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I legitimately laughed out loud for a good minute straight at the Rinoa Dog wrists thing. I totally forgot about that and I can only imagine your bewilderment. Also I always named the dog awful things because i thought it was funny.

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@paulmako: I'd be interested in hearing what part you were talking about in KiD because yeah that game is something else.

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You really need to griiiind that research in Peacewalker. Getting better guns/troops is really really key.

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Honestly I don't know why anyone would want to play this on a PSTV. its going to be calibrated for a PS Vita screen and I doubt it'll have any options to adjust the input lag.

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80's for sure Although my next pick would be current day pop. The K-pop scene these days is really good. And in the west you got people like Taylor Swift really tearing it up right now. Its a really fun time for pop music.

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I feel bad for you if you can't enjoy some anime bosoms.

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I think it was speculated to be who it actually is months ago which considering who it is makes his appearance pretty head scratching.

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@fallen189: Yeah you couldn't be more wrong. I know some people take issue with the combat being "slow" because of the 2.5 GCD but if your playing you class effectively your going to be pressing way more than two buttons. Especially when you get into endgame content.

@syndrom: If you want a recap on the story go to an inn room at the adventurer guild in any one of the main cities. There you can access a journal that allows you to replay cutsenes.

I'd mainly focus on the story and class quests for now. As for your class CNJ is pretty boring until you start doing party content. Because as a healer that is obviously where they shine. If you're in need of more action don't hesitate to switch it up. You can be any of the 2.0 classes at any time once you get airship travel unlocked.

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Knowing DICE's track record with Battlefield I'd say the more prominent question and concern should be will this thing be a flaming wreck at launch? Battlefield 4 was a disaster. And every previous game before that had issues as well for weeks on end.