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So jelly. I really want to check out Marai 2 but it would cost so much goddamn money for me to get to that point. The chibi versions of the characters are illegal amounts of cute.

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@andorski: Yeah, while I was waiting to see if anyone would respond I searched around and found that as well. Worked.

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Okay so I don't know what happened but I was playing around trying to get Hitman 2 to work on my PC one of the things I tried caused it to suddenly not find Steam. Upon doing this it crashed back to desktop and the colors on the screen were really low resolution. The colors changed back but now all of my new folders look like this:

You can see what I mean. Now whenever I create a new folder or view the folder icons in an explorer window the icons all look like that. How do I change this back to the regular folder icon for windows 7 on a system level? I know how to change icons per folder but there has to be a system wide way to do it right? If anyone could clue me in I'd appreciate it.

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@jimbo said:

Yo, Microsoft! Hit dat big ass r&d fund!

I'm glad someone beat me to this.

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@liquidprince: Both have their upsides and downsides. I'm fine with digital. Hell, I was going to buy a physical disc copy of Tomb Raider DE but my store didn't get any in so I simply just went on my PS4 and downloaded it. At first I was like no... i'll just wait for a physical copy. Then I got thinking what really do I gain from a physical copy? I don't sell or trade my games and all games have to be installed and there isn't even a fancy manual or packaging to get excited by. I just think you have to get over the mental hurdle of thinking so far ahead to scenarios that might not even happen. I mean hey what if say.... your house burns to the ground?

All your physical "things" will be gone right? If you had a digital copy of all your PC games on steam it wouldn't matter all you would have to do is buy a new PC and you would still have all of your games. I also think you should be more worried about here and now rather than 10 years in the future. Because who knows what 10 years from now even is in the landscape of technology.

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Did anyone really have doubts in Jeff? I know I didn't.

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Yes its entirely fair. I've played around 60 hours of Battlefield 4 now. Add the Premium that I bought and that is about two dollars for every hour of entertainment and I'm nowhere near being done with that game. If you intend to play a multiplayer game for at least 100 hours or more I'd say that is well worth the price of admission.

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@drx25: Wow. Its sad most people won't see that. Its been obvious for awhile that Dolph has been frustrated.