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For me personally, all the games that I would pick for GOTY already came out. I don't really see anything on the horizon that will be that good. But I might be wrong.

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I would consider my options and how much I loved him.

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It was supposed to be Watch Dogs, now I guess I wait for Infamous.

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If a new game comes out and I really want to sink my teeth into it, I might take off to get a 3 day or 4 day weekend. But I don't have or want kids so I don't see myself losing that much time.

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I don't like playing hand held games to be honest. But if I had to choose I'd stick with handheld consoles.

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i bought the PS3 version. When the PS4 version is released and I buy the console, I'll probably pick that up. Unless I get a new PC that can run it, cause then i'll just buy he PC version.

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That makes me feel a little less skeptical for the game.

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I love tristana as my ad carry. For support, i think nami.

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The worst thing is the upgrade system. so bad. The game is decent, its beautiful and i like the combat.

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I hope Anna Torv will be coming back to voice Nariko. I also hope the movie doesn't suck.