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Well I know that I redeemed my UPLAY code and I just got the game the other day. So your best bet is to contact customer service I guess. Not sure what else you can do. Also did you punch the code in game or on the store because it will prompt you for a uplay code after you launch the game. Not sure if there would be a difference entering it on the store it in game.

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@buneroid: They still had it awhile at the cbsi office before they launched the new site.

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@gorillamopena: @oldirtybearon: Not to mention Vince is all about the "Entertainment" part of WWE these days its no longer JUST wrestling.

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@buneroid: They used to have the HTML5 theater mode for thr video player which allowed for video playlists. It was one of my favorite features but everytime I bring up missing it nobody seems to care about it.

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@oldirtybearon: It would in no way make sense for them to go back now even if they could.

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I can't say for sure yet but damn I sailed a ship through a hurricane last night and that was hella cool.

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Im pretty flummoxed people would be trading anything in just yet with so little to actually play on the new consoles right now.

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Well Im glad Im not the only one who was expecting something different when they clicked on this.

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@hailinel: I love you so much for that Picture of shepard. Hahaha.