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Ernie Hudson was the bad guy in The Crow, though.



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Why is every negative comment deleted on this site?

The extreme moderation on this site is forcing me to reconsider paying money to a site that censors everything I come to say. I read all the comments on a video/podcast/post before commenting and zero people have brought up the elephant in the room. EVERY TIME. Why do I usually delete my comment before posting it on this site? Because I, and people who have similar sensibilities are being excluded from the community by people like Rorie and the oversensitivity brigade. ( I love you Rorie )

Any hatred based on LBGT/Race/etc is horrible. Why do I have to even type this? Because anything negative posted is being deleted. And I can't believe that I am the only one who didn't like this episode, and wasn't a homophobe in the process. So I feel that the GB mods are lumping people together very broadly and with considerable disregard for the similarity of what they are doing, to what they are fighting against.

Silencing dissenting opinion is bad even when you are in power.

Openness and free exchange of ideas should be the goal right?

But in the end I can't even talk in a "public forum" about my views without being asked to "take it to PM".

What would you do if someone said that about someones conversation about homosexually being underrepresented in videogames? Even when the topic came up on the podcast!

Because there's been an overwhelming number of hateful, disgusting and homophobic nonsense for no reason other than "OMG gay woman" so I assume that's made the mods a little punch-happy.

Hate speech, harassment and threats are not "dissenting opinion" nor "openness or free exchange of ideas"

And not every negative comment has been deleted, so quit your overreacting.

And what exactly is the "elephant in the room?" Please, tell me in a way that doesn't sound like you're trying to make something that shouldn't matter, matter in a weird and gross way that has no bearing on anyone's credibility to be on a podcast about video games.

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I don't understand how anyone could have anything negative to say about this Bombcast. Samantha was an amazing guest, one of the best they ever had, they talked about a potentially serious topic in a very fun (but still worthwhile and educational) way, and the second half had some of the most hilarious digressions and side-topic conversations on a bombcast to date.

I'm just happy to see people like me, Depeche Mode fans, represented more fairly in the media.

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Awesome great list full of stuff I would have never discovered otherwise. It's the best kind of Top 10 list!

I really don't understand the hate its getting. I mean, why? What's the point. Leaving mean-spirited or angry comments about something like this...that's just DUMB in all the ways imaginable. And the fact that this list is getting so much more shit than any other "alternative" or indie-centric Top 10 list GB has had in the past really makes i even more obvious that this culture is a disgusting mass of idiot sexist manboy assfarts who should be lined up and kicked in the balls.

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I'm glad you guys like my records! Sorry about the ferret calendar.

Thanks for sending those in, that was a fantastic mailbag! At its peak, your collection must really have been something to behold! =)

Also, I find it super sad that the desks across from Brad & Jeff appear to be unoccupied.


MY COLLECTION IS AT ITS PEAK. I still have 2,000+ records, going strong. And these aren't even in the top 100 of dumb shit I have.

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I'm glad you guys like my records! Sorry about the ferret calendar.

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Also, you can't pause a single-player race ever no matter what.

This is a shit version of Most Wanted or Hot Pursuit, less features than either game, tons of interface issues. Three stars is generous IMO.

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I am completely baffled by people talking about how impressed they are with the Xbox One exclusives only to then say that they're NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER going to buy one. At first they complained that Xbox didn't care enough about games, and now that they're showing a lot of impressive games it's still not enough to satisfy people. If Microsoft was as stubborn and close minded as these people are, then you'd still have to always be online, and you'd still always have to have the Kinect hooked up.

Let go of your hatred and enjoy things that are well made. You shouldn't let your nerd rage keep you from enjoying something you would otherwise enjoy.

Or, y'know, we can't afford two systems and went with the one they liked the most for other reasons so maybe chill out because fuck.

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@pr1mus: He also sucks at describing dashboard and UI features but I love him anyways.