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But...thats a pig not a hippo

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This reminds me of the hilarious conversation IGN had about how "uncomfortable" it was going to be to kill female avatars in Call of Duty Multipalyer after Ghosts announced that lady characters were going to be available to use.

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Just wanted to let everyone know Netherealm is putting on a Exibition for MKX featuring some of the top players from MK9 right now.

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The key in the final phase is having weapon with a good reach. Hit him ONCE and back off until your poison bar has dropped. Rinse repeat. Fire also works wonders on him so if you have some firepaper I'd use it.

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@fredchuckdave: Yeah I feel like discussion of bosses in BB should be preempted with how much insight you had going into it cause seriously especially with some bosses like ROM its a night and day difference in how the fight flows.

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I'm going to guess around E3 time. I have no basis or source for that other than my gut feeling but it just seems like a thing that they would throw out in the summertime as part of a PSN update. What better then for them to be all AND YOU CAN GO DOWNLOAD YAKUZA 5.....RIGHT NOW. And....then all 15 of us who are anticipating it can go bombard the store. :p

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@turboman: Yeah, the B&B Corps. sorta suck. And aside from the cut scenes, my biggest problem is the frame-rate. It's hard going back to MGS4 when practically all the other Metal Gear games are at 60fps now.

I really liked the pseudo call backs with all of them. Having another sniper battle in the snowfield at shadow moses? Great stuff. My only problem with the B&B corps was their back stories were copy & paste. Young girl who had something horribly wrong and now she is consumed by one specific type of emotion blah blah.....

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There are some PS4 games that are equal size. Battlefield 4 was like 45GB GTA V for PS4 was like 56GB. I think Destiny was pretty large as well.

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Anyone else besides me murder the old man before Rom? If you do you get a pretty decent rune.

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@mustainium: Expecting that they give you everything just because you threw an extra $30 at them for a season pass is laughable. It costs them money and man hours to make this stuff and while I'm sure they appreciate your patronage they also have to come out in the black on these deals or its not worth making it for them.

People need to drop the expectation that a season pass means you get everything because that always isn't the case. They tell you right up front what you're getting and that hey, if you buy it in bulk and all at once we'll cut you a little deal and give you a few bucks off. I don't see how that isn't a win/win for everyone involved. I'll grant you that possibly the terminology of these things could be reworked a bit but its not like these companies are trying to pull a fast one on you. They tell you exactly what you are or aren't getting for your money.