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@arbitrarywater: Yeah, I had thought about it. Its been the game this year that has had the most effect on me for sure. Lightning Returns for me though was one of the few times that I felt entirely satisfied with the ending of a game. They wrapped up every loose end that you would want them to. Last time I felt that way about a game was Metal Gear Solid 4. Which I felt at the time was absolutely like just the best ending point for that series.

@xenonick: Oh my god. I'm in the middle of Crimson squad right now and Homura is amazing. SHE USES SIX SWORDS AT ONCE. Like, that is just some bad-ass shit. Cool ninja lady using six swords to beat the shit out of people. What more could I possibly want from a video game?

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@fisk0: I would fucking love to make Dan Ryckert play Hatsune Miku.

@pkmango7: I'm actually just about 8 months off from being 30 years old so I would say I'm of an older Final Fantasy Fan. I just don't like clinging on to the past with things. I can respect and enjoy the past games and continue to enjoy what they put out in the future equally.

@pinner458: Guilty as charged.

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@aegon: Oh wow somehow missed that.

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I am pretty pumped for this game! Will definitely be playing in japanese with subtitles though.... the voice acting is not necessarily bad, just... overwrought or something?

Too cartoony for a final fantasy that has a foot placed in a slightly more realistic aesthetic. Especially the British dude and that mechanic's attempt at a southern accent.

There is a version of this without the developer commentary over it?

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So, as I was going down my feedly list of RSS podcast feeds I noticed something the bulk of my podcast RSS feeds are wrestling podcasts and well...I don't watch wrestling anymore. Haven't for a good two months or better now. Canceled my WWE network subscription. I'm done and for real this time. Which leaves me in the particular bind of not really knowing what to listen to to fill my podcast listening time when I'm grinding on Final Fantasy XIV or just generally in the mood to listen to a podcast.

I did just binge listen through all 12 episodes of Serial and that was a fascinating listen. So, I think This American Life might be on the docket for me as it was constantly mentioned on Serial but I'm not really sure else what to grab. I don't mind video game podcasts but to be honest I think the bombcast might be enough to fill that particular void.

So whats cool that is out there?

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@epidehl: Yes. Vita by far is the best place to play. It's a good game for playing on your lunch break at work or something. Beat a few songs then turn it off and be on your merry way. And the lag isn't there on the vita.

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@privodotmenit: Yes, my tastes in games do tend to lean to Japanese developed games/ series. I'd suggest actually reading what I wrote about them .

@wemibelec90: Oh, don't get me wrong. I think the first game is equally fantastic. But....Luka Luka Night Fever!

@viciousbearmauling: Yeah. Anything dealing with account issues is a nightmare.

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Yes, I bought one the day the patch came out for housing. Cost me around 2.5 million gil.

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Lightning Returns forever.