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Can someone grab me the jason and dan pictures? I'll update the thread as much as I can in the morning. I need the pictures and commands to add though.

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Your kid probably deleted it. Its real easy to do something like that before you realize what happened. And are you sure you're looking in the right spot? Even de-listed games are always still available to people who have already purchased them. I have tons of early Xbox Live Arcade games like Smash TV that were de-listed years ago and I can still get to them.

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So, came across the realization that I never really played this game. Not surprising since the original NES game was never brought state side. So my question is what is the best version of this? I know there was a DS version released but I've heard people say that version is dumb because you have to do stupid social stuff on the DS to unlock some things in the game.

Is the PSP version of the game solid? It would be awesome if it was because then I could get the entire series sans 11,12,13,14 on the Vita.

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One of my fondest memories in the days after Ryan's passing was seeing this tweet from TNA Wrestling superstar Samoa Joe. It just shows how large Ryan's reach was even outside the immediate circle of nerds like us that lurk on video game websites.

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@kishinfoulux: Yes, I just recently cleared CT for the first time. Can't wait to see the new stuff.

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Love ya patrick. Thanks for writing this.