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@starvinggamer: Damn, that is a hell of a wait. Should be worth it though. The PC version of AE looks soo pretty.

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I listened to a bunch of top 40 stuff then transitioned into a phase where I listened to a lot of black metal Goth stuff now days I listen to mostly pop and rap. Stuff that I wouldn't have ever touched like early Britney spears and *Nsync Ill find myself listening to now because I give no fucks what people think about my tastes. My love for lady gaga is pretty well known. I just generaly like fun/happy music these days. I can't really stomach the Goth shit I used to listen to.

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@xymox: This is the best GIF

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So, how close are we to an actual reveal? Also this thing is getting released for PC I hope?

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Caaaant wait to try some Don't Starve on PS4. :)

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Im excited to get home from work and watch more. Any runs this morning worth going back to watch later?

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@trafalgarlaw: That wouldn't work. The Ps3 he put it into would want to format the HDD.

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@happenstance: God,why did I even bother to sleep last night? I need to watch the the archives.

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I got lucky. Live in PA we got some snow but not a whole lot. Mostly just frozen rain that left some slick spots on the road.