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Not even free videogames can get me to boot up Playstation Home.

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@demoskinos: The fact that you think I should leave because I have an opinion is insulting and telling about your character. It's fine you "liked" watching a guy play guitar on a stream about video games, but it went on for about half of the show and that is way too long. I come for silly video game content, not watching streams of other people doing nothing.

Dude, the show isn't about you and plenty of other people in the chat were enjoying the show. So your options at that point are to either 1. Deal with it or 2. Spend your time elsewhere

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Laura Bailey without a doubt. Jennifer Hale would be a good second choice but I feel that Hale only has recognition from the larger audience because of Mass Effect.


  • Naomi Hunter (and Emma Emmerich) from the MGS series
  • Alex Roivas from Eternal Darkness
  • Bastila from KOTOR
  • Sheena from Tales of Symphonia.

Laura Bailey has certainly picked up in recognition lately, but she was primarily an anime voice actress during the earlier generations before 360/PS3/wii, whereas Jennifer Hale was already picking up steam in becoming one of the most prominent and recognisable voice actors in general around. To claim she's only well known now because of Mass Effect is pretty short sighted.

The only one of those roles that most people would even know is Naomi while the other games being good games nobody would know she voiced any of those characters. She also hasn't had any roles of the same level of Shepard since Mass Effect.

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I like Garnett, but Jeff is probably the only person who could make a one man podcast that I would listen to (and he already has, choo choo!).

Long live NDX. I don't care what the haters say I enjoyed every episode. Shame that the plug was apparently pulled on the RSS feed. My favorite was when he tricked Brad and Vinny to be on the show.

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Why would anyone want to have a batman like Combat system for a stealth game in the first place?

Its more that i found tapping one button repeatedly to combo and take out a group of 6 guys boring and uninteresting in Peace Walker, which it looks like is returning for MGSV. Its not that i want to play MGSV like i would a Batman game so much as me wishing for a more interesting combat system, and when i think of a fun interesting hand to hand combat system i think of the Batman games.

I'm going to hazard to guess you never fully understood the CQC system in MGS3 or 4 especially in MGS 4 the CQC moves started to become pretty complex with the various amount of things and holds you could do. It made very good use of the PS3's pressure sensitive buttons.

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Laura Bailey without a doubt. Jennifer Hale would be a good second choice but I feel that Hale only has recognition from the larger audience because of Mass Effect.

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I dunno I think its fun to try to parse out what is real and what is crazy made up shit. Its as close to being early 90's gaming again as possibly could be where you'd just hear the most insane rumors about games and trying to figure out what was real and what was total bullshit was half the fun. Especially with a game like Dark Souls 2 there has to be some really crazy obscure stuff in the game.

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Terrible and overblown, hes just like every other old guy with a guitar. Just because he was on the show doesn't make him special. Half of upf was watching him play and it was boring.

Well you were free to tune out at any time.

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You good for nothing low down song skipper! How could you!