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Huh. Is that just for the physical versions?

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Why are criminal gangs allowed to have regular meet-ups in bars? I get the it's the consitution and free assembly etc, but if the Crips and the Bloods wanted to have a regular get together and sort out at a bar in Hollywood you feel they wouldn't even be able to park their cars, let alone get out and start knocking heads... I say it seems bizzare beyond words that a situation like this was allowed to happen, whose fault that is, I don't know. OP I hope your friends are OK though..

This was my takeaway from the whole ordeal too. It comes off as extremely silly to me that a gang can ride single file into a town with everyone knowing full well what's about to happen to zero resistance. Don't think it's much of a coincidence that this gang just happens to made up of middle age white guys.

Other than that, and I say this purely as someone with the liberty of looking from the outside, the whole thing seems just cartoonish in its ridiculousness. I can't help but imagine the whole thing being started by Pee Wee Herman.

Right, but until an actual crime is you know actually committed one can only assume even if those assumptions are based in great facts. The police can't really act with force until someone breaks the law.

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@rorie: Yes but what if that said mobile games rewarded you with pictures of adorable corgis?

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I've always considered the Doom Franchise pretty special. I hope Doom 4 delivers the goods.

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If there is a patch then yes it will download as soon as you queue the game to download.

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I'm of the opinion that all men should have beards. Cause beards are awesome.

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@obsideondarman: If you're 10 hours in and remember nothing I might vote you start over again. It won't take you that long to get back to where you are.

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I dunno..I kinda think my PS4 is my favorite console I've ever owned. No individual part stands out but as a sum of all of its parts its in my mind at least the best console released.

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I finished Witcher 2 on 360 but boy do I forget everything about that game because the lore never really stuck with me.

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@liquiddragon: Well, I would say find some people that enjoy games to talk to then man. You're in the prime demographic for video game players. If you feel like you need a break or aren't enjoying it as a hobby anymore then by all means step away but like I wouldn't be ashamed or anything of being into video games at your age.