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Its on your end. I downloaded the initial 6GB install in 90 minutes of the same exact thing.

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Id say two years at minimum.

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I do think your crazy for saying GTA V is the worst thing you played but hey... its all cool man.

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So, I've been consistently baffled at the amount of times this thing has failed me. I had a great moment in AC4 multiplayer where I completely suckered a guy with my disguise ability in a fun way. Figured that would make for a fun 15 second clip. I press the share button to save the last 15 minutes aaaaaand the thumbnail of the clip looks like the video I want only when I go to edit it its footage from HOURS previously in the night where I had played single player for a bit.

Consistently still stumped at trying to get the random moments that will pop up that I want to retroactively grab. I've gotten it to work a few times successfully but still this thing seems to not be working the way it was intended to.

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Gone Home.

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@buneroid: You must not know the joy of making a quintillion cookies a second.

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Since were all jib-jabbering about Rorie....

I still contend that Rorie's best on-camera appearance was on the very first Tested Octoberkast where he arrived at like 4am coming straight from a bar where apparently stories he publicly can't tell happened all while wearing sunglasses. That whole segment was magical.

Which if you missed it....

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Troy Baker.