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@Klei Beating it and S-Ranking it are two entirely different things.

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@Fredchuckdave Well I usually only go for achievements or trophies for games I enjoy. Its a easy way to extend the life of the game. I liked Vanquish but wasn't a huge huge fan of it. And yeah Sigma 2 has some hard trophies I've got most of them but couldn't beat the higher tier coop missions so I put that one down.

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If you have EMP grenades throw them at monsoon.

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Im a dude who preordered the 360 6-Months out and I've got to say unless Microsoft can wow me Im throwing in with Sony.

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Yes. I figure even if the story is bad they deserve at least one watch through. I like having at least general context for my objectives in games.

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Oh I know achievements on the site are gone. I just use that as a general term now for finishing all of the trophies. Dunno the more I think about it the more Im liking the idea of the insane challenge.

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I played through once so far. Most likely play through again once I turn the game back on for Vergil's downfall this week. Um, got to about mission 69 then I got real stupid and made some mistakes and died. Pretty sure I can beat the damn thing but I've only really taken one good whack at it.

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So, I beat Metal Gear Rising the other night. Now today I dug in and finished up all of the collectibles. Yay all of the unlock-able swords! Anyways, now I have two options as I see at this point. I can drop the game now and be done with it or to go on and S-Rank it. The game is actually fairly fun but also its also REALLY short. A quick jaunt through the VR missions might add on another hour or two but for the most part all the content has been exhausted.

So, the only way I see to extent my playtime with the game is to have a set of goals to work for i.e the trophies. Which for the large part are doable there are however a series of 7 trophies that could prove most troublesome.

  • S-Rank every mission in the game on Revengence (Very-Hard) mode. Getting an S-Rank means getting an S-Rank in EVERY battle in the game in every level. Some battles are easily enough placed close to a checkpoint for easy restarts others....would most likely require entire level restarts if you messed them up.
  • "Perfect" boss runs. There are Five trophies for five of the major boss fights in which you must take NO damage while doing them on Hard mode. Hard mode isn't what I'm worried about because honestly unlike a game like say DmC the enemies don't really seem to change up attack patterns much at all.
  • 1st Place in all VR missions. The last trophy that seems like a real pain here. The VR missions start to get pretty challenging pretty quickly. All of your upgrades are pretty much null and void here meaning you start with your default 100% life bar and battery gauge.

So, trying to make up my mind on this. I don't really have anything "new" to get to and the next game I get is going to be Ninja Gaiden Razor's edge in April so... lots of time to kill with no new games. So anyone else flirting with the idea of going all out for an S-Rank? I had a lot of fun S-Ranking DmC recently even though that game's trophies were really easy.

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I'm really wondering if Crysis 3 is just too goddamn much for the 360 to handle. We've had people posting about Crysis 3 making their 360's overheat and I've seen people post about all sorts of other bugs. Now Jeff posts this. Weird man.

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Oh my god. These songs are fucking amazingly dumb. I think a Saints Row theme vs Pimp My Bass needs to happen. SOMEONE DO THIS.