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Well at least he didn't call her a broad or a chick. So hey...theres that.

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I like your theories. Also I think at some point we will see a now 25 year old Paz. She is assumed to still be alive at the end if peace walker after Big Boss destroys ZEKE.

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I'm starting on 1999 mode so its been interesting. Also attempting to not use any Vending Machines as there is a trophy for beating 1999 without using any Vending Machines. Should be interesting.

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Ghost Images.

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Um, nope. I don't think I have that I can recall.

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No not really I pretty much have to keep playing them at this point. This also gives me my first real reason for a PS4 as well. As others have said they did change his voice for MGS 4 so I would be sort of okay with him getting a new voice actor but that new voice actor still needs to be sort of gruff sounding. I mean at this point Big Boss is getting old and were marching ever closer to the 80's which is when Metal Gear 1 took place.

I really hope this sets up Big Boss' sort of heel turn. So far every game featuring Big Boss has still had him come off as a hero. There had to be a breaking point where he actually changes or at least I'd figure and I'd think MGSV is the place to show that.

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Is that Jeff Green above Gerstmann? Also Tim Schaffer looks like he should be in a Wayne's World movie.

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As the voice thing goes... I dunno I'm willing to wait and see voice acting is the easiest thing in a game to drop in and replace. So....who knows. For all we know the guy in the scrubs crawling isn't even Big Boss. I mean lets not forget Big Boss never lost an arm. Remember guys this is the dude who pulled the wool over everyone's eyes and we ended up playing as Raiden in MGS 2. Just lets all chill out and not jump to conclusions just yet. We only have seen the tip of the iceberg here.

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It seems fine to me it just seems that there are a few "it" topics that usually crowd the front page for a few days as people discuss them. It also depends on when you create topics. I've created some at like 3am that get no responses at all because nobody is around at that time.

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What in all hell? That casting is so incredibly dumb that I think this has gone from being offensive to stupid to now creeping into awesomely bad territory.