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Someone seriously needs to take this scooplunky stuff to the next level and mod a skin for the game. Can you imagine Patrick playing as himself? Also, everyone come over to Explosive Runs as linked at the top of the page. Today is the end of AGDQ and closing out are cosmo with am awesome Wind Waker HD run and Chrono Trigger.

If you haven't been watching you e missed some amazing things like a blindfolded punchout run the fever dream that is Zoo Race and the most amazing 4 player Super Metroid race you'll ever see. Join up and catch the last few hours today!

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Huh. Interesting. I'll be interested to try Outlast when it comes out in North America.

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It doesn't have a ton of them but there are a few and there are things that they reference that you would only get if you were aware of events in MGS4.

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@humanity: MGR is a very offensively based game. Offense is your Defense for the majority of the game. That is why the parry button is the attack button. Also FYI the side hop has invincibility frames on it. And its been awhile but I'm pretty sure going into slow-mo after a parry depends on the frame on which you parry on. A.K.A a last second parry will be more beneficial to you than you do earlier. Forget DMC and Bayonetta the rules of those games don't apply to this game for the most part.

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@jjor64: Yeah, not much to see there. I spent the majority of it playing Don't Starve on PS4.

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One of the challenges is drink 5 things of rum, is it unlocked eventually in the story or something because I haven't found where you can.

When you unlock a bar you have two options go up to the bar tender and pay him 200R to mark a location of a convoy or other secret on your map or usually to the right or left at the end of the counter will be a bottle of rum its easy to spot as its glowing. You should be able to click on the bottle and drink rum for I think 10R a drink.

There is also an achievement/trophy for drinking until you black out so when you do this for the Abstergo challenge keep drinking until you black out and you'll also get an achievement.

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Twitch page? Why aren't you on explosive runs with us? =p

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Someone should mod that into the actual game.

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This Hitman run is hilarious. Pity the crowd seems kinda dead.

Yeah, I always loved exploiting the AI but man this guy is taking it to the next level.

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I managed to plug it into Street Fighter AE without having to do anything else.