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@bocam: Fictional characters can say plenty of offensive things, but whether it's the best and most fun thing for a game to include an offensive thing is debatable. In this case, some feel Akiba's Trip is a silly, light-hearted romp through vampire-laden Akihabara and the use of a random anti-transgender slur is out of place and hurtful toward their enjoyment of that fun game.

A fictional character in the next Pokemon game could shout, "I'm glad that thug Michael Brown was killed!" if the developer wanted them to, but I imagine many may say it's out of place and rather distracting to their experience of an otherwise cheerful game free from such real world concerns. Something being offensive to someone doesn't mean it automatically belongs in a game no matter anyone's objections. Sometimes inclusions are simply mistakes that detract more than they make a game better, and it's reasonable for people to suggest that may be the case.

I think we should make sure to not mistake concern over a specific and distracting slur with an interest in shutting out any and all potentially offensive content of any kind. Obviously, the feelings and concerns of others different from ourselves are worth considering, and any slight level of concern is not equivalent with an irrational, hyperbolic caricature of concern. These are just real gamers like you disliking that something harmful in their real lives was dragged into an otherwise fun and frivolous game about stripping attractive Japanese vampires while wearing your favorite waifu shirt.

Well, I think it all depends on one thing: context. Context is everything in situations like these. And I think due to the context it is used in its absolutely fine and there is a lot of stink being raised about nothing. Let me throw this at you if Franklin in GTA V drops N Bombs all the time as does his associates. Why? Because it is HOW those kind of characters act and they were trying for the most authentic version of those characters. That doesn't mean its okay to go around throwing the N word around but in that situation it makes sense to put in the game just as it makes sense to put what Xseed did in the game. They were trying to emulate a specific type of person and used the same kind of verbage said person would likely use.

I think its silly to be offended by this.

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@honkalot: Call your bank and see what is up.

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No because a lot of people I want to talk to on a daily basis use it. And its still a better news source than actual news most times. Its very easy to be all grumble grumble social media is the downfall of society but here is the thing all technology has its good and bad sides. If you're going to quit twitter over stuff like that you might as well unplug from the internet entirely.

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Finally was able to log back onto PSN on PS4. Albeit at 1am right when i'm going to sleep but hey...hopefully this means I can play the PS4 version of FFXIV tomorrow instead of the PC version.

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Haven't turned on my PS3 but I do seem to be able to connect with my Vita. I can even access the store and the website seems to be up now as well. Just PS4 issues for whatever reason.

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So the PSN status page says its up and online yet I can't get on on my PS4 anyone have luck?

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@quid_pro_bono: Yep. Feds prob wouldn't have batted an eye at this until they just did that. Now this kid will be getting his teeth pistol whipped down his throat by an FBI agent.

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@sackmanjones: DDOS attacks flood the server of the host with more data packets than it can handle. People who do this shit are usually referred to as "script kiddies" because literally all you do is point piece of software designed to DDOS at server and let the program do the work. Anyone can do this because it takes zero effort or skill to actually do. So Tl;Dr they most likely never actually remotely accessed the Sony servers.

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@feive_vz: As long as you set your client to connect to the Primal Data Center (the data center ultros is on) you should be fine.