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Dude Dark Souls as well as Demons Souls both have crafting.

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Fuck no.

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So is this real or not? Like I'm not even sure.....

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@fluxwavez: Probably haven't as I'm going blind into 1999 mode on my first run here. So scraping and saving every bit of Salts, Health and Ammo I can.

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So I just got the shock jockey from Slate in the Hall of Heroes. Do the later vigors ever have any other cool uses to them other than press the button to shoot the thing hold it to do a trap? I mean these traps are useful and I might be wrong in this but I remember Bioshock 2's Plasmid's having a few different uses for some of them. These mostly just seems like pick whatever element you're inclined to outside of the Possession one. Which is the first and kind of still only unique one so far.

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@liquidprince: I'm probably worse as I considered buying a WiiU at one point for this. =p

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@theveej: There are a few spots that are pretty challenging on Hard and there are two difficulty options above that. There are also 100 challenges you can play solo or co-op, Chapter Challenge for score runs and of course the actual multi-player. Its a pretty good deal for $40. And yeah, I can totally see why most people would just roll their eyes at this and write it off as yet another disappointing entry into the Ninja Gaiden series from the Hayashi lead Team Ninja. Which is exactly why I wanted to post this to try to get some word out that this is actually worth the $40.

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This is cool. I'll quickly post my admiration for this post existing and quickly leave to return once I've finished the game...

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This is a really weird choice but... Angry Beavers. I dunno man something about that show I really liked as a kid and still do.

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Cool we'll that is yet another point in Sony's camp and yet another miss for Microsoft. I think my mind is pretty set on PS4 right now unless whatever Xbox has is so fucking crazy that its worth all this hassle which...we'll see.