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@sackmanjones: DDOS attacks flood the server of the host with more data packets than it can handle. People who do this shit are usually referred to as "script kiddies" because literally all you do is point piece of software designed to DDOS at server and let the program do the work. Anyone can do this because it takes zero effort or skill to actually do. So Tl;Dr they most likely never actually remotely accessed the Sony servers.

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@feive_vz: As long as you set your client to connect to the Primal Data Center (the data center ultros is on) you should be fine.

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I see you have it figured out but yeah one time password is just if you want extra security on your account after you set it up

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Daily Dungeon Roulettes help speed things along but FATES are still one of the faster ways to level at least early on. Hunting logs can help give you a quick boost in XP too.

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Oh my god! This kid!

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@machofantastico: Yes personal housing should be 2.38 and the forecasters are useful if you're doing the exploration log since some of the vistas require specific weather to get credit for.

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Hanging out with you guys the last 4-5 months has been awesome. GBomb for life!

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Just read that WCW Nitro will be added to the WWE Network (finally) this fall, seeing as I missed out WCW pretty much completely as a child I'm finding myself pretty excited. Especially as all WCW Nitro rips available are of poor quality.

Finally! That's pretty much what I've been waiting for the whole time.

Also, yeah, Rybaxel is gold. I wish they got more backstage promo time and weren't just booked as Team That Occasionally Jobs to Dust Bros, because they've got something going. I've liked Ryback since someone linked some of his youtube videos like a year ago in this thread. Still no idea why he went from crazy over in the main event to low card jobber tag team. I guess Cena'll do that to you.

You know, a real dumb thing would be to watch every Nitro and PPV from the time Tony Schiavone started announcing and keep a running tally from the day he started until WCW's demise how many nights were "The greatest night in the history of our sport"

I call upon you to perform this quest.

I really want to watch everything from Hall and Nash up through the last Nitro just to take in the entirety of the NWO story (I never watched WCW as a kid so all the stuff I've seen is either youtube clips or documentaries/shoots), but that sounds like an insane time commitment.

That's May 27th 1996 to March 26th 2001. Approximately 255 episodes of Nitro and 58 PPVs.

Only around 546 hours of content

If thats all you do for a 22 days (including no sleep) then you'll be done in not time, if you want to sleep then it'll take 44 days I'm afraid. Also you'll probably need to wait for the Nitros to be released.

Heh, assuming I was going to do it you might as well find a few other "things" to keep track of so you could just do a big fun info dump. I also wonder if Thunder will be available at any point because at some point that comes into play as well.

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@demoskinos: It's mostly fine, it just makes me put out a disgusted sigh when I get halfway through a dungeon and see this naked mermaid with a big butt sticking out sprawled out on the screen. Like I said, it's not as bad as I was expecting it to be. Well, I didn't exactly say that, but I'm saying that now.

I'm just not used to it, that's what it is. If I was exposing myself to stuff like that on a more regular basis, sure, I wouldn't bat an eyelash at it. But as it is, I see that stuff, and my natural reaction is to give an eye roll and try to get away from it quickly.

See I would totally frame some of that stuff and hang it up on my walls if I could get high enough quality prints. I love the art style its fantastic. I have the art book floating around somewhere and that has a lot of cool stuff in it as well.