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What I want to know is: why - with development costs rising as much as they are and causing all the games to have microtransactions, day one DLC and other nickel and diming horseshit - are more and more games broken-ass crap? I'm with Jeff on this one: Fuck video games!

In the case of Battlefield and GTAV Online, it comes down to skimping on proper QA and bug fixing in the name of making a release date. Battlefield 4 in particular was slated to be a launch title. EA wanted that game to compete head to head with Call of Duty for PS4/Xbox One dollars. GTAV Online is more baffling, in that it's GTA; Rockstar could delay the game as much as they want and no one would be concerned because it's just Rockstar being Rockstar. Instead, they released the game with a barely functional online component with a broken cloud.

And speaking of clouds...

SimCity was just a poorly designed game, top to bottom. They built everything around the cloud requirement and forced multiplayer, sacrificing city size and other elements in the process. The dev team seemingly chose to ignore what it is about SimCity people actually enjoy. The weird traffic behavior and other glitches were just shit icing on a crap cake.

I don't get why everyone was so shocked at GTAO. Rockstar repeatedly said before they launched that they fully expected the launch to be a bumpy one. I don't think there is any amount of preparedness that would have made them ready for literally millions of people pounding on their servers all at once.

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Him asking Reggie how much money he makes made the whole show for me. Awesome awkwardness.

Asking anyone what their salary is is pretty rude, actually.

Reggie should have just come back with "Way more than you buddy"

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Nah, dude just seemed rude....and very drunk. He brought down what was otherwise a decent show.

Surely you're joking.

I enjoyed what I saw. Sorry if I'm not overly cynical and can just enjoy the show for what it was.

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How can you not vote for a man that basically bleeds diet coke? He is not only a skilled game maker but also a biological marvel.

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Bayonetta is the only one I can get behind here so she wins by default.

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I always enjoy seeing average people reacting to OFWGKTA.

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So, here is my final rant for the night then I'm out.

People talking about being embarrassed for their hobby or whatever because of the VGX need to get a grip. First off if you need some sort of justification for your hobby then what are you even fucking doing with your life? Secondly. Even if someone points their finger at you and calls you immature because your associated with video games again who cares? If they are so shallow to not look beneath the surface and make a snap judgement about you is that really the sort of person you want to give a shit about anyways? Like what you like and don't give and don't apologize for it.

If there is anything I find desperate and sort of pathetic about the video game industry as of late its this stupid clamoring by people for it to be taken "seriously" or for "video games to grow up" Its like a kid clinging at his mothers coat yelling "Please take me seriously Please take me seriously" Just enjoy what you enjoy man at the end of the day its a fucking hobby and a form of entertainment. Quit taking it so goddamn seriously.

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Nah, dude just seemed rude....and very drunk. He brought down what was otherwise a decent show.

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Ill believe it when I see it. As much bad press as this would garner these companies the bad PR wouldn't be worth it.

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@crusader8463: At this point it can't possibly live up to the hype.