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I uh...have better things to do than watch random twitch streams?

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@gruebacca: I think most game modes do need at least 4 people to start. Unless you'r playing co-op in which case that is weird.

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@inspectah: Could very well be but then again that still confuses me as was already mentioned they said the textures were cut down to 25% from what they are in the final build. Most people don't have the knowledge to parse that sort of thing. I would think putting crummy alpha in the hands of people who don't know what they are seeing are going to make snap judgements on a purchase based on a incomplete build of the game.

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@peezmachine: Excited to see where this goes! Keep up the hard work!

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I nearly just had a Olmec run going. Got to 4-1 had the cup had a good setup with a mummy to farm vomit aaaaaand I botched it. =(

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You know I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. Right now I'm feeling okay with my 500GB HDD.

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@randomhero666 said:

@psychedelicet said:

There are no real prophets, and religion is a cancer.

This is worse than religious fanatics forcing their beliefs onto people. Even though I agree with you, keep it to yourself.

Happy Mawlid

Why is this worse? Why should he not post his opinion?

Islam is not real. Muhammad was a warlord that lived in the 7th century, and I see no reason to celebrate his Birthday. I have every right to be open about my opinion. Who are you to tell me or this other poster to "keep it to yourself"?

Oh I don't know because you're coming into a thread where you obviously have nothing positive to contribute other than to stir up shit? Its just good manners to know when it is and isn't appropriate to bring up your opinions about things.

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What is this Fork and Knife nonsense?

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@rorie: Keep with it Rorie! It gets better. Yeah, Millia's VO is sort of rough most of the other voice acting is at least passable.

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