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I think my name is on that list most likely because I've been extremely critical of Polygon. Hilariously enough Phil Kollar actually followed me not to long ago. Also if you're just going to preemptively block a whole bunch of people just because they are on some list you're an asshole yourself.

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@viciousbearmauling: Complexity doesn't inherently make for a good combat system. DmC's system was simpler than previous DmC games for sure however they still allowed for a ton of personal expression and freedom with how one approached a situation. Just go Youtube some of the many combo exhibition videos out there.

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@defaultprophet: Well you're in luck. He actually does a podcast and has done one for quite some time before his tenure at even game informer. Check out "Interactive Distractions" its a podcast Jason and some of his friends founded.

Its how I knew about Jason way before giant bomb or game informer. As far as I know he was given the go ahead to continue doing the podcast. Although due to work he might not appear as much as he used to. for anyone interested.

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MK is probably my favorite series, I've bought everything not named Special Forces and MK9 was easily in my top 5 of last gen.

Really questioning the choice to do the "multiple versions of each fighter" thing though. Not liking how that's looking at all.

I think that will make for some REALLY exciting match-ups especially in high level play.

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@shadowswordmaster said:

I'm really glad that this thread exists.

Seconded. For the past few months, video game discussion on the internet has been a depressing cesspool. Aside from that crazy dude who sent everyone here a private message, wrasslin talk has been pretty drama-free.

Anwyays, I hear KENTA is on NXT programming tonight?

Heh, nearly forgot about that guy. I screen capped that PM and sent it to the mods. Haha.

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So, I know I'm suuuuuuuper far behind on new emotes. And honestly, I don't watch live shows enough anymore to keep up with the rate of new icons that are being added. So, if someone would like to take over the duty of keeping the icon list archived by all means go ahead and do so. I feel sort of bad having not updated it anytime recently.

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Gotta say I never really followed her work but I still very much knew her name so that says a lot about how much influence she had in her industry.

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I like all of them. And also, why the hell is Peacewalker getting the cold shoulder here?! Like I get that the PSP was a pain in the ass to play games on because the lack of a second stick ect but with the HD version out on PS3/Vita there should be NO reason to not play Peacewalker if you're interested in Metal Gear Solid V. Especially because MGS V basically is a bigger budget version of that base building mechanic and all just like in Peacewalker.

Its the underdog of the series and has some really great moments and characters.

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Dualshock 4 is the best controller I've ever used. I'm really unsure what you mean about the sticks in relation to blood borne. I've never once felt like the sticks caused me to make a mistake.