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I keep wanting to go back honestly Ive played through Dark Souls so many times but only Demon's Souls like once. I honestly forget what the levels are even like.

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This is the time of year I wish I had more patience and didn't buy everything day one and silently weep over all the money I could have saved.

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These things come with a campaign?

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To be honest, what I've seen of the game as made me decide not to pick up the game this year. The Wrestlemania stuff is neat but the gameplay seems absolutely identical and that's it. Might as well wait and see what they do next-gen.

I shared many of the same concerns. However, after a week of play, much of the improvements were worth the $60 to me -- again, that's just me.

Many of the refinements are subtle. The gameplay mechanics, while near-identical to the past three years, are tweaked to where the flow of matches are much better-paced, the reversals are more varied, and selling is much more realistic. The enemy AI is more aggressive than in years past and will attempt pinfalls early, rather than the conservative, brainless approach that hampered last year's title. Arguably, matches almost mirror the real-life product if played with enough skill.

Admittedly, there are still many flaws. The timing of reversals feels unfairly skewed in favor of your opponent when played on higher difficulties, and Universe Mode's weekly booking logic for designated rivalry matches is laughably vanilla. And again, the engine is largely recycled and will not win over any critics of the previous two editions.

That said, for someone like yourself, this may be worth a rental.

The 30 Years of WrestleMania mode is surprisingly fun to play, with the historical objectives never handcuffing your progress or ability to enjoy the nostalgia. This single-player campaign, alone, makes it worth a weekend rental. Despite its premise being similar to last year's Attitude Era mode, the biggest difference is in the scripting of events and the integration of true-to-life elements to immerse you in the proceedings. I have a few small gripes, but for the most part, attires, entrances, and cutscenes are accurate for each respective match.

Moreover, I love how each wrestler "feels" different. Rather than choose an arbitrary character, it matters who you select in Exhibition matches based on your style of play and familiarity with their moveset. I can't describe it; you'd have to experience it for yourself.

Yeah, if anything the AI tweaks are great. They WILL hit finishers and they will go for covers after big spots there is the occasional hiccup where the AI freaks out a little bit but its much improved over previous years.

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I can't drink Monster just tastes like syrup to me. I like Rockstar Sours Green Apple currently. Has a great taste to it without the energy drink aftertaste.

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@turboman: Huh? Banning people with Christmas avatars? Did I miss something?

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If you don't like scavenging for supplies in Bioshock Infinite guess what? Don't. On normal its absolutely possible to get through the game without scavenging ammo.

I was prompted to make this video after playing each game on the highest difficulty. Even so, I can't help myself from searching every container and dead body in any game that has looting mechanics.

I also don't think saying you can ignore a core game mechanic excuses its poor implementation, in fact I think it further illustrates the notion that it feels out of place and entirely pointless in Bioshock Infinite.

I don't think it was poorly implemented at all. So I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree.

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If you don't like scavenging for supplies in Bioshock Infinite guess what? Don't. On normal its absolutely possible to get through the game without scavenging ammo.

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