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@flappy: Heyman telling the story about Vince sneezing was hilarious.

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Same and I've already flushed my DNS and Cleared my Cache/Cookies still no dice. Its weird though if I load up chat in an ingognito window it works for me. The only extension I have that might futz with stuff is AdBlock but I disabled it and reloaded the chat and still nothing. Any suggestions? @mrpibb

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@dig_douglas_iii: I'm gonna say I know what you're doing is all in good fun but if you don't actually write more in a post to promote discussion a mod is going to eventually lock this thread for YouTube spam.

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@milkman: I just finished watching it and man yeah I teared up a bit at the end and while I was shocked last week at his death now I think its setting in how tragic it was cause man I think it would have been cool as hell to see him around the company. The stuff with vince seeing him give vince that book seeing vince realize how much warrior believed in him. I'm so glad he got to have closure.

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Guys, someone thought they were on google and not twitter.... Presented to you as a full desktop screenshot so you can see this indeed came across my twitter feed as so. The tweets are deleted now.

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@believer258 said:

@video_game_king said:

I have to buy a Vita so I can make a billion awesome screenshot threads.

I don't know if you know this but the Vita does, in fact, have a screenshot button, which should make this super easy.

That's why I want to get one: screenshot threads everywhere. (Except Dangan Ronpa. Fuck Dangan Ronpa.)


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@darkstalker: Baby steps! When I first tried the demo I was awful at even easy mode now I can play on Hard mode pretty confidently. Just keep at it!

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Well this is just fantastic.

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@hailinel: Indeed. Although I have a feeling that there will be a bit more wide exposure for Hatsune Miku soon. Due to this (which I know you already saw) I'm sure some aren't going to enjoy it but I have a feeling that Gaga is going to make Miku some new fans this summer.

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@grantheaslip: Uh, its about the same really but they have included two new scratch mechanics. You have "Link scratch" Which links the scratch notes together in a specific order with a line."W-Scratch" which are "double scratch" notes I don't know how they handle it on Vita but on the PS3 you have to flick both sticks.