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The art in Dragon's Crown is overblown in its character design in general. Look at the dwarf his muscles have muscles and all of the men are chiseled out of stone. Its not just the women. I still don't and will never get why people get upset about the art.

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Just read that WCW Nitro will be added to the WWE Network (finally) this fall, seeing as I missed out WCW pretty much completely as a child I'm finding myself pretty excited. Especially as all WCW Nitro rips available are of poor quality.

Finally! That's pretty much what I've been waiting for the whole time.

Also, yeah, Rybaxel is gold. I wish they got more backstage promo time and weren't just booked as Team That Occasionally Jobs to Dust Bros, because they've got something going. I've liked Ryback since someone linked some of his youtube videos like a year ago in this thread. Still no idea why he went from crazy over in the main event to low card jobber tag team. I guess Cena'll do that to you.

You know, a real dumb thing would be to watch every Nitro and PPV from the time Tony Schiavone started announcing and keep a running tally from the day he started until WCW's demise how many nights were "The greatest night in the history of our sport"

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People who say that are often looking in the wrong places.

Totally, and Dan's assumption that all "good" bands are financially successful ones is just so... absurd. There are tons of great unsigned artists on soundcloud and even spotify where you can listen to their shit for free. There is tons of stuff for everyone with all tastes of music out there. You just have to be willing to look for it a bit.

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Dan is a cool person and all but he really seems to lack the ability to go at all outside his comfort zone and try things. There is tons of new music that is awesome i constantly roll my eyes at people who do the "rawr rawr music is no good these days" shtick

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Anyone catch The Shield documentary? Watched it last night. Pretty decent watch.

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Pretty excited for this. I think its going to be a ton of fun trying to design an impenetrable base and invading others.

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From what I can tell, the whole "anime avatar" thing is just an observation that turned into a running joke. Obviously not everyone that is into anime is an asshole, but you can't deny that a lot of assholes are into anime.

I watched Kill La Kill recently. The costume design did make me feel a little uncomfortable at times, but the animation/art and humor is top notch.

Even if it is a joke which, in many cases its not its a very poor joke when you're a person like Leigh Alexander on Ben Kuchera who regularly campaign for equality for Women and Minorites in gaming. If that's going to be your platform while at the same time you shun entire groups of people because of an interest they share well then I can't very well take anything you say seriously can I?

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Yeah, I realize that I've come into it at a better time than ever, not just in terms of the sheer availability and convenience of shows, but also in cultural acceptance. I'd hope that anime to at least some degree is following in the footsteps of video games, which have gone from a fringe and childish-considered hobby to mainstream acceptance. It's a bit different insofar as anime is inherently Japanese, but both probably (hopefully?) benefit from similar trends of social acceptance.

More so than this, I'd like to see other cultures attempt to do more mature and interesting things with animation. I'm not saying that there aren't American cartoons that haven't tackled something deep before, but I can't think of an American analogue to Cowboy Bebop or Baccano. Something for adults, something that doesn't have to be suitable for kids or a late-night comedy cartoon to get made. Maybe the internet will make that possible once somebody figures out how to do it without having to pay producers, directors, actors, and TV networks loads of money just to get something out there.

EDIT: I mean not just American. I thought "American" because, well, that's where I'm from. I meant other cultures in general.

Yeah, its weird how there ARE adult cartoons in the west but they are in fact as you already mentioned all comedy.

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@grantheaslip: Oh, and while you're bringing up awful tweets you missed this gem from Phil Fish. He of course deleted his tweet and locked his account afterwards because Phil is nothing but a big troll. Manged to see this screencap via @luminocracy on twitter.

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This isn't going to stop until the officer responsible is dead. Its just a matter of when they tear him apart rather than if they tear him apart.