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@ThePaleKing: Ninja Theory developed this not Team Ninja.

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@Zella: Yeah, I stomped through Hell and Hell with Super Dante too. I think I'll go back and beat it proper though once I pop the game back in for Bloody Palace and Vergil DLC in Febuary. The thing is though even with Super Dante you really aren't at a huge advantage with the final boss. Which, on one hand is kind of neat that they actually make you earn it a little bit instead of letting you full on cheese Hell and Hell.

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@WarlordPayne: No, you can skip cut-scenes. Some of them you have to watch a few seconds because it masks load times during the cut-scenes. On the console versions it would be Back/Select button to skip.

As to the question. I really enjoy the platforming. Using the grappling hooks to navigate the environments is really fun especially in some of the latter stages where you are swinging around the level like freaking spider man or something. Its great.

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Yell "THIS IS A STICKUP!" and jump on a table.

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I haven' t played the vita version myself but I hear Ninja Gaiden Sigma + is pretty rad. And being a Ninja Gaiden fan that would be my recommendation

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@rentfn: I think you're crazy son. They aren't going to make The Rock jump through all those hoops for a title shot.

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Looks like someone at Level 5 is a fan of Ghost Problems and Ghost Problems more. I can't blame them. Because like, who isn't?

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@MarkWahlberg: Glorious.

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  • United States Champion Antonio Cesaro vs The Miz (Cesaro - 50pts)
  • WWE Tag Team Champions Team Hell No (Daniel Bryan and Kane) vs Team Rhodes Scholars (Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow) (Rhodes Scholars)
  • World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio vs The Big Show (Del Rio)
  • WWE Champion CM Punk vs The Rock - Singles match for the WWE Championship (The Rock - 200pts)
  • The 2013 30-Man Royal Rumble Match (Rules for the match are below).

Royal Rumble Betting Powered By Krazy™

For this match there is no buy-in, all you have to do is answer the questions and if you're right you get 100 points per question (for a total of 500 points). If there are two parts to a question, each part is worth 50 points. Also, in questions that have to do with time or number of eliminations, the person closest without going over wins (Price is Right rules) and multiple people can bet on the same thing. Finally, the parts of each question are independent of each other. For example, if you get the Ironman wrong, but, if you get the time right, you will win 50 points for that question.

The Questions:

  • Who wins the Royal Rumble? (John Cena)
  • Who will be the Ironman (Longest Time in the Rumble)? How long will they last? (Dolph Ziggler 25 Minutes)
  • Who will have the shortest time in the match? How long will they last? (Heath Slater 30 seconds)
  • Who will have the most eliminations in the match? How many will they eliminate? (John Cena - 5 Eliminations)
  • Will Kane beat Shawn Michaels' record for total number of eliminations? (Yes)