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I'm finding it to be very...lacking. Pretty much just paid $60 for that FFXV demo. That was at least mildly entertaining this...this is just a mess of a PSP port.

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As someone who has the MK9 Tourney stick just collecting dust in the corner I'm SUPER happy about this.

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So I wished this was on Vita and then I remembered.....

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@demoskinos: It's not even just the cutting-edge content, where I left off, while most groups had SCOB on farm status, someone always messed up in the twintania groups I went with. Or getting one shot from dumb titan mechanics

Well yeah, but that's to be expected. But if someone messes up/doesn't know the mechanics then teach them. Its not that hard to set aside a few minutes to get everyone on the same page. People in DF groups quit to easily and get frustrated after even one wipe.

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Oh man, this is unbelievably tragic

Konami is self destructing before our eyes. Once Kojima is gone, they literally have nothing left in the console space

Really the all the great Japanese gaming companies have been going this way since 2010 or so. It's the end of an era.

Capcom, Square and Nintendo are about all that's left of the great Japanese Publishers now and all three of those are a bit shaky themselves.

Square and Nintendo are doing just fine. Square actually posted its first ever profits in years recently due to FFXIV preforming really well they also have Eidos which was a really good move on their part and is proving to do very well for them. And Nintendo... well Nintendo has a war chest so large that they are going to be able to weather a lot of storms if they have to.

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@belegorm: Well, exactly. Teamwork needs to happen. People need to know what they are doing how how the fight mechanics work. Again, which is why i said that eventually all of these raids get nerfed for people who aren't into being on the cutting edge of content and don't like having to deal with that stuff. The latest raids are always going to be just that because its for groups that actively want to push themselves to the limits. If the fights didn't have complex mechanics that you had to layer on top of doing your rotations they would be incredibly incredibly boring.

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@belegorm: Its inspired by modern MMO design, sure but your discounting a lot of things. First off having done all the content in the game outside of getting a win against Bahamut in the final raid of 2.0 I can clearly say that saying that the combat amounts to rolling your face across the keyboard and "nobody has to be good at their jobs" is incredibly false.

Yeah, a lot of the content now can be easily overgeared or is nerfed to make it more casually accessible but that is just kind of how MMO design goes now days. Eventually everything is nerfed so they can get the masses through the content.

A lot of the raid fights will kick your ass however if everyone isn't on point. If you're party isnt doing 2000dps for Turn 10 you aren't clearing it period. If your healers let people die the boss gets stacks and everyone in the party dies faster. If the tanks aren't positioning adds correctly? Everyone dies. Its a full party effort.

The game is structured to be a buffet of content for all skill types because unlike FF11 that kind of MMO isn't sustainable these days they need to have casual content to keep drawing in casual fans. That doesn't mean there isn't fun or challenge to be had in the game for serious players. And being someone who played 11 for a few years and has spent the last year playing XIV on the whole XIV is a much better designed, presented and rounded experience.

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You seem very ill informed about FFXIV.

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@jesushammer said:

@demoskinos: How about none of the characters besides Dante's having any development? How about dick jokes before we go fuck with the dude whose kid we just killed? How about everything during the Succubus fight? How about the really dumb Twitter stuff at the end? The "FUCK YOU" just sticks out because it's just two characters yelling FUCK YOU back and forth. It's the biggest sign the story was made for 13 year olds that want to be cool. The problem isn't that exactly. The problem is how serious the story takes itself while doing these things. I don't think anybody can deny that a protagonist whose main response to everyone and everything is FUCK YOU is probably some preteens role model. The previous DMC games didn't have great writing or anything, but not one of them asked me to take them seriously besides 2 which is the worst in the series. They were just fun and dumb anime nonsense which is basically what people seem to like about Bayonetta, so I don't see how people can love Bayo's stupid nonsense story and not get at least some enjoyment out of DMC3 and 4.

Let's break this down.

Contrary to popular belief, Dante rarely swears in the game. The infamous "Fuck you" line? Brought about by an enemy, The Succubus, insulting the memory of Dante's dead mother. The Succubus is established as a crude person. She constantly swears, and never flinches at using gross language to instigate a confrontation. At their very first meeting the Succubus calls Dante's mother a whore, among other things, and then goes on to insult Dante. Understandably, Dante is upset. Less eloquent than classical Dante, DMC Dante is unable to come up with a witty response at the sudden attack, and only manages a simple "Fuck you". She responds in turn, to mock him. So while the "Fuck you" exchange is silly, when one looks at the characters and the circumstances it's understandable why the dialogue exchange occurs.

Other instances of Dante swearing are restricted to the scenes leading towards the boss fights. The bosses Dante encounters are part of a faction that essentially tore apart his family. They actively hunt him, and want to kill him. The bosses constantly insult Dante, constantly taunt and gloat. Dante, again, responds in kind. But something happens towards the later portions of the game. After becoming a member of Vergil's organization and befriending both him and Kat, Dante begins to mellow out. He makes lighthearted jokes ("Took longer than I thought. Church.") and starts to swear less and less. When he confronts Bob Barcas, Mundus' right-hand man, Dante has stopped using crude insults entirely. Instead, he makes cutting jibes that he knows will aggravate Barcas.

Dante grows as a character. He starts out with less wit than Classic Dante and, while never actually reaching peak Classic Dante levels, begins to work closer to that type of humour. He becomes a more composed and level-headed person. The only instance of his crude humour resurfacing is during the final confrontation with Mundus, when Dante is deliberately trying to goad Mundus into a frenzy so that he acts carelessly. Dante makes a dead baby joke for this express purpose. But his actual opinion in the scene where the demon baby is killed? He's furious. Dante is upset with Vergil for instigating the death, and calls his brother out on their actions, even threatening to leave the organization because of what he deems as a reprehensible act. It is only after Kat mediates their argument that the two brothers continue to work together.

The dick joke? It's Vergil that makes the joke. The scene leading up to the dick joke has Dante and Vergil working together to infiltrate Mundus' HQ. As they work their way through the building their opinions toward each other are cold - this is because it happens a few days after the demon baby dies. When they meet each other at the final rendezvous point, the two make some jokes in an effort to repair their relationship:

"I'm stronger."

"I'm smarter."

"I'm better looking."

Vergil makes a dick joke, completely out of character, because at that point in the game he is more concerned about his brother liking him than maintaining his pride. Like Dante, Vergil has grown as a character. Previously a pragmatist and a loner, he has slowly begun to appreciate having another half-breed like him as a friend. Dante feels likewise, and that's why he's willing to forgive the death of the demon baby.

Kat? Yeah, she's a flat character. But the Devil May Cry series has always been about Dante and Vergil. How much development did Trish and Lady get? Trish is probably the closest to receiving attention from the writers, but Trish also has the advantage of not being dead. I'm not exactly thrilled about a female lead serving solely as a vehicle for the male leads angst, but the fact of the matter is that Kat existed solely so that she could die for the drama.

DMC Dante is not a bad character. He isn't invincible like Classic Dante, he isn't as clever or as self-assured. DMC Dante is more flawed, more human. He is relatable. You don't have to be a pre-teen to relate to DMC Dante. Given more games I'm sure his character can be developed in ways not possible with Classic Dante.

I'm fine with people not liking the new Dante. I just wish they'd give him a fair chance.

I was going to write a similar response but looks like you took care of that. Basically, yeah, the relationship between the brothers in DmC was fantastic. It actually went places and unlike the original series you actually get to see Dante and Vergil in ways that are way more meaningful than just some throwaway exposition before a boss fight.

Saying that the two main characters in this game don't have any development to them is just an inane. And calling DmC Dante a pre-adolecent fantasy character while at the same time idolizing the Dante from the original series is legitimately one of the most baffling things I've seen relating to video game tribalism and fandom. They are two sides of the same coin.