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Been staring at this damn countdown clock on my PSN library forever. Can't wait until next tuesday. Glad to see that it seems that they did in fact learn from Dragon Age 2 and its failures and Origins and its strong points.

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I don't understand people who have an issue with the PS4 UI or even the PS3 UI for that matter the XMB was lightyears beyond the mess that the 360 dashboard was.

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One of my favorite Bombcast moments is Ryan telling the story of how he ended up permanently fucking up Johnny V's Fable III save when some horrible glitch happened.

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I just want to say foaming at the mouth crazy Randy Orton is the best thing. I really hope that they don't fuck up what he has going.

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@mannymar: Ah that might be why I never had an issue. No filthy discs here son! Digital future ahoy!

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So I fell asleep watching RAW Monday night and proceeded to have the weirdest dream in which Rusev started making out with Chris Masters in the middle of the ring.

So yeah, that was a thing.

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I think I might like the original better honestly. Not a fan of the new graphics.

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So you've convinced me. Next time there is a lull in games I'm going to go back to X/X2 HD collection and finish it. Never finished X tried to start it earlier this year and failed horribly at staying engaged. (Thanks FFXIV) But I do want to finish it so possibly after I finish Dragon Age?

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The one that had the prinnys in it.