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I mostly hit my head up a brick wall until it broke.

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@beforet: Thats pretty gross that they wouldn't even inform you of those instructions. So you could have hung on to the codes until later.

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Wait...why wouldn't their be separate codes for either platform that makes zero sense.

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Its like a cross between the Ricky gervais show and tom goes to the mayor (well, the visuals remind of tgttm, except the characters are blue and white in that).

Anyway, nice job. If they had the time/budget animating the podcast would be kind of neat

I can't even imagine how much effort it would take to animate a 3 hour podcast. It would be awesome to see someone attempt that though.

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@ajamafalous: Hey, man don't be coming at me with your logic and stuff. >_>

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80's - Because that was the worst decade for all media, movies were the worst, tv was the worst, music was the worst, video games were the worst.

Sir, you are certifiably insane. Some of the best music, movies and games came out of the 80's.

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I'm not saying its not a bummer but y'all need to try to quit being bummed out about it and instead celebrate everything Ryan. Why focus on the negative when the guy gave us so much positive?

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So I just want to point out this poll is adding up to 140% or some nonsense like that.

Multiple choice poll bro

I'm preeeety sure it wasn't multiple choice and even multiple choice polls should add up to 100% anyways.

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So I just want to point out this poll is adding up to 140% or some nonsense like that.

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If were talking strictly graphics I'd say Beyond Two Souls. Simply for the fact that while there are other games that look better than it none of those games are doing it running the hardware that the PS3 has. There were times I was absolutely legitimately stunned at what I was seeing the PS3 doing. Granted, this is all because that game isn't processing physics,or AI routines or anything of the sort but even so the game is incredibly beautiful.