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Because, Alpha Protocol.

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Man, that bowling video was the best thing I've seen today. I always love seeing these guys just be regular people away from their characters and TV.

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Anyone having issues with HTML5 audio sync being off? Watching the brand new Jar time and the sync of the audio to the video was off about a quarter of a second. Enough that you could tell. I tried streaming and progressive and they seem fine seems only to affect the HTML5 player.

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There is only one way to test this. You need to show Ryu something fucked up and if he then responds "I'm a wizard, and that looks fucked up." then we've got confirmation.

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Sure the combat does not look as good in 3 (and by the way OP, you sound super creepy describing how you enjoy the death animations so much) but the main problem I have is the fact that the combat is just worse then the previous games. Like someone else said, the camera is too zoomed in so when your on the ship you can't see the person behind you attacking you. The ever so increasing lack of difficulty in killing dudes also suck. The guns are not that fun when you have like 4. Remember the good old times when the bad guys actually had health bars?

Like Uh,uh,uh,uh

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I have a feeling you've come to the wrong neighborhood for assistance on this, duder.

Llama love! =D

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Electronic Super Joy is 0.79 cents, what the fuck else can you buy with that much money?


I can buy a can of Arizona Tea.

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No, but I want to see you flagged and banned. =D