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One of the challenges is drink 5 things of rum, is it unlocked eventually in the story or something because I haven't found where you can.

When you unlock a bar you have two options go up to the bar tender and pay him 200R to mark a location of a convoy or other secret on your map or usually to the right or left at the end of the counter will be a bottle of rum its easy to spot as its glowing. You should be able to click on the bottle and drink rum for I think 10R a drink.

There is also an achievement/trophy for drinking until you black out so when you do this for the Abstergo challenge keep drinking until you black out and you'll also get an achievement.

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Twitch page? Why aren't you on explosive runs with us? =p

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Someone should mod that into the actual game.

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This Hitman run is hilarious. Pity the crowd seems kinda dead.

Yeah, I always loved exploiting the AI but man this guy is taking it to the next level.

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I managed to plug it into Street Fighter AE without having to do anything else.

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R.I.P Mae

She was the best. In the Wrestling with Rosenberg interview with Bully Ray he tells a story how Mae once went to vince and told him she wanted to be thrown off the Hell in the Cell cage. God damn she was a tough lady.

Edit: Mae isnt' dead apparently.

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Christ. @duke_bilgewater just ran Zoo Race and I just had a moment of enlightenment.

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@counterclockwork87 said:

SNES, NES and PS2 are much better systems than the 360 I'm sorry OP. Just Super Mario Bros 1 & 3 make strong arguments for being better than anything that's ever come out for the 360.And Jeff knows the SNES was better than the Genesis, and has admitted so, but he was a Genesis kid and his heart is with that console.

SMB 1 is only great because it was the first SMB game. There's nothing fantastic about it except the music. If you're talking about cultural impact it doesn't even come close to something like CoD 4.

You're adorable. Wrong. But adorable.

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@tearhead: Its a game abou surviving as long as you can building new stuff and then learning and applying lessons from past failures. There isn't really any ultimate goal. Like minecraft its just about playing with no real end. If playing itself isn't its own reward to you it might not be the game for you.