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Kingdom Hearts 2: FM+ Re: CoM to North America?!
Written by Monkey
Saturday, 12 July 2008

Edit: (July 14, 2008 ) A fourth insider source has also confirmed it. =) We may finally have some truth!

Edit: (July 13, 2008 ) Despite the fact that some other Kingdom Hearts Sites are preferring to play this news down, we now have a third Neogaf Confirmation from Dragona Akehi. Hopefully it is all of Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix+ and not just Re: Chain of Memories. =) Thanks for sticking with us!

Edit: Neogaf's Duckroll is also confirming this to be true. Because of various confirmations, KHInsider is lead to believe that Re: Chain of Memories will indeed be released in North America. However, we are not yet fully sure if it will be with Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix+. Stay tuned. =)

Very very odd and surprising news. Do not take it as confirmed yet!. However, it has been going around the blogosphere that Kingdom Hearts: Re: Chain of Memories is indeed coming out for North America (without Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix?). The following statement was released on the website WithTheWill: I've confirmed this with MULTIPLE people.

I don't know if it's the full Final Mix+, or just Re:COM...

But we are getting Re:Chains Of Memories in the USA.

I've even been told the character artwork they are showing is the generic 'CGI Pose' of the Organization members that are up at damn near EVERY Kingdom Hearts fansite.

Square (or Disney, not sure), have been auditioning TONS of people for the last few weeks for voices of Organization XIII members (Vexen, Lexaeus, Zexion, Marluxia, and Larxene) saying the game is 'Chains of Memories'.

The casting people/paperwork are/is specifically calling it 'Kingdom Hearts Chains of Memories' and are SPECIFICALLY casting the 5 Organization members that I named in the article, all of whom were in CoM and don't have cast English voice actors (outside of those 5 I don't know if anyone else is being cast in any fashion, although I THINK those were the only 5 characters who are in CoM who don't already have English actors from KH/KH2).

So while it is possible they are being cast for 358/2 Days, the 'name' being told to people in the auditions is specifically CoM, I've reconfirmed that specific fact with quite a few people who auditioned and it has been consistent between them all.

This was followed by a post from Neogaf Member: Aeana, known for her insider information, with: "This is not untrue."

For those that do not know, Kingdom Hearts: Re: Chain of Memories is a remake of Chain of Memories for the Playstation 2, included with Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix+.


More KH Figure Info
Written by bittermeats
Sunday, 13 July 2008
While we're waiting for the major gaming events to happen, here's whats up in the Kingdom Hearts merchandise department.


The August issue of PlayStation: The Official Magazine contained an article featuring artists who do customization work to figurines. Among them, the talented Mike Amos had two Kingdom Hearts customizations highlighted. You can view the Sora figure Soruto by clicking the images.

The Soruto figure is an obvious mix of popular anime character Naruto and Kingdom Hearts hero, Sora. The figure looks like a drive form, complete with custom Keyblade! He also has done a customization on a Cloud figurine, recreating his look from Kingdom Hearts. For more information on his work, please visit his website.


Things are blowing up

So far everything seems to be giong swell. Since this is my first blog here, I'll try to make it worth your time. I'll start by adressing E3 and all the games that I'm pretty excited for.
Okay first we have Fallout 3. This game comes from the studios who made the Elder Scrolls series. It will be hitting the 360 and PC (with exclusive content) and the PS3. This game is a shooter that employs some RPG aspects, I don't know too much about the rpg side, but as of now it seems to be one of the most anticipated games.
Next we have Sonic Unleashed. From what I've seen at Gamespot's stage show at E3, this game fixes the major glitches found in the past few sonic games. I mention this game because the concept of light and dark and because during the day you play as sonic employing the classic sense of speed. Then during the night you play a more action oriented role as a were-hedgehog. I hope to see this game shine among the muck that has been released with the Sonic franchise lately.
Another game we have is MAG. I don't know much about this game. But it is very bold for a game to have a possible 256 player match with 8 man teams. This is one of the games I am really looking forward to, but at the same time worried about how glitchy it could possible be. I mean that is pretty out there.

There are more games which I will address in future blogs.

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