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Not going to lie Jake Roberts being in the HOF this year brings a bit of a tear to my eye. So happy for the guy. I just hope he stays clean and sober and continues down this road.

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A month old? How did I miss this the first time?

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Well holy shit Jim Cornette Retweeted me. =3

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@brodehouse: Man, I'm so proud of Pittsburgh. ;___;

Also, WWE is insane. They have a guy in Bryan that not only the smarky internet crowd likes but the casual fans like. Seriously name off the list of wrestlers that were equally popular with both groups. That rarely ever happens. This guy appeals to pretty much everyone. They literally chant his name through matches he isn't even in. I don't know what more you could ask for.

And at this point I'm beyond thinking that they are playing the long game and going to have him win the title at mania or something. They are just fumbling the ball. Batista is an asshole. I'm sure they will try to spin this into him being a heel or something now but Vince doesn't even get it. We're not booing him because he is fun to hate we're booing him because we ACTUALLY hate him and want him to leave.

At the start of the rumble I was sad I didn't get to go. I'm so glad I have Lady Gaga tickets instead now. Cause hoooly fuck that was a train wreck.

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Well obviously all angry bird players are jihadists who are "training" to effectively take out buildings at their structural weak points.

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This was my 3rd favorite game last year. Amazing stuff.

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You know what I want is a live stream watching the caravellas playing battlefield together. That would be hilarious to see Vinny interacting with his dad/brothers while crazy shenanigans unfolded on the screen.

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Possibly? I mean I think its actually neat when games can make me uncomfortable. Granted Id like them to actually do something meaningful if they are going to venture into taboo territory. If its just literally shock value shlock like playing a FPS where your a KKK member gunning down black people then no but also that isn't even offensive to me because its being so goddamn blatant about trying to be offensive that Its not even worth paying attention to to be offended.

I mean hell GTA V really disturbed me in a lot of ways but I was sort of thrilled that it did it in a way that didn't seem like it was solely for shock value.

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I think Vella. The concept of the story is way more interesting.

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I can't say I agree with most of this. I think the commander stuff is fine. I think the HUD is fine. And a lot of that just seems like your whining because people use lock on AA alot and you dont have the proper skill to avoid it.

My only actual suggestion would be higher ticket counts in Air Superiority.