder Scrolls. Skyrim pretty much was the nail in the coffin for that franchise as far as I'm concerned.

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@demoskinos: Interesting, 'cause SteadyingMeat comes from an Xbox Live username crisis too. It was actually one of those randomly generated ones that Microsoft would give you when creating an account.....At least I think so. I'm pretty sure I'm not making that up and they actually did that. XD

Nope that random username lottery thing was totally something that they had.

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I dunno why, but I've always liked @demoskinos' username :P

As for outside of Giant Bomb....I know I've seen some pretty great ones, but of course I can't remember any.

Heh, well to be fair I didn't even come up with it. It came about because when I went to make my Xbox Live name back in 2004 I couldn't think of anything and used a name that a kid at school told me I should use when we were in the computer lab one day and I was signing up for some dumb game forum. Its basically a different spelling of Eli Damaskinos the big Vampire bad from Blade II. So now its just been one of those things where I've just kept with it since its usually fairly unique and I can almost always grab it on things I sign up for and a ton of people at this point know me as such so it would just be mad confusing to change up my name now.

Also, its better than the other embarrassing shit I came up with on my own like "Necromancer666" which was a handle I went by back in the day when I was way into goth stuff and thought that was totally rad and edgy. Man, I kind of want to go back to 2003 and just slap myself now.

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So, uh... this is what Paul London is up to these days I guess?

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I find a lot of things amusing but I rarely have a physical reaction and actually laugh out loud. That Patrick letter. Man. That's just the most hilarious thing ever.

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I remember the night I found out. I was just settling down for the evening. I usually visit the site every day out of repetition, but I just hadn't gotten around to it. I actually didn't even find out through Giant Bomb, but rather ign. With the intention of checking on the latest events in the industry, I was confronted by what I thought at first was a morbid joke. "Ryan Davis passes away". I initially assumed it to be a play on Ryan recently getting married, as in the dumb old joke that when you get hitched your life as you know it is over. After immediately clicking on the story I was forced to accept the sad truth. One of my favorite personalities I'd followed for years was dead.

I strangely didn't shed a tear for several days after reading that. I only had a sick feeling in my stomach. It was only when listening to the Memorial bombcast that it really sunk in and I began to emotionally process everything. It was really strange being so affected by the death of someone I've never met. He didn't even know I existed, but he brought me such great joy for so long a time that I couldn't help but care. All in all, the man was a goddamn legend whom I'll never forget. Rip Ryan.

Also, I wish you the best of luck with your tough times and the project you're working on. :)

Heh, that was how it happened for me as well. I saw the post on the front page and thought they were ribbing Ryan for getting married. Spent the rest of the day in shock.

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That guy on the Pool Nation artwork looks like a scumbag.

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Awesome thanks for the heads up. I'll update the guide when I get home and can use a proper Keyboard and mouse.

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I'm not sure what my hardest trophy/achievement is. There are just so damn many I've gotten over the last 7 or so years that its all a blur.

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@hailinel: Well let's be fair. At one point that site was FULL of hentai. Hell, there are still a few nudie pics floating around in the Giant bomb image galleries as well.