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Seeing as you could piece together a decent PC for that price yourself that seems real dumb price wise.

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OOOOOKAY! Metal Gear March Rolls on! Metal Gear Solid 2 done. Results below. I'm a little pissed because I didn't realize until after I got to the Solidus fight that using the R3 to "Stab" even when you turned the H.F. Blade to stun still kills dudes so...I SHOULD have had zero kills. UGH! Anyways...

Okay so, I was a lot younger when I played Metal Gear Solid 2 the first time and I think a lot of it went over my head and I just didn't appreciate it. This is only the 2nd time I've ever beaten it. DUDE. THIS GAME IS THE SAINTS ROW 3 OF FUCKING MGS. IT IS INSANE. Seriously, I forgot what a batshit crazy left turn this game takes once you board arsenal gear. Solid Snake literally at one point answers Raiden's inquery about how much ammo he has by pointing to his headband and saying "Infinite Ammo" BOOM. 4th wall shattered. And yeah, I know MGS has always flirted a bit with 4th wall breaking by characters referring to controller buttons and functions in normal conversation but maaaan the end of that game just breaks the coconut wide open.

Its great though if you can step back and just appreciate it for its lunacy. Which was exactly what I think I missed the first time around. I tried to take the game WAY to seriously the first time I played it. Which isn't to say that this game doesn't have serious moments because it does but the "serious" moments come from the character moments. It took me way longer than I needed to get through the game as I ended up retrying segments over...and over...and over until I got them right. You'll see I also cut down on my saves and rations used from Metal Gear Solid 1 run. Again, trying to improve and see if I can get better. I think if I kept running the game I could eventually have it down to a science. Anyways, Metal Gear March rolls on with Metal Gear Solid 3 and that starts NOW! Snaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake Eaaater!

One last thing for anyone who has read this far I still think the Patriots overall intentions for the Big Shell stuff was a bit lost on me. I get that Ocelot said that the entire thing was designed to recreate Shadow Moses but I'm still lost on their overall intentions. Was it simply to gather data to formulate a way to essentially reproduce soldiers with the ability of Solid Snake? Anyways, results below. Metal Gear March rolls on.

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@max_cherry: The days of steroids are long gone. That doesn't mean there aren't a few guys that still do them but the wellness program in the WWE is leagues better than it ever was during the 90's. Look at guys like CM Punk who was the longest reigning champion of the last few decades. They are absolutely not the bodybuilder body type. Thats why guys like Bruno Sammartino who was so critical of the WWE's product for years and years is finally being put in the hall of fame now that he has seen the improvements to the product.

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I don't think people actually GET how hard pro wrestling is. When the two guys and the ref step in the ring they know at most two things.

  1. Who is getting put over and winning the match.
  2. Possibly any big spots and how the finish is going to go down.

These guys are improvising on the fly while communicating with each other in the ring making sure the match looks good and making sure they are as safe as they can be. You CAN get hurt doing these moves. Wrestler by the name of Droz crippled because he landed from a power bomb wrong. Adam "Edge" Copland who is in his thirties had to retire WAY early because he broke his neck and the resulting trauma through the years made continuing wrestling a death sentence for him.

These guys give their bodies and their souls every damn night. Touring over 200 days a year on the road new city every night. Its an extremely tough life to lead in a sport where there are only so many spots on TV. And there are indie guys working JUST as hard for $25 dollars a night at some shitty high-school gym doing a show for 50 people because they are in love with pro-wrestling.

It is easy to hate on wrestling now days because things were always "better" back in your day. Except when it wasn't. Its just fun to watch wrestling because it IS dumb but its dumb in a way that is amazing. When your in the arena and the show is going on the laws of reality are almost suspended. You have things that happen that just don't make sense in the real world but you don't question them when you watch the show because the universe of WWE runs on its own logic. And thats great! Its fun and its more fun to watch and discuss with other people. Which is why its fun watching even a bad show with the guys from the wrestling thread. Even if the show ends up being sub-par for the night you'll always have fun at least making fun with it. But its like the story of Metal Gear Solid or hell Saints Row the more you try to take it seriously it just seems dumb in an awful way. Its when you let go and let yourself just be absorbed by the show that you get why wrestling is so much fun.

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While I'll give her that it is well researched and presented (and god for as much money as she took I'd hope so) but I still think that there is a streak of misandry underscoring everything she says even if in this video its much more well masked. And while put together well its not terribly impressive that she is basically just regurgitating information anyone can find on Wikipedia. But hey...whatever at least she is finally actually putting out videos.

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Aye, finally my Rising review gets its proper due. I should really get this Ni No Kuni blog out the door soon.

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Best moment: "Tell your mom to suck a dick!"

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As someone who has 100%'ed this game I'll answer your question with another question. Do you plan to do a lot of stuff post game? If yes then go ahead and level him up because he is actually fairly useful in some fights if you get him the right familiars. However if you just want to plow through the game and get it done Swaine would be just fine.