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@humanity: Actually I can!

I didn't play through it this time but I did play through it last year. In fact I documented the entire thing on my YouTube.

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@humanity said:

@notnert427: I thought they had the most character and depth than most antagonists in that game since they actually had a backstory. But hey to each their own.

I liked the characters too in Absolution. Everything in that game felt like the developers just finished watching a Tarintino movie marathon. Cause like every single person in that game from Dexter to the Nuns were all the same kind of over the top caricatures that would be in a Tarintino film.

As for The Saints specifically to me at least while they were sexualized the Nuns part didn't come off to me as someone checking off a box on a list of sexual kinks. It felt more to me like the nun thing was more put in there for the juxtaposition of women dressed like Nuns basically committing terrorist acts. Which again, to me just seems like its straight out of a Tarintino movie. I guess different people will get hung up on different things so I'll never get the uproar about The Saints either.

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You have surpassed 47. I now give you the codename: Big Hitman.

Now I just want a fanfic that merges the Hitman and Metal gear stories. Well actually fuck... both have clones so... I guess were already halfway there.

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So last month Hitman for the current gen systems came out and I bought the intro pack. After playing the intro missions I stopped before doing the Paris mission. Playing the intro missions reminded me of what I enjoyed about hitman and I started to get the urge to go back and play all the old games.

So after remembering I had Hitman Trilogy HD and Hitman Absolution via PS+ on PS3 I downloaded all 4 games and proceeded to play through all of them getting every platinum trophy.

I just finished up Absolution tonight. It was a pretty fun romp. It was interesting seeing the games evolve over time. I could write a longer blog worthy post about my individual observations on the games but I'll save that for another time. Time now though to go to Paris with 47. :)

Below are links to my PSN profiles page showing off my completion for each game.

Hitman 2 -

Hitman Contracts -

Hitman Bloodmoney -

Hitman Absolution -

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Final Fantasy XV. Got the crazy $270 CE on pre-order. :)

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@nickhead said:
@artisanbreads said:

I really don't get what is behind these demo moves they are doing. Just wait and release the game. It doesn't make sense for an RPG and is it that big of a deal to Final Fantasy in the past? VII perhaps but I just don't see why they release this odd tech demo thing. Seems to be causing more damage than anything.

I was arguing with my friends about this - if this platinum demo hadn't been released, there's a very real possibility I would have just bought the game day one. Now that I got a mini taste of the gameplay? No way. I'm definitely waiting to hear some impressions on the full game.

Its a two edged sword. They'll gain some and lose some. They just need to hope they gain more than they lose. To me it really solidified my purchase (and i'm glad as I pre-ordered the crazy $270 CE) I was unsure of XV after the Duscae demo earlier in the year but this really solidified to me that this game is going to be the real deal. I enjoyed the combat changes and a little taste of what is to come.

I can't wait for the full thing. once you get your bros and the full world to explore? Oh man sign me up. I can't wait to see what all the summons look like. I can't wait to explore the world and I can't wait to interact with Noctis and his buddies.

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Dead or Alive Xtreme 3

I have not actually bought that many new 2016 games actually I've only bought two new releases so far. Street Fighter V and DOAX 3 and out of those two DOAX 3 takes it for me simply because that game will have a longer longevity with me. It will be something that I play for quite some time. To be honest I'll most likely spend my video gaming in 2016 playing old games and nursing my FFXIV addiction. There is nothing outside of FFXV that interests me at all this year.

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@flstyle said:

Only a return to roots JRPG with WHM, BLM, knights, swords and shields with a medieval setting etc. could ignite enough nostalgia to sell 10M. I don't know what SE sees in these modern style RPGs but they're not going to make them the big money. Maybe Final Fantasy games won't make big money ever again, regardless of the content of the game.

Except again the biggest selling game in the franchise is FFVII which has a distinctly more sci-fi bent to it. Honestly if you're going to go mainstream the opposite is true IMO. And if anything CAN do this it will be FFXV especially with the marketing push that it is going to get.

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Just popping in to say that Baron Corbin's backstage promo on NXT was freaking fantastic. Dude has come such a long way.

Definitely. Baron "Fuck Indies" Corbin is fantastic.

Dude is straight up dissing Virgil and he is still acting like they homies. Lmao.

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I really enjoyed the game. The combat seems much improved over what Duscae was trying to do. I'm so much more confident of this game than I was a year ago.