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Oh god... you've just jarred a deep dark memory in my mind that I didn't know even existed. I FUCKING REMEMBER WATCHING THIS! Oh god the 90's ..... *runs away screaming*


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Oh praise jeebus. August is going to be great. Killer is Dead from Suda51 and now this. Absolutely delightful. =D

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Shorter levels make for easy replay ability.

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@soapy86 said:

I feel like we're already playing Metal Gear Solid V.

or Metal Gear Solid V is playing YOU. DUN DUN DUN!

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Its kind of hard to tell you what to expect without spoiling it a bit at least. But you can expect a ton of awesome that's for sure.

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I dont see a "Fuck You" option on the poll.

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This year so far? Uh...DmC,Ni No Kuni,Metal Gear Rising, Metal Gear Solid, MGS2 and soon to be MGS3.

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Id say PS4 but that's simply my bias right now since that's the next thing Im gonna buy hardware wise.