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@noblenerf: On the Greenlight page the developer said if Jeff didn't take offense to it or anything that they would attempt to include him.

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I was trying to play TDM last night and I kept getting this weird glitch where I would connect to the server but only have access to the default gear in each class. Only happened when trying to play Second Assault maps.

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You know this thread has inspired me I'm going to start a campaign to get Nintendo to quit trivializing sexual assault in Mario games. The scenes where Bowser kidnaps Peach are clearly trivializing sexual assault and this message is being passed on to our children. I shan't stand for this.

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I was waiting to see something that I would remotely classify as objectionable and all I saw was a vampire biting a woman and sucking the life force out of her. Hilariously enough all this talk about this "scene" is doing nothing but drawing more attention to this game.

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PS4 Physical copy right now. Then again I should possibly just say fuck that and get digital and save $20

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@bigjeffrey: To me, these comparisons don't really do the game much of a service. Sure they look good, but they really just remind me that MGS V is a last gen game being shined up for newer consoles.

Still, just because it doesn't have eye-popping "next gen" graphics doesn't mean the game can't be amazing in every other way. Here's hoping. :) The Fox Engine was made with Next Gen in mind. I think its way more logical that they are porting down the next gen versions and scaling them.

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See here is where I have a problem with all of this shouting about women's representation in games. Were going to see this everytime the developers decide not to include female characters in games. This is the same discussion that was around GTA V that story was built with 3 guys in mind I'm going to assume that the Deep Down creators built the story with all men in mind. Demanding representation in every god damn piece of media that comes out isn't how it works people. Christ.

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@hailinel: The thing I'm currently scratching my head over is how its possible to get that "Last One" quest done. The scope of that quest is crazy. If you haven't already picked up on the extinction system after you kill so many of one creature an "Omega" version of it will appear and then you have to beat that stronger almost "boss" version of the monster. This one quest requires you to kill every "Last One" monster in the game.

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Some side quest can be failed, there is one side quest where you have to be there at 12:00 if you miss the appointment you fail. I also failed another one, there was a time limit on it (i forgot about it).

Competing missions, side quest, choco boards (prayer board) to get the 14th day

yes you can do them out of order

the last one???

I'll just make a quick addition to that. Canvas of Prayer missions do NOT give you Eradia. They simply will give you whatever prizes are rewards for the quests as well as a small stats gain.