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@artisanbreads: I liked contracts better myself. And as much as I can admire and enjoy (Ive gotten SS rank on every mission in every game)the hitman franchise Bloodmoney has a number of flaws that for me keep it from being in this kind of conversation for me personally at least.

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@alexgbro: This game won't sell 2 Million. The entire install base of the PS4 would be lucky to break 3 million before. The end of the year.

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@atlas: Thing is when punk entered FCW punk had Heyman to fight for him. WWE does this all the time they sign a guy because he has some buzz and then dont know what to do with them. Its a shame. Would have been interesting to see a Punk vs Hero WWE match.

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@yummylee: You could if you wanted to I suppose. I'm just sharing how I interpreted all of that. Which is exactly why I found the conclusions to the collectibles absolutely hilarious.

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@development: Yout problem here is your restarting. Don't. It will drive you mad and ruin the game. Go with thr flow and let your decisions be your decisions.

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Bah GAWD! Uncharted with the stone cold stunner! God as my witness Farcry 3 is broken in half!

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My vote for Braid is less a vote for Braid and more a vote against Fez because fuck Fez.

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I really dont think Blood Money even qualifies as a top 100 game this Gen but batman probably does so this vote is hella easy. Im a fan of hitman too but Bloodmoney isn't nearly in the same league as the other games in this competition.

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Yeah, Im with you. Great now the crazies got their stupid event. Stuff like this furthers my decision never to participate in a MOBA community they are collectively awful.

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Yeah, that looks okay. But see that is just the problem. Killzone games are always "okay" or "alright" and never anything more.