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@luciddreams117: I'm not "fueling" flames. I don't see why this needs to start a flame war. Can we not have a conversation about this without flaming and fanboyism?

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@brundage: I like my games looking as good as possible so... I care? =|

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Straight from NeoGaf with verified sources:

Verified sources close to Rocket Chainsaw have detailed performance and rendering quality of both the Xbox One and PlayStation builds of Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition. And for that we’re thankful. So here it is!

On average:

PlayStation 4

= 60 fps

Xbox One

= 30 fps

Yes, the PlayStation 4 build is, on average, twice the framerate of the Xbox One build. Both builds are rendering at native 1080p resolution, and generally look the same in graphical effects (though some minor differences may apply). Performance is a different matter. Both feature unlocked framerates, meaning framerate fluctuates between higher and lower values. The Xbox One build can technically reach around 45 fps, though this performance is generally only achieved during the most empty, simplest environments. For most of your play, and during action scenes, the Xbox One build will sit on around 30 fps. On the other hand, the PlayStation 4 build will attempt to hit 60 fps as often as possible, and does a pretty good job of doing so, but does have slight dips under 60 fps during certain scenarios.

So there it is. Both 1080p. PlayStation 4 = ~60fps average. Xbox One = ~30fps average. Take with a grain of salt if you’d like, but we’ve confirmed it on our end, and confirmation for the rest of the world is only a week away.

I'm pretty stunned the performance gaps in third party titles continually favor PS4 as much as they do. So what do you guys think? Is this a big deal? Will 3rd party games continually favor PS4 this gen?

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I'm actually sort of upset by this one. I normally try to be positive but man... this one was a heartbreaker. Granted, I did a number of ill advised things but still. Ugh. Garbage run.

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@abendlaender: I love that people tout the word "cheap" for things they can't beat in a video game. Admonishing other players for using something the developers put in the game because you can't beat it is dumb straight up. He entirely had the means to beat the guy. The spear attacks are incredibly telegraphed and he could have gotten to the guys back and back stabbed him.

And yeah, there are players who just camp areas and invade people. So, again if you don't want to have to deal with that you should never be online in the first place. And for the record that same exact thing happened to me multiple times when I played the game.

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I dunno... I feel like I'm the only one who likes both XIII and XIII-2 equally? If I was forced to pick a favorite one I'd pick XIII but I appreciated everything XIII-2 did. The story was fun and I was glad I got to see more of Serah and loved seeing Hope come back this time as an adult. I could find faults with both games if i really wanted to but... I kinda don't want to. I just really enjoy both of them. Got the Platinum in XIII-2 and almost got the platinum in XIII.

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I really really don't get all the stink over the invasion. If you play online that is the risk you take. Period. Its not like the guy was hacking he was using a weapon whose entire purpose IS being PVP gear. Is it a bummer? Sure, but you take your lumps and learn from the experience. I don't get why people have such disdain for the invasion stuff. It is what makes these games entirely unique.

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I wish some of this Souls love was being funneled into the Yakuza series.

You and me both. Although, I don't see any of the guys getting in to those games.

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Getting pretty over Souls at this point. :|

Same here, I want to play the games but everything on the site involves something souls related now, come on guys you shit on it 4 years ago and now its the greatest thing ever.

Who says that he's even going to play the game on the site? They're not going to have two Demon Souls features running concurrently.

He might stream it on his own account. Pat's Dark Souls thing isn't even official site content. It was mostly what he just did on his own time. But I already asked him in the chat and he said he is saving it for another time. I think he wants to take a break until Dark Souls II.

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You done got haxed son. Also SL 96 is like over kill for anything in the game. If you want the real dark souls expeirence you may want to restart.