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Well... then. This ended way sooner than I expected.

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@l1ghtn1n: Its by far my favorite of the original series. The combat is really solid. A lot of the cut scenes are faaaaantastic. I SSS Ranked every mission of every difficulty on 360 I loved it so much. The repeated level stuff wasn't an issue at all for me. I think people make way to big a deal about that tbh.

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So does this mean Patrick will be coming back?

lmao my thoughts exactly.

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I'm going to work my way up and just start with vanilla Devil Hunter mode Nero/Dante. Need to work the rust off and it'll also be nice to just enjoy the story again. Then we start grinding and really getting into fighting shape for DMD and other shenanigans.

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This is the kind of nightmare technology that this world deserves.

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In most cases it is like was already stated. Retail is still a thing and they need to keep them happy. You do get some outliers like for instance FFXIV Heavensward I've been playing since Friday even though it releases Tuesday. But even in the case of FFXIV you can still get early access by preordering at retail.

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@larrydavis: Well this whole hype over this new character seems...unwarranted then.

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Jason Todd is Red Hood/Robin right?

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@zlatko: I feel you on that one. I'm a big defender of Final Fantasy XIII despite everyone shit talking it for "being a hallway simulator" as some people have put it. Sometimes linear games are nice. I like developers that take time to craft a specific vision and experience rather than giving you a sandbox and making you create your own fun all the time.

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Why? Because I'm impatient that's why. I could save a lot of money if I bought used but I dont because I'm okay with paying for convenience.