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Borderlands 2 is better than the original Borderlands in every way possible, but I love them both.

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I'm on a GTX 680 2gb / i7 3770 and performance has been really dicey. Almost unplayable in some spots... I've literally seen the frame rate drop to 0 a few times. It's a real shame because the game seems great. I might just wait and see if new patch or driver comes out and fixes it. If not, I guess i'll be picking up the PS4 version.

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Any other duders out there need the coop trophies? They are the last ones I need so let me know and we can do them together. I'm on PS4, btw.

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Hell no, my parents would probably find that very disrespectful and honestly, so would I.

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I was diagnosed with a severe anxiety disorder when I turned 22, so I know how much of a struggle living with a mental illness can be. Thankfully I got help right away, and I consider myself extremely lucky because I had supportive friends, and a large loving family to help me threw the worst of it. I'm 27 now, and my anxiety is rarely an issue. On top of that, I haven't taken medication in years. I learned how to control my anxiety and live a happy life despite of it. I do take yoga with my girlfriend on weekly basis now, and have found it helps a lot.

So I want to say thanks for everything you do around here, Alex. Your voice is part of what make Giant Bomb so great. Much love, brother.

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Don't get me wrong, I'm really enjoying DA:I, but it is not game of the year. No way.

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As long as the framerate is stable, I don't give a shit.

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Waking up at 5 a.m.

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I really should go back and watch this. I was only three years old when Twin Peaks first aired. I feel as though I missed out on some kind of cultural phenomenon, because everyone on Twitter seems to be going bat shit crazy over the news.

Does the show hold up for someone who has never seen it?

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I never enjoyed Vib Ribbon, but I know a ton of people hold it in pretty high regard. I wonder if this is going to be some kind of remastered version, or just a PSOne Classic title.