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Also may I add since I just posted this on twitter.

Games have actually gotten cheaper. They haven't inflated in price as much as everything else yet prices to make games keeps rising. You wanna know why DLC is so prevalent? Because companies need to subsidize the cost of spending tens of millions of dollars on Batman and making it look as good as it does. Resident Evil 6 sold upwards of 5 million copies and was still deemed a failure. Tomb Raider sold nearly 3 million copies and was deemed a failure.

In most cases DLC is companies just trying to actually break even on a project. Actually making a profit on a video game if you're name isn't GTA or Halo is actually incredibly difficult for most AAA games. So that is why we are seeing $40 season passes. Because its hard to actually even make money in this industry.

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Not gonna lie I'm part of the problem. I buy season passes all the time. I've spent $200+ in DLC for Dead or Alive Last Round. Including the $93 season pass.

So have I (I still preorder games too). I don't see it as a problem though. Companies offer a product and it's up to consumers to determine if it's worth it. In my case, with the types of games I play, I usually feel like worth it and I rarely, if ever, regret it. If this make me stupid then so be it.

Yeah, I say that mostly in jest because at the end of the day IMO if you're enjoying the stuff you bought then its worth the money you paid. And I've played the SHIT out of Dead or Alive 5: Last Round so buying a bunch of costmetic stuff for it ends up being worth it to me.

And like you said its pretty simple either you find the proposition worthy enough to part with your money or you don't. People getting upset about it does seem silly to me.

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Not gonna lie I'm part of the problem. I buy season passes all the time. I've spent $200+ in DLC for Dead or Alive Last Round. Including the $93 season pass.

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Just ordered a Fighting Commander 4 from Play-Asia. Hoping to get it before the tourney this weekend.

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The thing about commentary in WWE is yes its bad but its not entirely on the announce team because remember they all have earpieces where Vince gives them direction. Not saying they aren't bad cause they are but also part of the equation here is Vince and the kind of stuff he finds "funny"

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Is there a VoD of the MKX top 8 anywhere? I really wanted to catch that but was at work when it happened. :(

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@l1ghtn1n: Yeah same. I go brawler. Her spec ops in the right hands is a better variation but I can't do it justice. Plus her MMA punches brutality is Ahu-mazing.

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So after really bouncing around and trying out people some of who I surprisingly really liked like Kotal Khan. I just keep coming back to Cassie Cage. She's by far my favorite to play and MK character in general now.

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I like it. Leto was going to get nowhere if they tried to simply ape Jack or Heath. He needs to make this version of the joker his own and I think he will do just that.