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@viciousreiven: So the core combat is similar to a lot of melee combat games. You have a lot of preset strings that you can preform to do moves with a bunch that are unlockable. These move strings are dependent on both the character and weapon you have active. So where it gets interesting is you can mid-combo change either your weapon or your partner on the fly. There is actually a specific system in the game that rewards you with a powerful finishing move if you tag in your partner on the last hit of a string.

Each character has two weapons and a sub-weapon (or in the case of Saki a parry) now stack all of this up with the fact that in a lot of missions you can have all four girls with you meaning any combination of 4 characters and 12 weapons are at your disposal at any given time. There are other things like the "Cool Combo" system that reward caclulated entry of combos rather than mashing combos out. If you time combos correctly you'll start flashing blue this lets you know you're doing what is called a "Cool Combo" time the rest of the string properly and you'll be doing way more damage and also in some cases score bonus hits in the combo string.

There is also a weird assist character function where you can have up to all four girls on the screen at once attacking in sync with the character you're currently controlling. Its also just super responsive. You can interrupt moves with dodges at ANY time on the ground or air and actually Saki has a specific function I think unique to her similar to Bayonetta's witch time where if you dodge something at the last moment you'll get a slo-mo shot of her dodging followed up by the ability to counter attack for massive damage.

I can't lie and say that some aspects aren't still laden with fanservice because there is and a lot of the stages and enemy models have pretty shitty textures that remind you that "Hey, this is a budget game" but if you're really into just having fun with combat systems and can either not let the more poorly produced elements of the game detract from your overall experience you'll most likely have fun.

I should also mention that even with like 100 zombies on screen the game seems to hold up at damn near 60fps the entire time which is nice. Not trying to say this going to shake up the beat em' up genre or anything but if you've been wanting a decent one of these sort of games for awhile at $40 on PSN I think you can't really go wrong with this.

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So I bought this expecting to have some fun with it but man its WAY better than I anticipated. Being a fan of what a lot of people refer to as "Character action games" like DMC, Bayonetta ect... I'm pretty picky on how melee combat systems are handled in games like this. Z2 Chaos might not be as complex as a Devil May Cry 3 but it still has a lot of depth to play with.

You have two girls on a team on each stage each with two weapons. You can partner and weapon swap however you see fit mid-combo the dodging feels responsive and fluid and the "chase" jump allows for you to engage enemies quickly. The movesets themselves for the girls aren't incredibly huge but the game encourages expert execution of moves. Perfectly timed combos will let you enter a "Cool Combo" state and if timed correctly you'll do extra damage and in some instances even extra moves. As for the fanservice elements they are believe it or not pretty tame outside of the default costumes for 2 out of the 4 girls being bikini's. The game primarily focuses its self on the action and not the bouncy bosoms.

Digital Version is only $40 on the PSN store. I would highly recommend this to anyone who likes beat em' up style action games.

If anyone has any other questions ect... I can post more impressions and what not later on.

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@machofantastico: I would say stick to one class until at least you get it to 50 and get through the main 2.0 branch of the story. After that assess if you want to keep going with that class or not. Crafting/Gathering is NON essential. Most crafted items are used mostly for fashion more than function. And there is enough cheaply sold vendor armor/weapons along with dungeon drops that will keep you supplied with gear to get you leveled.

Only do crafting if you really feel like you want to. You can get through the entire game without ever putting a second into a crafting class. It is however a nice distraction and time sink to keep you busy when you start running out of content to do.

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@nime: Nah, its a reasonable observation. I've noticed a lot of change in tone as well. And there has been a lot of drama that has gone on off camera in recent years.

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@nime: I think that just goes with the territory of getting larger. Yeah, the smaller original events seemed to have a bit more heart to them but they were also flying by the seat of their pants quite often. As big as they are now you can't afford to do that anymore. The larger your thing gets the more you have to think about how you organize it.

As for the runs themselves the last event had a lot of new runners and there are a lot of new games at this event so I think it should be fresh enough to be entertaining. I can see where you're coming from but I also hope you might pop in the IRC chat and hang out with us. :)

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HOLY SHIT. I just took a good look at the schedule. They are playing TRAG! If you haven't ever seen TRAG boy are you guys in for a TREAT.

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Hello folks. I usually make one of these topics every time there are one of these things to spread the good word. Now I know a lot of you already know what to expect BUT if you haven't watched one of these or even know what Games Done Quick is I got a mini FAQ below.

What is Games Done Quick?

"Games done Quick" is a week long marathon where a bunch of speed runners from the SDA and other speed running communities come together to play games and raise money for a good cause. There are two annual events. Awesome Games Done Quick and its sister event Summer Games Done Quick.

What is money being raised for?

Medecins sans Frontieres a.k.a Doctors Without Borders is a humanitarian aid non-profit organization. They are on the front lines in areas affected by hunger, disease and natural disasters.

What games are being played?

You can check out the schedule right here.

Where Can I watch?

You can check the action out starting on the 26th on GDQ's Twitch page or if you would rather hang out with Giantbomb Duders mod @chaser324 will be embedding the streams on where you can hang out in an IRC chat and chat with other duders.

Where Can I Donate?

You can check out the Donation Tracker right here. You can also check out the runs page on the donation tracker here where you can see the donation incentives for each run.

Community Donation Efforts

Each event for fun the Giantbomb Community decides on a donation incentive to pool all of our money towards. Some past examples are donating to name Yoshi "Gerstmann" in Paper Mario and naming Robo "RyanD" in honor of the Rough Tough and Dangerous Ryan Davis. Once everyone collectively decides on what everyone should donate to I'll update this spot.

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Old Stuff! Get yourself Hype!

You can catch up on the last event and plenty more by going over to the GDQ YouTube Page where they have playlists for entire events including the previous event AGDQ 2015.

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@jrm: People are all different man. How they react to things are different. Nothing embarrassing about that. Even the best of us have our moments when were caught off guard.