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Going to just re-iterate what I've said a dozen times. Anyone of you interested in MGS V should REALLY play Peacewalker for multiple reasons. Story and mechanics both.

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I just bought and downloaded FFX remaster for PS4 from my phone so PSN at least in North America I think

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@damodar: She is well aware of the figure. There is a picture of her holding it. She seems fine with it so I don't know why everyone else isn't tbh.

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Dead or Alive 5 actually has one of the best tutorials in any fighting game I've ever played. There is actually a sliver trophy for completing all of it because some of the later lessons cover some really complex concepts. Its really really in depth.

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The offensive bit here is that its a Play-Arts Kai figure. Gross.

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Agreed. A sound and fun game probally doubly so for those fans of the source material but in the end I thought the combat was lacking. And its incredibly frustrating as an action game fan (my favorite game of all time being Ninja Gaiden Black) to see this style of combat so widely adopted across multiple games now as almost some sort of combat engine middleware.