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...I kinda hope it is number eleven. Or just not in his top ten at all.

Followed by brad just flipping off the camera with double birds and walking off.

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Man, this thread's making me curious. When did right analog camera control become standard in games? For the longest time, it was the two shoulder buttons.

Looks like there is a mystery to solve. TO THE MYSTERY MACHINE.

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My favorite part of this blog is how the section discussing the music is just "HEY THAT SHIT WAS RAD EH?" =P

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Well thats ruff luck for anyone who wanted to upgrade.

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@animasta said:

@demoskinos: @believer258 if Zelda aint a JRPG neither is Nier

Well, I mean, does Nier have levels and experience points and stats and stuff like that? Zelda doesn't really have any link to the tabletop RPG's that video game RPG's descended from. Does Nier?

Yeah, it has levels I do believe. Then again its been forever since I played it but I'm pretty sure it had XP and a lot of convential RPG tropes. I could also be goddamn crazy.

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@animasta: I dunno. I consider it a RPG myself.

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@animasta said:

Persona 2 is the best persona game as far as story is concerned.

Mother 3 is really really good (though playing Earthbound first would be a good idea)

Digital Devil Saga 1 and 2

Infinite Space is a pretty good one, awesome twists in there

Huh? No mention of Neir? I thought for sure that would be in there for you.

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@rorie: Oh god that would be great. Especially if it had support for chat room.

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Well now that that's taken care of. Yes I played it when a lot of the craziness was going on. Yes, I was one of the assholes with the dual shotguns.

Even after they "balanced" it it was still a horribly broken game. It was pretty much a complete glorious mess. I listened to a lot of Lady Gaga while mowing people down.