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I always make female avatars but you know thats like just me maaaaaan.

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@sidewinder665: Yes and No? I mean. It really depends. For me yes. Barely. But yes. And there were some severe debates in my head about the logic of my choice but in the end I decided to give the nod to LR over XIV simply because of my personal attachment to the characters in the XIII trilogy.

The story was immensely satisfying to me and the rest of the game was well put together

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I'd much rather take console gaming over PC. I don't even boot up steam anymore. I'd rather pay a higher price on actual software and not I've to worry about how compatible my hardware is. I'd rather have the ecosystem of PSN over steam. Steam ruined steam for me honestly. The store is an absolute mess. I don't like navigating it or using the client.

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There is ZERO way it comes out in Feb that just seems way way to soon. I could possibly believe the main game is done but the multiplayer is still actively in development so unless they are coming in super hot with that thing and shipping without multiplayer I dont think it ships in Feb. That would be crazy and amazing if I'm wrong but I just don't see that being the case. That being said Feb 24th is a very very specific date. Placeholder dates are usually the last or first day in a month.

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@pkmango7: We have a few different groups floating around but really right now only one of those groups have cleared Turn 9 and moved into Final Coil. That being said you could probably find yourself a spot but it seems that most of the other groups that run aren't super serious and the two groups that are super serious have already been running together for a few months now. It just depends on what you're looking to get into. If you're okay with poking at second coil stuff casually I'm sure you can find other people to go with if you're looking more for a serious static group that may be a bit harder to find.

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Can't believe nobody has mentioned these two yet, considering they are two of the most popular in the world for good reason:

This American Life - Ira Glass hosted NPR show where each week they tell stories about people in America. Always compelling and more often than not incredibly moving.

Serial - The new podcast from the people behind TAL. Quickly became the most popular podcast in the world. It is a serial show where they focus on one crime and examine it week by week. The current crime they are investigating involves a real murder that took place and was "solved" under increasingly shoddy circumstances. Absolutely fascinating.

Radiolab- Another public radio gem. Each week they investigate a scientific subject which spans the gamut from the animals of Galapagos, to how we get standard systems of weights and measurements. Great great stuff.

I must also reiterate Hardcore History. I am a huge history fan, and I have learned so many incredible things from Dan Carlin. Just incredible show.

To be fair I don't think anyone mentioned Serial or This American life because I mentioned in my OP that I already listened to Serial and already planned to pick up on This American Life. Which, is really good!

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@arbitrarywater: Yeah, I had thought about it. Its been the game this year that has had the most effect on me for sure. Lightning Returns for me though was one of the few times that I felt entirely satisfied with the ending of a game. They wrapped up every loose end that you would want them to. Last time I felt that way about a game was Metal Gear Solid 4. Which I felt at the time was absolutely like just the best ending point for that series.

@xenonick: Oh my god. I'm in the middle of Crimson squad right now and Homura is amazing. SHE USES SIX SWORDS AT ONCE. Like, that is just some bad-ass shit. Cool ninja lady using six swords to beat the shit out of people. What more could I possibly want from a video game?

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@fisk0: I would fucking love to make Dan Ryckert play Hatsune Miku.

@pkmango7: I'm actually just about 8 months off from being 30 years old so I would say I'm of an older Final Fantasy Fan. I just don't like clinging on to the past with things. I can respect and enjoy the past games and continue to enjoy what they put out in the future equally.

@pinner458: Guilty as charged.

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@aegon: Oh wow somehow missed that.