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I still maintain that RE6 is a damn fine game. That's my story and Im sticking to it!

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I nearly put my fist through the screen of my laptop over FinalFantasy XI once yeah.....ruined that

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@rjayb89 said:

*Plays as Oliver until his health stops being healed*

*Switches to Esther to use a provision item so she can heal everyone*

*Oliver repeatedly uses an attack that attacks every enemy on screen when there's only one thing to kill, repeatedly*

*Eyes are rolled*

Grind so you can steamroll shit and avoid having to suffer from the bad AI.

Oh this is lovely, I went into a new area fought a brand new enemy for the first time and it became charmable so I switch to Esther to use the harp and catch the thing and then Oliver proceeds to use a AoE attack and wipe out all enemies on the screen including the monster I'm trying to tame. Gee, thanks Ollie. -_-;;

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@spankingaddict: Nice. Congrats sir! I wouldn't put it on the shelf yet though Bloody Palace and the Vergil DLC are approaching.

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@Fattony12000: If you're feeling that way then go out and find people with similar interests and meet up with them. Not a clue where you live but fund a trip to PAX or something. Ya know get around other people. These days with the internet at your fingertips its really easy to find like minded groups and people to hang out with.

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I don't care even if you don't like Patrick but complaining about it at this point is just fucking dumb. So shut up, ya jerks.

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@Levio: I think grumpy cat has filled that void.

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@spankingaddict: You've just got to make the most out of all of your encounters. Also, FYI if you take the right path instead of the left you can fight an extra two enemies that are entirely skippable. If I remember rightly 17 is the well of souls with the fire and stuff right?

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@big_jon: Oh I'm with you there duder. Its my favorite of the series so far I've put a ton of time into the game and every single bit of it being in the multiplayer. I'm rank 83 right now and loving it. Although in recent weeks I've been distracted by the new shiny allure of new releases such as DmC and Ni No Kuni but Halo 4 has been a game since November that has been rotation for play ever since. Its just alarming to see the player count dwindle so much. Granted, 20-30k people playing is still "a lot" in the scheme of things but when you factor in the numbers that Halo games usually do that is when it really gets concerning. I'll be interested to see what exactly they are planning to do about DLC. I've got this fancy season pass and waiting on more maps if they get to putting them out.