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Okay, so I played Assassins Creed, Assassins Creed 2 and Assassins Creed Brotherhood. First one was so-so and loved the other two. At about Revelations I dropped off because I was bored to DEATH of Ezio at that point. So here is what I need to know.

  • Would I get anything redeeming out of acquiring and blasting through Revelations and III?
  • If no which I'm going to assume most of you will say no where can I catch up? Yeah, I know YouTube is a thing but I'd rather read some concise bullet points of the interesting beats rather than slog through watching two games worth of cut-scenes on YouTube
  • ACIV does it have multiplayer? I don't think I've seen or heard anyone talk about this. If so is it basically the same thing as the past multiplayer?
  • Does that weird Vita game tie into the fiction in any meaningful way?
  • How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

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Always impressed by these threads you put together for this stuff man. Good stuff.

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@mcshank: I dont think it would work if it wasn't required. If people could roll around with no insurance and they get mortally wounded in a car accident the hospital HAS to take that person. If they dont have insurance guess who eats that cost? The hospital which is then passed on to us by charging ludicrous prices for everything. This makes people be personally responsible for themselves.

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@drx25: Wait are those spoilers all for taped shows? Cause I watched impact zone last night well...the last little bit and it ended with AJ sending a fake title belt to Dixie.

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Final Fantasy XIII. As time rolls on Ive reflected on my time with XIII and really enjoy it. I love the futuristic setting being just enough sci-fi without going overboard and having a lot of direct influences from past games while making its own place in history. Very excited for the final chapter. Final Fantasy XIII-2 was a great empire strikes back cliffhanger ending.

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Geralt because he is not a Mass Effect character.

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@cmblasko: Me and you both. I would love to just be able to dig up old matches on a whim and watch them.

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So rumors are flying. WWE Network is apparently going to be not a linear network now but rumors are a Netflix like service. The rumors also are saying that the entire catalog of Raw/Smackdown/PPV's would be available. Not sure of currently airing PPV's although rumors also say if you sign up in advance for 6 months you will get Wrestlemania for free this year. Rumored pricing is $12 mo with apps coming to all major devices/game consoles ect.

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@intro: Well, since patch 1.03 quick-match on PS3 has been utterly borked. Been getting way more freezes as well.

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