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So, next week is the next major patch in Final Fantasy XIV. Patch 2.2 brought about a bunch of awesome new changes. The're have been several patches since and they have added a bunch of minor things but 2.3 is where its at! I'm going to gather and repost all the available information square has detailed so far. There has never been a better time to jump into the game! And the Giantbomb Free Company is still very active so look us up if you're on the Ultros server!


New story quests, new dungeons ,chocobo raising, new crafting recipes and Desynthesis and entirely new PvP mode, Daily Hunts, private chambers. This is a huge update and its really exciting. Here is the official trailer which shows off everything the patch has to offer.

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@gutterkisser: "dumb internet shit" Is just Ryan's style though. He would groan at a serious memorial for him.

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I'd say I'm a mix. Depends on the weather. Like c'mon lets not be silly middle of winter I'm putting on more clothes not less but in the summer nothing better than getting home from work and just taking all your damn clothes off and cooling off.

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@strife777: That's about my take on it. If your main hobby and interests revolve around drugs and or alcohol you probably are a boring person.

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Sucks your gone Ryan. You would have fucking loved this new Riff Raff Album. R.I.P

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She must be desperate for coke money.

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UGH. That is the only response I have to this.

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So, apparently Dixie Carter was legit hurt on the bubba bomb that she took at the TNA tapings. And apparently Team 3D are back together so basically this means I might start needing to watch TNA?

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I quit liking anything relating to dragonball about the time I graduated high-school. I still like anime I just think Dragonball is super dumb now.

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So I really hope these videos are a work.