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I did this one earlier. You could probably get it up to 40% or past for if I bothered to start of with a string to fanado but I was feeling lazy. I think she has potential to be the best zoner in the game in Royal storm. She's got her fanado to shut down any attempts to run in combo attempts to get in via air can be shut down with fans her rising fan attack and throat slash is really good for catching people out of the air. Also she has the ability to bounce back projectiles if someone is trying to trade with you in the zoning game.

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@cornbredx: Actually i didn't. I thought Sam and Max was an original IP.

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@cornbredx: I dunno they seem to be really aggressively pursuing the licensed games. Which I mean, to be fair they did some licensed stuff before Walking Dead came around and blew everyone away. It just seems that might be their entire focus now.

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Meanwhile Sam and Max weep in a corner forgotten.

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I love how when money is involved suddenly everyone is all against DLC. The defensive nature people take the second someone asks them for a single penny for something that they put hard work into frankly appalls me. It will be a task for Valve to curate this properly but I'm all for the idea of modders getting paid for their work.

Everyone needs to quit being cheap asses and cough up money if they want content.

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@sirfork: Sure there will be shit but that happens with any public marketplace. There will be good stuff as well and that stuff will rise to the top and them being able to get paid for their work seems fitting.

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@soulcake said:

I am oké with donating to a modder or mod scéne but i feel like its gonna be glorified DLC like horse Armor from here on forth. There was a time where modder's made stuff just because they liked the game or enjoy making / playing the mods themselves. But with this money incentive ho's gonna make stuff for free now ? Thank for Destroying this scéne !

Yeah! Fuck those guys for wanting to get paid for their work! /eyeroll

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Okay, All signed up and official like now.

Username is the same across all 3 Sites/Services "Demoskinos"

I'll be available anytime after 4:30pm EDT both Saturday and Sunday. I get off work at 4pm both days so I just need some time to get home and get set up.

I'll also be streaming my matches on my twitch at

Most likely going to be going with Kitana. Possibly Cassie. We'll see.

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I think its the best thing NRS has made as a studio so far. Its a ton of fun. Jumping online for some matches is a lot of fun and the living towers is a great idea for continuing to add reasons to keep doing towers.

The only bummer is the servers constantly being up and down.