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@hailinel: The last I heard was that Itagaki got the publishing rights back from THQ before they went under so... if he is actively seeking a publisher or not is up in the air. At this point I expect either it gets canceled or they just flat out decided that they were going to change gears and release on Next gen.

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@towersixteen: If were talking tech I'll concede that. However design way no way. There were more guilds and ways to craft your character. And because everything was dice rolls that made you really commit to a build instead of this Jack of all trades bullshit. RPG's are at their most interesting when they force you to actually ya know role play. Skyrim is such a streamlined and neutered version of morrowind.

Even the world itself trades heavily on the biggest fantasy tropes such as Giant Spider's and wolves as enemies. Morrowinds landscape felt ailen in a way no fantasy game ever has before.

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@mooseymcman: Yeah, I don't expect anything back. If I can help foster people's excitement for Dragons Dogma I do so cause Its one of my damn fa orite games this Gen.

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@mooseymcman: I played it through three times on 360 the vanilla version. And about twice on PS3. I should be right around level 100 or just over it I think? If you wanna roll around with my gal Momiji give me a ring on PSN I'll even send you some abyssnial armor I got for beating the UR dragon. I have like 3-4 sets (I think) and its the best armor in the vanilla game. PSN is same as my name here.

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Bitterblack is for level 60's and up and even then you'll find some beasts like Elder Ogres which will absolutely destroy you. Oh and there is also Death. I dunno if you have any specific questions Id be happy to answer them Ive played the damn game like for over 400hours. So....I know a thing or toe about it.

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Fuck Journey.

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Ryan already stabbed Saints Row in the back once I can't bare to see It be betrayed yet again. You guys are awful.

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Skyrim is a worse version of Morrowind. Sleeping Dogs is actually good.

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Ghost Trick son

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@jimbo: Because somehow they weren't first round opponents?