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@MaxOpower: That demo is not at all a representation of the quality of the final game. 2 entire years have passed since that thing, most of which was spent testing the hell out of it and refining it constantly. Take that more as a very very early work in progress / alpha. It is NOT a demo of the final product.

Just thought I'd chime in and clear that up. ;)

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@MordeaniisChaos: I would seriously prefer if didn't play any old versions of the game, because it's something that works off first experiences, and that version is over a year and a half old. I really wish people would stop linking to it. :)  
@Dread612 It may be early 2012. I'm not sure. I have no idea. We'll see. I'm always working to get it done, but this game is incredibly difficult to get right. :)
@EVO Yeah I'm Australian
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@hoossy: I'm totally Alexander Bruce. My website is, and the games site is I'm on Twitter as, and Facebook as The games page is
@Ahmad_Metallic That page is super super old, and the images / description should probably be updated to match the website. :)
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I created it, and I can say that it works best when you know nothing. Without saying too much, it's a game about taking 25 years of history of games and actively making the player unlearn all of that to make space for what else is possible in a game. It's a game about space, geometry and perception, it's a metroidvania in a giant seamless world, it's about discovery and exploration, and it involves puzzles. The rest, I'll leave up to your experience once it's released.

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Hey guys. Just a quick point about the screen tearing that you mentioned. That was only because it was plugged into the huge screen next to it so that others could see it being played, as it was updating the refresh rate for that TV rather than for the laptop screen. If the colours themselves were giving you a headache, I'm aware that that happens for some people, and there are already design solutions being implemented that also help get around that. It's just not in the current build yet.