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I'll just come in here and say that I really really enjoyed XIII-2. I think Caius is the best antagonist in series history.

Similarly I enjoyed Lighting Returns more than anything else in 2014 as it was my 2014 GOTY.

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@cerberus3dog: Well of course not. Women can be just into trashy fanservicy stuff as guys are. There are a ton of eroge visual novel games made by women for women.

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Working and then the times when I'm not working Final Fantasy XIV because that is basically video games for me these days.

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No cause I already own one but if I didn't this wouldn't be the thing I'd buy it for. Haven't been terribly impressed by Bloodborne.

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@demoskinos: That's straight up anime. No pretense of an actual fighting style.

What? You asked if a male character had been added to the game recently. What does his fighting style have to do with anything?

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@trafalgarlaw said:

@soldierg654342: He did? Then why the hell is DoA still about women showing skin? When was the last time an actual dude got announced?

Well...if you read my post. Like a month or two ago actually....

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Boy some of the reactions to this are hilariously overwrought.

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@corevi said:

Install FX File Explorer. It does exactly what it says and also can just tell you what the largest files are and if you have any duplicates.

Holy shit. That worked. Thanks man! This thing is great! Now I can properly clean out all these junk files.

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So today I went to download that dumb WWE Immortals game on my Android phone. I cleared off several apps and made sure I had enough space. Its showing as about 1.4 Gigs and I know I had like 1.7 free. It said it was going to take a while so I just left it and now I came back and it said it failed because of insufficient space.... so now my phone is only showing 450MB~ free of space but I KNOW I had well over a Gig earlier before I tried to install this thing. So now there is just tons of space missing. Is there anything outside of resetting and wiping the phone that I can do here?

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@babychoochoo: Well now you have to buy this because all DLC transfers over. ;)