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He has unpopular opinions about popular video games.

He is very outspoken.

He is a feminist.

There you go.

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Never understood the dislike of Kotaku. They have a bunch of talented writers there. I wish Patrick Luck.

I stopped going there a few years ago when they published a story explaining how to cheat on your spouse and not get caught, providing links to cheaters dating sites and gross shit like that.

Is that reason enough?

I doubt that a gaming site published such an article and that you are either a liar or clicked on a link to a Gawker article.

People don't like Kotaku for one of two reasons:
1. They publish a shitton of content, which includes a lot of pointless BS.
2. They're "SJWs."

I would say the overwhelming number of Kotaku-haters fall into the latter, because a lot of people in gaming still can't deal with games being treated seriously.

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Honestly Phil comes off as so mentally unstable that I could easily see him leaking all that information himself. Whether it was him or not though it certainly wasn't 4chan, as anyone who browses could tell you how hilariously fake the statement "I am the head mod over at /V/ and leader of and Anonymous." is.

Given the nature of what was doxxed (basically ALL his banking and financial information that could be used for ID theft, it's obvious it wasn't him. But yeah, it wasn't 4chan either.

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Ghost Trick, because TLOU is a poorly controlled mess of a game with a trite story and forgettable characters.

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TWD is a choose your own adventure book, but written even worse. Just like everything else associated with that franchise it's boring, overrated crap with stilted dialogue and idiotic characters who do moronic things only because the plot tells them to. As gaming technology and development ideas improve and developers find more organic ways to incorporate gamer choice into the narrative, TWD will vanish from history and become little more than a curious footnote.

In Saints Row: The Third you team up with Burt Reynolds to smash zombies with a giant purple dildo.

How this is even a competition is beyond me.

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@erhard: I never played Most Wanted. From what I've read though this seems like an even more multiplayer-focused iteration of that. It also strips out a lot of features that I feel should be standard in any game like this, you can't even customize the soundtrack. It looks great and plays fine, but the amazing acclaim its getting is baffling to me.

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@nasar7: If you haven't played any NFS games recently, then get it. Otherwise, I dunno. It's fun but it's so multiplayer focused that it's distracting.

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The reason that tutorial is so barebones and straight forward is because it's designed to be quickly loaded and played while the game is installing. This seems to be a pretty standard thing that PS4 games will do, as well as possibly Xbox One games. Personally, I think I prefer it as opposed to just throwing a loading bar in front of you, but I can understand if you maybe think it's a bit of a waste.

Also, there is an option to play this game privately without any other human players.

Yeah, and you still can't pause it.