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@legend: The codes are tied to the users account. Won't matter even if you do get one.

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I know people will just make fun of it but I think more people need to play Project Diva. Such a fun and upbeat game. If Melancholic or God-Tier Tune doesn't make you smile you have a heart of stone.

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Caius is the best goddamn antagonist a Final Fantasy game has had in years. Boo on more people not voting for him. Then again I guess that is because so few people bothered to play XIII-2 which is also a shame because it is also amazing!

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So this is the dadaist equivalent of videogames eh? Then let me tell you I hate dadaism so I probably wont like this.

Ok fine it was interesting but I cant find myself playing such an weful looking main character ... I mean that mask is beyond ridiculous (dumb reason maybe , but a good reason in my books)

It could be worse. The Japanese version has you playing as this kid.

Or rather, one of the Japanese versions. They took the crazy step of releasing one version of the game with Nier as a young man with a sister, and the other (which was localized) as a grown man with a daughter. I don't think I've heard of any other game that was released in such a manner.

The North American version has some sort of DLC that allows you to play as young Neir. I for whatever reason (I'm a sucker) bought it. I'm not even sure if its actual story content or just some weird challenge room things. Never did actually play it. Just like I bought $30 of Disgaea 3 DLC and never actually used any of it. =\

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So, I'll make an actual non snarky response now that I'm home and I can properly type on a keyboard. I tried to play Neir twice. The first time I didn't really get anywhere with it. The second time however I ended up diving fairly deep into it deep enough that I got to what is very definitively the second act of the story. I ended up losing interest again shortly after. My problem with Neir is while there are interesting things going on everything surrounding those things is so mediocre that I felt like a kid having to eat his vegetables to get to dessert.

I will say I was genuinely surprised how good of a goddamn soundtrack this game had considering the production value of the rest of the game. Hilariously enough though I do have a soft spot for another Cavia game that being the ill fated Bulletwitch. A game which I thought like Nier had a lot of potential bubbling underneath the surface but was just not able to be fully realized by Cavia. They did as a studio have some interesting ideas.

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@charlie_victor_bravo: Yeah, Ive had that happen multiple times. Its in one way exciting because Ill look at the bar and be like Aww bombcast is over then it keeps going. :D

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I stopped considering going all digital with PS4 right around the time I realized that 40gb installs would be the norm this generation. Fuck Duct. If Im going to constantly have to play the data management game then I want to install off of a disc. Steam works for me because most games off of steam are small. My 1TB HDD is holding around 145 games right now along with other media and still has 350Gb left. With the file sizes exploding all of a sudden even 1Tb of space seems small.

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@ravenlight: Hahaha forgot about her limit breaks. Man, now I sort of want to go play VIII.

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So....I know that this is free so the question "Should I play this?" would be met with people pointing out that exact fact so my question to all of you who play it is would I be able to slot myself in as a newbie and actually have a good time? Like how is the community? Are they going to tear me apart if I don't know some of the more granular specifics?

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Senran Kagura Burst.