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(Linking appears to be broken right now?) Its called 5-Star Wrestling and boy is this game RIPE for a quick look. Its got fake looking versions of WWE wrestlers like Brock Lesnar and the Rock. This is just begging for @danryckert and @jeff to form a Tag Team and see what is up with this thing. Cause god am I curious.

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I've quit being upset about silly DLC. Its not worth your time getting angry about people. If its worth your time buy it if its not then don't simple as that.

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@recspec said:

Apparently Vladimir Putin hasn't been seen in public in at least a week. It's a really bizarre as hell story, but the main reason I'm posting this here (aside from Rusev of course) is that a head of a radio station said there would be news about Putin in 48 hours. This was posted on Saturday night. Why is that significant? 48 hours from Saturday would be Monday night, and what better way to get more attention to your Cena and Rusev feud?

I'd actually watch for the first time in like 4 months if that happened.

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I mean, not surprising. Its a re-release of an old game I don't think any of these things really do gangbusters other than possibly the Final Fantasy X and Metal Gear Solid HD releases.

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@rongalaxy: They don't just change enemy placement, they change enemy types and even the level layouts change. You'll know it when you get to that fucking boat level on hard mode, holy shit.

As rough as I expect that level will be nothing is going to be worse than the Power Plant. I just...I don't even want to think about that lmao.

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All of them honestly. Its pretty much what I wanted out of a sequel.

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I just wouldn't play with him anymore. If he asks why just straight up tell him why.

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I wont go into too much detail here becsuse im hoping to write something more in depth about Hotline Miami 2. But I will say that as a fan of both I think the second is head and shoulders above the original.

Also,there are very few instances of 100% HAVING to use guns. You just have to think outside of the box of how you tackle your approach. I hope to write more about this very soon.

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@shagge: For 100% completion easily 80-100 hours.